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  1. hey there this is really weird that this is happening, so i need inet connection on the BB to run the dsniff install well i put the BB into Ethernet mode then used my PCs ethernet to share the connection all seems good. Then about 5-10 seconds after sharing the connection the computer goes into a netio.sys Blue screen, tried many other computers an its all the same. i have a linux box, so i could try the inet share on there.
  2. ok so i have done what you have said above. I'm running the dsniff command, an it says failed to fetch the required files.
  3. when trying to install the ./install im getting permissons deined iv tried everything to get it to work anyi deaS?
  4. So i have the posion tap files but when trying to get it to work i get the blinking red light then goes to white and sits there forever...... Anyone succesfully installed the posiontap on bashbunny?
  5. So pretty much get the server setup and then tell it to take the file from my BB an copy it too the computer, because if the BB can access like darren did it can copy that file from the bashbunny over to documents or whatever correcT?
  6. Everything will be okay :) just recopy the REPO onto the BB and you should be gravy boss!
  7. Personally, boss, I prefer to use the BB on Kali Linux or any Linux box for that matter. So just install kali on an USB stick and boot from it, and everything should be okay from there on out.
  8. So like you want the BB to type in Russian or Chinese, is that what you mean sir?
  9. Hmm, I'll try an see what I can do with that maybe there is a way of blocking the rest? but yes I don't use bash a lot so that's why I'm asking for help :) so thanks, guys I really appreciate all your help!
  10. I'll give it a shot an then post my.results
  11. What would the code be so it will download a file from ftp to the targets computer
  12. Yea that's what I was looking over I know you can access the libary file so maybe in there will work
  13. Hey guys im trying to figure out a simple code .. so if i have /root/tesing/test.txt How would i go about of taking that TEXT document on my BB and putting it in there documents folder?
  14. So its blinking red really fast on my secondary Laptop - WINDOWS 7 - What does that mean really? Red Blink Fast Impacket not found Like what does impacket not found?
  15. lol we dont do that here its all educationallessons here, an if you do the above your linux machine with be a paper weight pretty much........so dont do what they say above. There are stating to remove the root dic then mount a sda then unmount then pretty much a screen will say PWNED so yea, nothing here for hacking just lessons for educational
  16. Hey everyone im gonna step away from the above list lol , kinda seems like hey im gonna tell you everything about my self. Well i like to keep to my self at times :P Well you Can call me Pupp3t or Zalure, and im an Network Systems Engineer at trade, and i have bought every Hak5 Pineapple that there is just because i like to have everything at my fingertips. Im currently making a Module that self learns. Like the Zero Day Virus that was made by the CIA for Iran. Been working on it for the last past 3 years. But hopefully it will be done soon.
  17. Okay Update the Resource files i guess were too big so it wasnt allowing it i copied the files over to evil portal and it worked just without the resource files. Now i gotta update .net on my laptop. cause im getting an error JUST AN UPDATE; Great tool to have worked flawless, just had to get rid of the resouce file on the starbucks website my SD card is little small need to get a larger one. if anyone is having problems on getting keys and its not doing anything after 10 mins just resinstall the module and it will work,
  18. Hey i followed your youtube video of the authportal and paper and screech to access the computer but when following to point to use the starbucks, like cloning the portal. i get an error> pretty much the same as imesoj. Also the files were in the evilportal but i couldn't activate it at all.
  19. hmm interesting.....hope you get a new nano my friend.
  20. You said you have it on bsttery. Use the supplied Y cable an plug both ends into the computer an then plug into nano an try connecting to SSID. If it works then you need a stronger battery like 4000MH or you need a better antenna like mine aren't the supplied ones. Oh reason. Why I ask you too connect both Y cables in is because normally wifi needs a lot power
  21. Here there is there anyway to add more options like firstname kinda thing iv been trying to do this but i get a webpage canot be found when hitting the submit button.
  22. Hey guys so im working on a homepage for the captive portal and i have pretty much everything i need so far, but when i click my button to get to were i was, all it does it reload the page, im using the captive portal demo code that was posted with some extra stuff like background image and more text boxs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Thanks yea after i wrote that i did some research and learned some stuff i did the $_GET and it worked ill try your way thanks dude sorry again im new to this forum and i gotta get used to it.
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