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  1. r0see

    [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.3

    Flashed with no problems
  2. r0see

    WiFi Pineapple Primer

    Great resource Very helpful
  3. Was dead simple to update! thanks Guys!
  4. r0see


    What's the easiest way to better yourself? Apt-get upgrade
  5. r0see

    Introduce yourself

    My name is Rosie Kigu Favourite game: According to steam, Hacknet Favourite OS: Whatever I'm running at the time Favourite console: Linux command Nationality: Us Accent: I'm Quiet Sex: ? (not a priority) Age: eternally 25 Race: Animegao Doll Height: 6'2" Status: Married Build: Ladylike Favourite band: AKB Favourite book: Kiss Him Not Me Favourite movie: Robocop (1987) Favourite director: Tarintino Favourite TV Show: Better Call Saul Favourite actor: Ryan Gosling (He's dreamy) Favourite actress: Karen Gillan (She's Dreamy) Favourite Pinup: Cici: http://www.kigurumionline.org/gallery/index.php/ImageExtended/1758/ Favourite Comedian: Matt Braunger Other hobbies: Kigurumi Cosplay, System Building, Shoehorning A pineapple into cosplay Car: 2004 Toyota Prius Occupation: Animegao Kigurumi Performer