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  1. First off, sorry this post won't help much. Just wanted to say that Reatogo is no longer actively developed AFAIK. You might want to look into UBCD4Win or WinBuilder...
  2. Microsoft's not bothered about COFEE leak. Protect yourself from COFEE with some DECAF
  3. From http://www.informationweek.com/
  4. Try the very first link in the post.
  5. Yet @ https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=4428 we find: So this lands us with a firm maybe. I would treat it like a WRT54G and see what happens. ;) Worry about the battery pack till after you see if the rest will work.
  6. I have a copy of that. As well as the rest of the WoD "main" books. Started with Mage, though.
  7. Because I agree and was going to post this anyway, and I know some of you lazy f'ers won't click the link...
  8. Absolutely. This should be considered beside any other benefits offered at a potential employer. My boss just started doing this, and believe me I am using it.
  9. Obviously RAID 1 is not needed. In the past I needed something to rebuild a RAID 0. All the software I had couldn"t do it without information I didn"t have. The disks were out of a WD MyBook. WD was no help at all with this, of course.
  10. Wow, that is such a broad statement. A little too broad.
  11. Lord Necron

    Tribes 2

    We are having a LAN party this Sat @ work. We usually play Tribes 2, UT GoTY, and Quake 3. *squee*
  12. This is so true. Certs get the attention, you have to do the rest. I have a tech below me that (for now) has one more cert than me, yet I am the one in charge because of experience.
  13. Lord Necron

    Tribes 2

    http://www.tribesnext.com/ Go. Be happy. Mayhaps I will see you there.
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