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  1. radcow

    Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand was wondering if anyone know's who she was and was also wondering if anyone has read any of her book 's and if so what did you you think about them
  2. who has the most tech knowledge test your skills at http://www.gild.com/ you can even use the certifications from this site to help you find employment now that's got to be cool post your scores who will claim the bragging right's
  3. radcow


    hate to ask but can any one hook me up with a demonoid invite as it would be a big help many thanks
  4. ok keep two dollar bills in your wallet then use the numbers off the bills for your password maybe put something in between the two number list it works great because any one who sees the dollar bills in your wallet just thinks its your cash. word advice this works best if your wallet has two compartments for the notes
  5. well I thought long and hard to myself ( about 30 seconds) is it right to judge women in this way , then thought who cares I'm going to anyway LOL so who's the hottest ali Lewis VS Veronica Belmount
  6. hi I love trying out out different games so was thinking making list of good games that are free here's my first pick UFO: Alien Invasion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ufo_Alien_invasion this games almost remake of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFO:_Enemy_Unknown those of you that had Amigias back in the day may recall it heres the website http://ufoai.ninex.info/wiki/index.php/News but recommend downloading it from source forge as the downlaod seems to have less problems if any of you have got any cool games that are worth playing please list them here thanks
  7. ok seem's like a lot of people thinking the same thing well guess the question now is do you think they can turn it around
  8. yeah me to I love all the old games from Nes to sega master system megadrive Snes in fact I'm buying up as many old games as I can may sound silly but if I ever have kids I think it would be really cool thing to leave to them donations always welcome LOL any way check out our website sega8bit.com
  9. first thing I want to say is I love Hak 5 it's amazing good and interesting but have to say Hak 5 does not seem as good now Daren's on the road I my may be wrong but it just seem's a little off please understand I'm not trying to be rude or anything just wanted to know if any one else thought this may Hak 5 be on the net for ever
  10. radcow aka matt Favourite game ff3 ff7 any monkeys island WoW (till I gave it up ) Favourite console: sega master system & snes Nationality: british Accent: Generic Sex: Male Age: some where after 25 before 30 Race: HUMAN Height: 6'2 Build: PC Favourite band: spin doctors Favourite book: cocaine nights Favourite author: John grisson Favourite movie: back to the future avatar Favourite director: Favourite TV Show: The Wire ( the only show worth watching if you've not watched it your missing out big time it almost as good as sex, no for real Favourite Comedian: richard prior Other hobbies: PROGRAMMING buiding stuff art gym
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