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radcow aka matt

Favourite game ff3 ff7 any monkeys island WoW (till I gave it up )

Favourite console: sega master system & snes

Nationality: british

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: some where after 25 before 30


Height: 6'2

Build: PC

Favourite band: spin doctors

Favourite book: cocaine nights

Favourite author: John grisson

Favourite movie: back to the future avatar

Favourite director:

Favourite TV Show: The Wire ( the only show worth watching if you've not watched it your missing out big time it almost as good as sex, no for real

Favourite Comedian: richard prior

Other hobbies: PROGRAMMING buiding stuff art gym

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My name is Pablo A.k.a Ryukly

Favourite game: Ragnarok Online

Favourite OS: Windows 7

Favourite console: Gameboy Advance

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Accent: English

Sex: Male

Race: Mixed

Height: 6'2"

Build: Bit fat

Favourite band: Metallica

Favourite movie: Fight Club

Favourite actress: Natalie Portman

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Chris Rock

Occupation: Student

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Hello I am know as Rascal

Language : English

Sex : Male

Favourite Music : InnerPartySystem, You Me at Six GO:AUDIO

Favourite Actor : Jason Statham

Favourite Actress : Angelina Jolie

Favourite Game : Final Fantasy

Favourite OS : Linux

Other Hobby : Programming, Work, Hacking in general.

Hope to see you guys around


Edited by Rascal
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Name: Trinton Azaleth

Age: 28 ( 1982 )

Favourite game: Chip's Challenge ( Lynx version )

Favourite OS: None; they all suck

Favourite console: none

Height: 5'10"

Favourite band: The Echoing Green

Favourite book: The Reckoning ( James Byron Huggins )

Favourite author: Aldous Huxley

Favourite movie: T2

Favourite TV Show: Sliders

Other hobbies: Hacking

Car: Olds Alero 02' - 4 wheel antilock disc - dual 12" woofers

Occupation: Computer Programmer - CMS System Design

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My name is Erik aka technics

Favourite game: Quake3

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: SNES

Nationality: NL

Accent: People tend to think I'm american

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: Caucasian

Height: 1.83m

Build: Normal

Favourite band: Too many and varied to name

Favourite book: Getting Real

Favourite author: Larry Niven

Favourite movie: Too many and varied to name

Favourite director: Too many and varied to name

Favourite TV Show: Chuck, Flash Forward, HIMYM, TBBT, Lost, etc.

Favourite actor: At the moment Matt Damon (invictus, green zone), Di Caprio (Blood Diamond, Body of Lies)

Favourite actress: Yvonne Strahovski

Favourite Pinup: Megan Fox?

Favourite Comedian: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge

Other hobbies: Gaming, Coding, Designing

Car: 2003 Ford Fiesta

Occupation: Software Developer, Graphics Designer

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Favourite game: Gilbert Lee(gilgil)

Favourite OS: Windows

Favourite console: Nope

Nationality: South Korea

Accent: want to be geek

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Asian

Height: 174 cm

Favourite author: Does DEViANCE count?

Favourite movie: Cinema Paradiso

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: Muhan dojeon(Korea TV show)

Favourite actor: Rain

Favourite actress: Megan Fox

Other hobbies: Inline Skating, Swimming

Car: Avante

Occupation: Programmer, Network & Security Consuntant

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Pick me! Pick me!

Favourite game: Mario 64

Favourite OS: Ubuntu

Favourite console: Nintendo 64

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Australian

Sex: Female

Age: irrelavent!

Race: Sometimes I race mountainbikes

Height: 5'10"

Status: I have no status other than on the internets

Build: haven't bought a house yet so no...

Favourite band: Nine Inch Nails but depends on my mood, love deep trance as well (Anjunabeats)

Favourite book: I have a few, Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane, The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius by Bob Iannini

Favourite author: too many to put here

Favourite movie: The Right Stuff

Favourite director: er....

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who (old series and now the new ones)

Favourite actor: Gregory Peck

Favourite actress: Drew Barrymore

Favourite Pinup: a corkboard

Favourite Comedian: the guy who plays Sheldon in tbbt

Other hobbies: Skydiving, Mountainbiking, Computers, Aviation, Space...er more Space....Space, and oh more space mixed up with some orbital mechanics for fun ;)

Car: some Korean thing from 2009

Occupation: Aircraft Engineer studying Aerospace Engineering (future NASA employee ;) )

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My name is David aka Deevd

Favourite game: CS 1.6

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: Sega Megadrive 16bits

Nationality: BE

Accent: normal

Sex: Male

Age: n/a

Race: Orc

Height: 177cm (you'll have to covert it :D )

Status: "Learning" for my exams

Build: Geeky...

Favourite band: Deadmau5

Favourite book: I'v got a couple but no real #1

Favourite author: Does DEViANCE count?

Favourite movie: Kick-Ass

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: Chuck

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp

Favourite actress: All the hot ones

Favourite Pinup: Can't choose just one

Favourite Comedian: Pablo Francisco

Other hobbies: Photography, a lot on computer (not going to list it all)

Car: n/a

Occupation: Student / Computer freak

Interests: Cell Phone Tapping , Hacking , Modding , Security , Programming

If you got question's just ask ;)

Edited by Deevd
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Yes, my name is a reference to the cult movie "Hackers" :P.

Favourite game: Assassins Creed series.

Favourite OS: Backtrack 4 Final

Favourite console: PS3

Age: 22

Favourite band: Chrono & Demon-Dwarf (hardcore electronica)

Favourite book: Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterra

Favourite movie: V for Vendetta

Favourite director: Quentin Tarantino

Favourite TV Show: The Unit

Other hobbies: Urbex, photography, raving & dance music.

Occupation: First-level system-admin/operations consultant for a multi-national software and solutions company, based here in NZ. Company develops software and maintains systems for banks, ports, hospitals, railways, etc. Currently working through my MCITP:EA exams.

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My name is David aka NuttyTec

Favorite game - to be decided

Favorite OS - Linux/Win7 in that order

Favourite console:

Nationality: American

Sex: Male

Age: 60

Favorite band: Willie Nelson

Favorite TV Show: NCIS

Other hobbies: Photography, Motor Cycling,

Car: 2007 Escape

Occupation: Systems Administrator / Purchaser

Hope to see ya'll around - NuttyTec B)

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Hello, I'm Jokke o/

Favorite game: Go

Favorite OS: Which ever does the job best

Favorite console: N/A

Nationality: Finn

Accent: There is some

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: White

Height: 1.85m

Status: Single

Build: Well built ;P

Favorite band: There's too many

Favorite book: The Selfish Gene

Favorite author: Ilkka Remes

Favorite movie: Cypher

Favorite TV Show: Jeff Dunham Show

Favorite actor: Vin Diesel or Sir Sean Connery (too tough choise)

Favorite actress: Michelle Rodriques

Favorite Comedian: Jeff Dunham

Other hobbies: Skydive, Rockclimbing, downhill skiing, powerkiting, impossible projects, photography, roller skating, gym

Occupation: Technical Solutions Consult

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My name is Gilles aka 0blivious

Favourite game: QIII; the longest yard map

Favourite OS: doesn't exist; one that does everything good, never slows down, it's the one thing I truly hate about computers really :); but to be honest, all new Windows releases get me excited (only to be disappointed again :), though to be fair, Win7 x64 will do)

Nationality: Belgian

Accent: French/Dutch (Born in France, in Belgium I have French accent, in France I have Belgian accent :) )

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: Caucasian/ but inside we're all the same :)

Height: 1m95

Status: 9 year relationship

Favourite band: Opeth/Dream Theater/Joe Satriani/

Favourite movie: Star Wars (all of them), The Matrix (all of them) and Hackers of course :)

Favourite TV Show: I like Heroes and Lost a lot, True Blood is pretty good, Family Guy, American Dad (hilarious), South Park, Friends, you know, the general stuff :)

Favourite Comedian: Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard

Favourite actor: I like plenty of actors, but no favorite, though Will Ferell and Jack Black always get me cracking

Favourite actress: The hot ones :)

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman

Other hobbies: Besides computers and stuff? Music; guitar, drums, piano;

Car: Company Car Opel (Vauxhall) Astra Break 2007 (In Jan 2010 I get to choose a new one, yay)

Studies: A2 Informatics (High School), A1 Industrial Product Design (Professional Bachelor; College)

Occupation: Field IT, second level support, development & deployment

Edited by 0blivious
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My name is Ben aka Mick

Favourite game: COD 4 MW 2

Favourite OS: Win 7

Favourite console: XBOX 360

Nationality: American

Accent: Used to have a NE accent, now I have a slight midwest accent

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5' 10"

Build: Fit

Favourite band: 3 Doors Down

Favourite book: The Right Stuff

Favourite movie: Top Gun

Favourite TV Show: The Unit

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Other hobbies: Shooting, Mountain Biking, playing with gadgets

Car: 2000 Taurus, 2007 Mustang GT before that

Occupation: At the moment an electrician with the U.S. Army(National Guard) in Afghanistan, hopefully starting a thriving career in network security whe I get home tho

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My name is Sam aka Dooglz

Favourite game: UT99/masseffect

Favourite OS: windows2K

Favourite console: Playstaion1

Nationality: UK

Accent: Brittishy, but everyone I know says I sound american

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: White Brittish

Height: π^4 or somthing

Status: waiting for life to hurry up

Build: Not great 5 outta 10

Favourite band: The Prodigy

Favourite book: Consider Phlebas

Favourite author: Iain M banks

Favourite movie: American Phyco

Favourite director: Micheal bay (lolnutreallylol)

Favourite TV Show: BSG

Favourite actor: Christian Bale

Favourite actress: Natalie Portman

Favourite Pinup: Natalie Portman (goddamit Darren!)

Favourite Comedian: Sean Lock

Other hobbies: Finding new ways to organise files, trolling online imageboards

Car: Bike

Occupation: Student

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Favorite game: Quake

Favorite OS: FreeBSD (*nix)

Favorite console: DreamCast

Status: High Altitude Low Orbit

Favorite band: Wire

Favorite book: Blood Music (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Music)

Favorite author: E. E. Cummings

Favorite movie: Near Dark

Favorite director: David Lynch.

Favorite TV Show: Farscape

Favorite actor: Crispin Hellion Glover

Favorite actress: Nastassja Kinski

Favorite Pinup: Betty Page

Favorite Comedian: Bill Hicks

Other hobbies: Motorcycles, Abstract Art, Pen testing, sampling, Writing.

Car: Yamaha R1.. The only way to fly..

Occupation: Disinformation Bot..

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My name is Lee aka Rolroak

Favorite game: Final Fantasy Tactics

Favorite OS: Windows 7

Favorite console: Playstation 3 / super nintendo tossup

Nationality: American

Accent: Wisconsin

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 5'9"

Status: Sexy Single

Build: this can be so many things...

body: Average Game alot but play basketball and go swimming regularly

computer: I7 custom built

Favorite band: Pearl Jam

Favorite book:

-Oldschool book: A Wrinkle in Time/ Ms. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm

-Current Book: C.E.H. Certified Ethical Hacker

Favorite author: J. R. Tolkien

Favorite movie: Finding Forester / Man from Earth

Favorite director: James Cameron

Favorite TV Show: Heroes :(

Favorite IPTV Show: Hak5 of course

Favorite actor:

Favorite actress:

Favorite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams

Other hobbies:Technolust, gaming, basketball, swimming

Occupation:currently unemployed

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LOL I'm John Smith and you can call me smither

Hi, I am Computer_kid

Favourite game: WoW - World of Warcraft/ Dota - Defense of the Ancients

Favourite OS: Windows 7

Favourite console: PSP/PS3/XBOX/Wii

Nationality: American

Sex: Loving it.. lol "Male"

Age: LOL

Race: White

Build: Sporty built

Favourite movie: a lot

Favourite TV Show:

Favourite animated sitcom: The Simpsons

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Hey !

Irl my name is Maxime, i'm a student, and right now, I'm trying not to be a noob anymore ;)

Favourite game: Oblivion

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: Frensh

Accent: Awfull

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Height: 1.83 m

Status: Student

Favourite movie: Snatch or Slevin

Favourite TV Show: bbt

Other hobbies: music, games, sport

Edited by Extan
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Hi. Im OKIwan. like OKI900 phone an Wide Area Network. an its a play on obiwan from star wars.

Favourite game: saints row 2 is fun

Favourite OS: The one with the flightless bird for a mascot.

Favourite console: xbox360

Nationality: human

Sex: yes.

Age: whos counting?

Race: human

Status: hermit

Build: legos are fun

Favourite book: "apathy and other small victories" -seriously go read it

Favourite author: Paul Neilan

Favourite director: david lynch

Favourite TV Show: american dad

Other hobbies: none.

Occupation: bum

If I tell you any more I'll have to kill you.

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