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Hello, everyone!

Favourite game: Too many - Frozen Throne, Football Manager, Magic and more
Favourite OS: Mac OS X, Kali Linux, Tails OS
Favourite console: PC
Sex: Male
Race: White European
Height: Short
Build: Normal
Favourite band: Too many - Bring Me The Horizon, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead

Favourite book: Book series actually - The Dark Tower
Favourite author: Stephen King
Favourite movie genre: Horror/Thriller/Mystery
Favourite TV Show: The Wire, The Office, That 70s show, Family Guy, Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers
Occupation: Work from home freelancer in web design and development, previously worked at design studios and briefly as a teacher

Hobbies: Online security, Cryptocurrencies, Internet Marketing, Sports

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OK, I should've written interests instead of hobbies.

I don't really do anything with them, I am generally interested in the concept.

I have some BTC that sit in my wallet. I have also paid freelancers I've hired online with BTC, and I accept BTC for my work as well.

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Favorite Game: Silent Hill

Favorite OS: MS Windows

Sex: not very often

Race: Mountain Bike

Favorite Band: Richard Wagner

Favorite Book: My own book about Security at Rheinwerk/Galileo Press

Favorite Author: Myself

Favorite TV Show: Life is too short to watch BS

Occupation: SAP ERP guy in all four corners of the windrose, SAP Pen Tester, Crypto Programmer, CEO Whisperer

Hobbies: Recording symphonies in my studio

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I probably posted in this thread before. But I didn't feel like checking. I read through the last couple of pages and it seems there are some interesting people joining lately.

Favourite game: Ninja Gaiden (NES 1989)
Favourite OS: Anything Debian
Nationality: American
Accent: Northwest (Basically no accent)
Sex: Male
Race: White (Cosmopolitan European)
Height: 5'11"
Build: Semi Athletic
Music: Anything high energy
Favourite book: Too many to count
Other hobbies: Making interesting things from paracord. Anything bushcraft.

Martial arts: Braziallian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, I'm also good at knife thowing and a few other random skills. :ph34r:
Car: I have a beater. I usually walk.
Occupation: Swiss army knife

Status: Single. Looking for Mrs right. Mrs right now is fun too. :ohmy:

Trying to keep some momentum going in my personal and professional life. I'm what psycologists call an underrachiving genius. What it really is, once I learn something I get bored of it right away. Or at least that's the way it used to be. I've been working 10 hour days back to back for a long time now.

I just realized most of this is not about hacking.

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Since I haven't bothered to post one before this...

Favourite game: Any of the Metal Gear Solid Series, but MGS3 has a special place in my heart.
Favourite OS: Arch Linux
Favourite console: Other than PC, I enjoy playing my PS3.
Nationality: American
Accent: Only if I'm trying.
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: Tall enough
Favourite band: Rush

Favourite book: Time Enough for Love
Favourite author: Robert Heinlein
Favourite movie: Back to The Future 2
Favourite TV Show: Firefly
Favourite actor: Nathan Fillion
Other hobbies: I build and play guitars, and pretty much anything that requires use of the hands and mind.
Occupation: Tech Support Representative, which is a really boring way of saying that I'm the idiot on the other end of the line when someone calls in about their baby monitor, business phone, credit line, electric car charger, etc.

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Favorite game: COD
Favorite OS: Kali
Favorite console: Xbox one
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Age: 30-35
Race: White American
Height: 6'0
Status: M
Favorite band: D: Djs
Favorite book: N/A
Favorite author: read too my tech stuff
Favorite movie: Tron
Favorite TV Show: Hacked
Favorite actor: Arnold
Favorite Comedian: Carry
Other hobbies: NA
Car: Vette
Occupation: BTD

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At first I wrote a bunch of smart@$$ answers but I decided to delete them and only post the authentic ones.

Favourite game: It's a tie between Deus-Ex and minecraft
Nationality: USA

Favourite book: Snow Crash

Favourite movie: Ghost in the Shell (1995 version)
Favourite Comedian: Stephen Colbert
Other hobbies: Art, education/learning, Attempting to be an entrepreneur, trying to get into arduino stuff

Occupation: ecommerce marketing - but trying to get into IT stuff.

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My name is Stanford a.k.a TechnoNUPE

Favourite game: Assassin's Creed
Favourite OS: Whatever_is_in_front_of_me
Favourite console: Xbox
Nationality: Antiguan
Accent: Caribbean Dialect
Sex: Male
Race: African decent
Favourite book: Daemon/Freedom
Favourite author: Daniel Suarez
Favourite movie: Fight club
Other hobbies: Biking, RC Anything, Robotics, Capoeria
Occupation: Technology Consultant

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Antigua no less. Didn't expect much in the way of internet all the way out there, but I read up on it and stand corrected. Looks mighty pricy though.

Totally LOVE this section on your country's wikipedia page that basically says US corporate interests tried to shaft you, got 'sued', lost, and you're now shafting them.


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Hi all,

I did post a new thread but did not see this bot so sorry about that :) as you prob have guessed am new here so be gentle lol. AM not really into hacking or security but do find aspects of it interesting. AM more into Gaming Mods and making some funky stuff. Anything from doom to GTA to some Quake and DUke lol pretty much anything out there that you wouldnt normally think of.

well thats about it really any one else doing the same and wants to sample each other work let me know


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My name is Duane.

Favourite game: still looking for one - at one time or another have been hooked on Eve, Wow, Chess ...
Favourite OS: obsd
Nationality: Canadian
Accent: well, missouri drove the 'eh' out a while back
Sex: Male
Yob: 1960 (can you do the math? :)
Race: seriously, is this still a thing?
Height: average
Status: either I'm not worthy or no one else is (so far ;)
Build: best health ever
Favourite band: Ozric Tentacles
Favourite book: I remember reading ... long ago
Favourite movie: Contact (ambiguous - but the journey is all)
Favourite director: clearly not abrams the abomination
Favourite Comedian: Jon Stewart
Other hobbies: latin social dancing
Car: Prius C
Occupation: software

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Favourite game: Dragon Age
Favourite OS: Not sure like them all in there own "special" ways
Favourite console: Playstation 4
Accent: American
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5"9'
Build: Tubby-working on getting rid of it so i can go back into the military
Favourite band: AFI
Favourite book: Ready Player One
Favourite author: Michael Moore.
Favourite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite director: Tim Burton
Favourite TV Show: Sleepy Hollow- cant wait for it to come back.
Favourite actor: Dont have one
Favourite actress: Dont have one
Favourite Pinup: Betty Page
Favourite Comedian: Robin Williams
Other hobbies: Running, Rc Cars, climbing and shooting (range/ clay pigeon).
Car: Ford Fiesta
Occupation: Sys Admin

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My name is Gabe, A.K.A: (this is where my aliases would go).

Favorite game: Kingdom Hearts.
Favorite OS: I use different ones for different things, so it changes daily.
Favorite console: PSP with flashboot.
Nationality: USA.
Accent: Bay area dialect.
Sex: Male.
Race: Mutt, Hispanic on forms.
Height: 5"4 1/2.
Weight:124 Lbs.

Build: Lean.
Favorite band: Death Cab for Cutie.
Favorite book:The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
Favorite author: Douglas Adams.
Favorite movie: Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me
Favorite director: Quentin Tarantino.

Favorite Comedian: Dave Chapelle.
Other hobbies: Horseback Riding, Level Grinding, Jewelry Making, Improv Comedy.
Truck: 1997 Chevy s10 v6 extended cab.
Occupation: Student, and Thermographer.

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Name: Steve AKA Fightswithbulls

Favorite game: World Of Warcraft
Favorite OS: Ubuntu Gnome
Favorite console: SNES
Nationality: American
Accent: N/A
Sex: Dude
Height: 6 Nothing
Weight: 170
Build: Nerd
Favorite band: 311
Favorite book: Jupiter by Ben Bova
Favorite author: Terry Goodkind
Favorite movie: Lord Of the Rings ... All of them.
Favorite director: Quentin Tarantino

Favorite Comedian: Louis C K
Other hobbies: Dog Training ( Behavior / Protection Dog Training), Drinking Beer, Pineapple Fun, messing around with computer hardware ( building servers, lab networks, virtual environments )
Occupation: Infrastructure Manager

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I am The Her..a compilation of my many Selves, but most peeps call me Gena.

Favourite game: Hang Man and Tic Tac Toe

Favourite OS: I'll try any of them...I like to learn new things

Favourite console: Not happening...our twins love Wii U though. They're so effing cute!

Nationality: American

Accent: None

Sex: Major HER

Age: Experienced

Race: Human

Height: 5'10"

Status: Je suis une femme mariée avec jumeaux fraternels. La meilleure vie!

Favourite band: Depeche Mode

Favourite book: The Stand

Favourite author: Stephen King rules for-ever!!!

Favourite movie: The Goonies

Favourite TV Show: Orphan Black

Favourite actor: Gerard Butler

Favourite actress: Julia Roberts

Favourite Pinup: A physically fit body is a sight to behold

Other hobbies: Knitting, Needle Point, VW Bugs, learning new languages - foreign and computer; Entomology and Nematology; Black Widows, Violins, Harleys, S&W wheel guns and 1911s; Tatts and Piercings; everything Vampire

Car: VW Bug, Harley Sporty (my BoneShaker/Black Widow)

Occupation: Degreed Insect nerd, but working in Finance/Accounting-Gvt. Contracting-looking for a career change. Hackster chick is a serious front runner!

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