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  1. Hi for all! So, I'm Russian :) And living in Russia :) totally spend ~ 21 years in IT field :) a lot time with M$ products... start with MS DOS 3.0... For now working for myself as independent consult pro for a few customers big and great customers... Favorite OS is Windows Server NT 4.0 if you remember it. have some experience with Unix|Linux... So about pineapple... I have one (long story... if you know Hak5 is not delivering it t0 a lot of country's but thx my good friends they help me with it... so for now I have tetra tactical edition :) really good stuff for spending time for learning and some time for play around with PineAp and few great modules. Darren for great stuff. rgds, Xela upd1 pls dont be angry with my English upd2 pls dont be angry with my stupid questions :)
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