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  1. Yeah, it sounds good if I lose this other auction I'll get one like this.
  2. Okay thanks. The main reason I was looking at it was because of the gigabit ports and vLANS for security.
  3. That's why I'm asking about the one above since it's buy it now.
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/Dell-PowerConnect-5324-1u-managed-Switch-24-pt-gigabit-/370516688409?pt=COMP_EN_Hubs&hash=item564483fe19#ht_2191wt_829 I'm looking for a managed switch for my house and i keep getting outbit on powerconnect 2724s.
  5. I have ssh access to my desktop in my home lan by forwarding the port using the router. On this computer I have drupal running in a virtual machine with its own IP address, I was wondering if there was anyway I could use ssh port forwarding to route traffic to the VM from the remote machine through my desktop without forwarding port 80 on my router.
  6. Sweet Edit: The 1750s look really good too from the same store.
  7. I would use a linksys with dd-wrt but I would like something a little beefier which can be rackmounted for organization I may just build one but I'm having problems finding a reasonably priced case.
  8. My university is trying to start a cybersecurity team to go to competitions and compete. And I was wondering if anyone had a list or a place to look for cybersecurity competitions preferably ones ran by other schools.
  9. Thanks I'll keep that in mind
  10. Thanks, I've seen the episode and really enjoyed it. The reason I'm looking for something 1u is so I can begin rackmounting my equipment since I'm building a 4u file server and my roomies are doing some stuff they want racked too.
  11. I'm about to move into a new house and get a fiber internet connection for me and my 3 roomies with 100 Mb up and down and we want a more professional router setup. I was wondering what you guys thought of installing a linux router distro off of one of those 1u ebay servers you can get for about 50 bucks. Anyone had any experience with these or better ideas?
  12. Definitely. I'm thinking of attempting to design something myself using arduinos.
  13. Yeah probably not. I think I'm going to look into some airplay alternatives
  14. What if I wanted different rooms playing different things though? I know it's kind of silly but I think it would be cool if my room mates could go to a web server and select music to play in there rooms or play the same thing in every room.
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