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  1. $40 plus what ever the shipping would be.
  2. what you see is what you get. a (never used) pineapple. ya seriously. im lazy. never figured it out and gave up. upgraded antenna power supply battery pack Ethernet cable. manual $55 shipped. selling it to help fund my tattoo sleeve.
  3. some one on here really does have a command center. i forget who. they have like 8 monitors all for one big desktop or something crazy like that.
  4. eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww what happened to the board???!?!?!? its ugly.
  5. build a bad ass laser. im about to do this soon.
  6. custom paint a bullet mod. all hail my creation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4aaW-500DI
  7. thank God. i almost thought about going outside.
  8. http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=17657
  9. your avatar is the wallpaper on my cellphone!
  10. i dont think i can wait that long. id be so happy if some leaked rip comes out before the movie is even released.
  11. never seen one of those before. is that a redbox?
  12. okiwan


    i messed around with this not to long ago but i couldnt find a speech that didnt sound like a robot so i gave up.
  13. i refuse to conform to this 3d trend. im going for the 2d.
  14. it took 25 years or so for a sequel so its gotta be good. i never ever go to the movies. but im going to see this in the theater.
  15. this is too funny. i cant watch this an not crack up the whole time. see this guy >>>> thats me watching this video. JEFF BRIDGES! you'll get that in a min.
  16. show off any rare or old school gear you still have. this is all from my phreaking times back in the day. oh the good 'ol days when hacking was still some what easy. this is my OKI900. the very same phone kevin mitnick was famous for. it can still be used to clone cell phones. my radioshack tone dialers with modified crystal. AKA redbox. my linemans test set. rotary. AT&T. AKA beige box. my two first linux distros. so hard to install compared to today. also had a mandrake cd some where. also have a really old mac (B&W screen) an a bunch of 2600 mags from the free kevin era. had a comadore 64 but it unfortunately got thrown out.
  17. turn your broken HD into a clock.
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