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Hey everyone im gonna step away from the above list lol , kinda seems like hey im gonna tell you everything about my self. Well i like to keep to my self at times :P


Well you Can call me Pupp3t or Zalure, and im an Network Systems Engineer at trade, and i have bought every Hak5 Pineapple that there is just because i like to have everything at my fingertips. Im currently making a Module that self learns. Like the Zero Day Virus that was made by the CIA for Iran. Been working on it for the last past 3 years. But hopefully it will be done soon. 

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My name is Tewfik

Favourite game: ZELDA A link to the past

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: SNES / Switch

Nationality: French

Accent: French :p

Sex: Male

Age: 33

Height: 1.77m

Status: Single

Build: Regular

Other hobbies: Netflix, photography, Videos Games

Car: 2002 Mini Cooper

Occupation: IT Consultant

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My name is Sam AKA n0x

Favourite game: IDK, played so many... Dead Space was good

Favourite OS: Arch

Favourite console: playstation 3

Nationality: US citizen (South Africa Immigrant)

Accent: IDK

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Race: White

Height: 5 11

Status: Dating a television show

Build: meh.

Favourite band: Pantera

Favourite book: Alien - Out of the Shadows

Favourite author: your mom

Favourite movie: Pulp fiction

Favourite director: Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino

Favourite TV Show: Don't watch TV, does hak5 count?

Favourite actor: IDK, don't really have one

Favourite actress: your mom

Favourite Pinup: Jennifer Lawrence

Favourite Comedian: your mom

Other hobbies: Hacking, designing and writing Software, building desktops and servers, single board computing, electrical engineering, blazing, learning.

Car: Sneakers

Occupation: Full Stack Developer / Freelancer

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My name is Brian a.k.a Airecy 

Favourite game: Battlefield 1 
Favourite OS: Windows Server 2016 (new to linux distros) 
Favourite console: Xbox One 
Nationality: Canadian 
Accent: Canadian eh? 
Sex: Male 
Race: White European 
Height: 5"11'
Build: "Keyboard Jockey" 
Favourite band: So many! uhm lets go with favorite album instead. Tool Lateralus  
Favourite book: A Canticle for Leibowitz
Favourite author: Steven King. 
Favourite movie: Deadpool 
Favourite director: John Woo 
Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who 
Favourite actor: Johnny Depp 
Favourite actress: Meryl Streep  
Favourite Pinup: Jennifer Lawrence 
Favourite Comedian: Robyn Williams
Other hobbies: Motorcycles. 
Car: Honda Civic Hatchback 
Occupation: IT Profesional

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My name is Venkat a.k.a abollapr

Favourite game: Max Payne

Favourite OS: None

Favourite console: PS

Nationality: Indian

Accent: Generic (hints of Indian spice)

Sex: Male

Age: 15

Race: Indian

Height: ~6ft


Build: Fit

Favourite band: Too many at this moment

Favourite author: None

Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite director: Soderbergh

Favourite TV Show: Yes Minister/Prime Minsiter, Seinfeld

Favourite actor: Daniel Day Lewis

Favourite actress: none

Favourite Comedian: Seinfeld

Other hobbies: Soccer (Football), Movies

Occupation: Employed.


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Hello Everyone! my name is Andrew A.K.A. TheCape (please excuse my profile picture for the time being, its for my streaming stuff and the Hak forums snagged it up), I will change it once that feature is unlocked for me :-)

Favourite game: Mass Effect Series (Including Andromeda) and Star Citizen (I know I know, it isn't out yet) 
Favourite OS: Each OS has its own pros and cons, I love nix distros for their flexibility, but I use Windows mostly due to the sorry state of gaming on nix :-( 
Favourite console: None, but if I had to pick one, it would be Playstation because of the Final Fantasy games :-) 
Nationality: American 
Accent: Some people say I have an accent, some say I don't, but I know can be a bit southern at times.
Sex: Male 
Race: White European 
Height: 5'9"
Build: I think the word we use these days is "Curvy"? Robust is also acceptable....also round :-P
Favourite band: I don't know if I have a favorite band, I stream mostly electronic music from di.fm 
Favourite book: Hands down the X-wing Series, I've read the whole series at least 4 times.
Favourite author: Michael A. Stackpole (wrote most of the X-wing books mentioned above). 
Favourite movie: Um, right now I think it's Gaurdians of the Galaxy 
Favourite director: Don't really have one 
Favourite TV Show: Rick and Morty, The Expanse, BSG, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Game of Thrones 
Favourite actor: Sean Connery and then Mark Hamill
Favourite actress: I don't know if I have a favorite actress, I've thought about it for 10 minutes or so and can't pick one. 
Favourite Pinup: Jennifer Lawrence and/or Scarlett Johansson
Favourite Comedian: Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias
Other hobbies: Mountain biking (need to get back to this), gaming, steaming, and playing with tech stuff. 
Car: Mazda 6 
Occupation: Nerd :-) 
Age: 32
Status: Married 

It's nice to meet all of you and I look forward to learning all sorts of things :-) Cheers!

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Wow, crazy how this community continues to grow! 

Been a member since 2006 and have continued to watch Hak5 for all of these years but visits here have become pretty infrequent but I've decided to try and get more involved again and with that redo my intro post.

Favourite game: 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons but if electronic lately it's been Forza Horizon 3
Favourite OS: *NIX
Favourite console: SNES I guess
Nationality: Aussie mate
Accent: Straya
Sex: Male 
Race: White European 
Height: 5'11"
Build: Stocky
Favourite band: Metallica 
Favourite book: At the moment IT
Favourite author:  Weis/Hickman
Favourite movie:  Jaws or the original Mad Max
Favourite director: Don't have one
Favourite TV Show: Silicon Valley/Street Outlaws
Other hobbies: Drag racing, travelling
Car: WH Statesman International
Occupation: Sysadmin
Age: 37

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My name Daniel, aka 570RM5H4D0W

Favourite game: HearthStone

Favourite OS: N/A

Favourite console: ps4

Nationality: ES

Accent: spanish

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Race: european

Height: 1m84

Status: Military NCO

Build: normal

Favourite band: Imagine Dragons

Favourite book: Bridge of Spies

Favourite author: Stephen King

Favourite movie: Catch Me If You Can

Favourite director:Steven Spielberg

Favourite TV Show: Hak5

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp

Favourite actress: Mila Kunis

Favourite Pinup:

Favourite Comedian: Adam Sandler

Other hobbies: Travel,cinema, read, and computing

Car: BMW M5

Occupation:  System Admin

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New here. Thought I'd check in. Currently a Web Designer specializing in WordPress. have recovered or repaired a crap load of hacked websites over the years.  Interested in Pen Testing, Wifi Auditing and anything else I can break to see how it's all done.  Sorry, don't have anything cleaver to say.

Favorite game: Watchdogs (but it's really the old Defender and Stargate arcade games)

Favorite OS: Hasn't been invented yet

Favorite console: XBOX One

Nationality: American

Accent: A few distinguished grey hairs

Sex: Yes please

Age: Getting up there.

Race: I used to run the 400M and 800M in high school

Height: Just right

Status: Veteran

Build: I will crush you.

Favorite band: New Order

Favorite book: Anything by Theodor Geisel

Favorite author: Theodor Geisel

Favorite movie: Tombstone

Favorite director: Tarantino

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Black Mirror, Dr. Who, Master of None, Difficult People, |  Reruns of Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, I Love Lucy, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, M.A.S.H

Favorite actor: Tom Hanks


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On 12/30/2006 at 6:17 PM, Rab said:

Favourite game: Continuum

Favourite OS: XP

Favourite console: Wii

Nationality: English

Accent: Generic/Yorkshire

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Race: White British

Height: 6"

Status: Single/Swinger

Build: Normal

Favourite band: AFI

Favourite book: I dont read books.

Favourite author: Enid Blyton

Favourite movie: Leon

Favourite director: who gives a shit

Favourite TV Show: 24

Favourite actor: Bruce Willis

Favourite actress: dunno

Favourite Pinup: dunno

Favourite Comedian: dunno

Other hobbies: Drinking, Learning

Car: Renault Megane Classic

Occupation: Student, BSc Internet Computing

Status: Single/Swinger hahaha

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My name is Rosie Kigu

Favourite game: According to steam, Hacknet

Favourite OS: Whatever I'm running at the time

Favourite console: Linux command

Nationality: Us

Accent: I'm Quiet

Sex: ? (not a priority)

Age: eternally 25

Race: Animegao Doll

Height: 6'2"

Status:  Married

Build: Ladylike

Favourite band: AKB

Favourite book: Kiss Him Not Me

Favourite movie: Robocop (1987)

Favourite director: Tarintino

Favourite TV Show: Better Call Saul

Favourite actor: Ryan Gosling (He's dreamy)

Favourite actress: Karen Gillan (She's Dreamy)

Favourite Pinup: Cici: http://www.kigurumionline.org/gallery/index.php/ImageExtended/1758/

Favourite Comedian: Matt Braunger

Other hobbies: Kigurumi Cosplay, System Building, Shoehorning A pineapple into cosplay

Car: 2004 Toyota Prius

Occupation: Animegao Kigurumi Performer 

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Hello peeps!

I discovered 'hak5.org' a few weeks ago and I've been poking about ever since: there's some very good info on here!

I am (like most, I suspect) using kali as part of my 'tool kit' and I'm also in the process of learning 'C', with the intention of moving on to 'C++' when I feel I've outgrown 'C', with a view to developing one or two my own tools. I know that I'll be 'reinventing the wheel' and my wheel will most likely be square, when compared to the tools that are already out there, but I see it as a learning exercise.

I've just completed my first two exploits: I'm running XP on an old machine as a 'target' and have now generated two exploits that give me remote access. Both are from 'The Hack Today' website, so I really can't claim 'originality', but I did get them to work and I feel that I've learn from the experience. If anyone's interested in what I've done and how I've done it, I'd be happy to elaborate, but maybe for most members, they'll have 'been there, done that, got the T-Shirt'. The two that I've mastered are "Exploit and Backdoor Windows 7,8,10 Bypass Antivirus FUD" and "How To Remotely Install Keylogger on your Girlfriends Computer?". These are not that easy to follow (well, not for me, anyway) so like I say, if anyone's stuck, I'll be happy to share.

I'd like learn how to 'deploy' these with my Rubber Ducky, if anyone can provide some pointers? Maybe that topic has already been covered on here, in which case, I'll find it, as I've in no way finished 'poking about'!

Thanks for a fantastic site! Keep on the good work, and I hope to be able to contribute something of interest ASAP.

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My name is Dave AKA Burnout ( surprised that name was available)

Favourite game: Stellaris

Favourite OS: OS X (don't laugh)

Favourite console: n/a

Nationality: US

Accent: Not really?

Sex: Male

Age: 44

Race: Human

Height: 6'4"

Status: Alive

Build: Spongy

Favourite band: Varies by mood

Favourite book: American Gods

Favourite author: Neil Gaiman

Favourite movie: The Thing

Favourite director: Guillermo Del Torro

Favourite TV Show: Preacher

Favourite actor: Ben Foster

Favourite actress: 

Favourite Pinup:

Favourite Comedian:

Other hobbies: Writing, Photography, TableTop Gaming

Car: Nissan

Occupation: System Admin

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My name is David a.k.a Plexus

Favorite game: Witcher 3
Favorite OS: Debian
Favorite console: PC
Nationality: British/ American (Dual citizenship)
Accent: English
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 15"3'
Build: Muscular
Favorite band: Lamb of God
Favorite book: The Cobra Event
Favorite movie: Fight club
Favorite director: Ridley Scott
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite actor: Edward Norton
Favorite actress: Natalie Portman
Favorite Pinup: Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Comedian: Francis Boyle
Other hobbies: surfing
Car: one that uses gas sometimes

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Hi Hak5'ers

I'm marx engels from Benelux in Europe .I'm a hermetic geek and a curious observer of nature and the social sciences. 

I just got here even though i know this site and project for years , i've been a subscriber to the youtube channel for just as long. Darren seems very passionate, Mubix coolheaded , Pat  informed and Shannon's great smile; ) 

I look forward to reading many informative post and follow up on inquisitive characters .




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Hi for all!

So, I'm Russian :) And living in Russia :)

totally spend ~ 21 years in IT field :) a lot time with M$ products... start with MS DOS 3.0...

For now working for myself as independent consult pro for a few customers big and great customers...

Favorite OS is Windows Server NT 4.0 if you remember it. 

have some experience with Unix|Linux...

So about pineapple... I have one (long story... if you know Hak5 is not delivering it t0 a lot of country's but thx my good friends they help me with it... so for now I have tetra tactical edition :) really good stuff for spending time for learning and some time for play around with PineAp and few great modules. Darren for great stuff.



upd1 pls dont be angry with my English

upd2 pls dont be angry with my stupid questions :)

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My name is Hao Jie

Favourite game: According to steam, Dota 2

Favourite OS: Debian

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: Singaporean

Accent: Singapore accent (Created from a mixture of Chinese, Malays, and Indians accent). You can YouTube for it, but let me warn you it doesn't sound pleasant.

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: Chinese

Height: -

Status:  Single

Build: Average

Favourite band: (I am more towards EDM and rap music)

Favourite book: Hacking: The Art of Exploitation (The 1st book I read years ago that moved me from a script kiddie to someone working to be a hacker one day)

Favourite movie: Any action movie is fine for me

Favourite director: -

Favourite TV Show: Scorpion

Favourite actor: -

Favourite actress: -

Favourite Pinup: -

Favourite Comedian: -

Other hobbies: Taekwondo, a bit of MMA in boxing and BJJ, photography (architecture, street, model shoots), and I plays the rhythmic guitar.

Car:  -

Occupation: Student, Computer Science. I have a start-up that builds business application for companies.

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