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  1. ok so i have done what you have said above. I'm running the dsniff command, an it says failed to fetch the required files.
  2. when trying to install the ./install im getting permissons deined iv tried everything to get it to work anyi deaS?
  3. So i have the posion tap files but when trying to get it to work i get the blinking red light then goes to white and sits there forever...... Anyone succesfully installed the posiontap on bashbunny?
  4. I'll give it a shot an then post my.results
  5. Hey everyone im gonna step away from the above list lol , kinda seems like hey im gonna tell you everything about my self. Well i like to keep to my self at times :P Well you Can call me Pupp3t or Zalure, and im an Network Systems Engineer at trade, and i have bought every Hak5 Pineapple that there is just because i like to have everything at my fingertips. Im currently making a Module that self learns. Like the Zero Day Virus that was made by the CIA for Iran. Been working on it for the last past 3 years. But hopefully it will be done soon.
  6. Okay Update the Resource files i guess were too big so it wasnt allowing it i copied the files over to evil portal and it worked just without the resource files. Now i gotta update .net on my laptop. cause im getting an error JUST AN UPDATE; Great tool to have worked flawless, just had to get rid of the resouce file on the starbucks website my SD card is little small need to get a larger one. if anyone is having problems on getting keys and its not doing anything after 10 mins just resinstall the module and it will work,
  7. Hey i followed your youtube video of the authportal and paper and screech to access the computer but when following to point to use the starbucks, like cloning the portal. i get an error> pretty much the same as imesoj. Also the files were in the evilportal but i couldn't activate it at all.
  8. Thanks yea after i wrote that i did some research and learned some stuff i did the $_GET and it worked ill try your way thanks dude sorry again im new to this forum and i gotta get used to it.
  9. Hey boss, Question about the captive portal on wifi pineapple mark 5 i saw the frozen java tut on youtube, how do i add more then one text field to be stored in the "stored.txt" file?
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