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Favourite game: X-com 90s version

Favourite OS: Win 3.1

Favourite console: n/a



Sex: Male

Age: Machine Man

Race: Twinkie


Status: Married

Build: Nanite

Favourite band: Ministry

Favourite book: Dune

Favourite author: n/a

Favourite movie: Natural Born Killers

Favourite director: Rodriguez or Tarantino

Favourite TV Show: The Sopranos

Favourite Pinup: Milla

Favourite Comedian: Chris Rock

Other hobbies: Music, video, reading

Occupation:Leader of The Electronic Horde

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Hey guys,

My name is Justin.

Favorite game: (old) Age of Empires... Seriously
Favorite OS: Anything (Use Windows/OSX/Linux)
Favorite console: Xbox 360

Current Computer: Macbook Pro w/ Ubuntu in Parallels

Age: 20

Gender: Male
Status: Umm... so that is where all my money went... - Relationship

Favourite band: Excellence of Execution
Other hobbies: Playing music (Jazz/Funk/Rock)
Occupation: Student / Freelancer

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My name is TT079 for now.

Favorite game: BF3.
Favorite OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.10 because i can't be bothered changing it ;-)
Favorite console: Xbox 360.
Nationality: UK.
Sex: Male.
Age: Old.
Race: White.
Height: 18'2inch.
Status: Loads a bitches.com.
Favorite band: G'N'R.
Favorite book: Numerous, can't decide in all honesty.
Favorite author: SHIT, Same again ???
Favorite movie: Same again SORRY ???
Favorite TV Show: DUNNO, no time for tv to be honest, The Big Bang Theory is pretty funny !!!
Favorite actor: SO many questions, SO little answers to be fair as i don't know ???
Favorite Comedian: Me.
Other hobbies: Family, Security, Fighting.
Occupation: Factory worker.

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My name is Alan aka NightStalker

Favourite game: Call of Duty Series
Favourite OS: Linux Mint
Favourite console: Colecovision
Nationality: US
Accent: None
Sex: Male
Age: Mid 30's
Favourite band: Linkin Park
Favourite book: Wifi Pineapple Booklet :)
Favourite movie: Top Gun
Favourite TV Show: The Walking Dead
Favourite actress: Vanessa Lachey
Favourite Pinup: All Elvgren Pinups
Favourite Comedian: Gabriel Iglesias aka. FLUFFY :)
Other hobbies: Certification Junkie, photography.
Occupation: Escalation Engineer for a security company.

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My name is Sumer Hoemshof, I have pruned the list a wee bit to weed out n/a's.

Favourite game: Minecraft (with Buildcraft/Industrialcraft)
Favourite OS: n/a
Favourite console: SNES
Height: 1.82m
Status: Single
Favourite band: Aphex Twin
Favourite book: Narcissus & Goldmund
Favourite author: Machiavelli
Other hobbies: Cryptography, Mech. Engineering, Welding, Marathons, Brewing

Occupation: Gardener

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Hey all! Mi nombre es Lance. Yo no hablo español.

Favorite game: Minecraft and Blacklight

Favorite OS: WIn 7 or CentOS

Favorite Console: Latest iteration of XBOX

Music: Loud

Favorite Quote: Do people really read these things? I don't see any replies at all on here. -Me just know.

I hope you are having a great day!

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Over a 112,000 views...I'd say a lot of people read these things!


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Over a 112,000 views...I'd say a lot of people read these things!


No replies or 'Welcome to the forums' responses though. Just seems like other forums that I have frequented in the past were a little more welcoming in this regard.

Edited by almost.infamous
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Hi, Everyone .

I'm kinda new to all this. Well wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Back in Dos times LOLO, and in IRC i use to do some somewhat hacking or at least tryin too..:}

But as time flew by I was just to busy with other stuff going on in my life

Now that I'm retired and have so much time I wanna get back into the latest toys../ tech stuff

I just Got a Pineapple iv Thanks too shifty2112 .. :)

and the Alfa AWUS036NHR

which I'm having a hard time getting it notice in backtrack

write now i'm doing the upgrade commands

apt-get update and so on.. let see what happens .

I'll be back here

cryin for help later on..

Thanks everyone



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Guess since I've been on here for about 3 months I should introduce myself.

Been into computers now for 24 years. Started when I was 5 years old and my dad brought home our first computer; an old XT 8086. Since I saw the command prompt I was hooked. Spent 9 years in the air force where I did a lot of net-admin and sysad work, and while in I discovered the good 'ol 802.11 standard. Once I learned about it, I was obsessed with hacking it. My love for "getting in" spread to other tools, and eventually brought me to the pineapple. I am now working with a friend of mine to bring a CLI toolset to the pineapple/pi (or pineapple/laptop). Love the platform, but I can see its potential as something much larger than a "click the butt0n and pwn the n00bz" device. Looking forward to releasing the toolset once it's been polished, and I hope it receives a warm welcome, but honestly I'm in it to learn more.

Look forward to helping out and receiving help from you guys. This (so far) has been a kick-ass community.

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Hi Guys!!!!

I am kinda new to the hacking world, so I hope that you guys will be patient with me :)

I am new to Hak5, as well as hacking in general. I have always liked computers, and always been pretty good with them, but I would love to get into the world of hacking. I recently switched my main OS from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 12.04, so I am new to running Linux full time, but I have messed around with it before. I was hoping that this would be a great community to get involved with. If you guys to help me get started, I would greatly appreciate it:)

Here is a little bit about myself:

My name is Elijah a.k.a Ham Radio

Favourite game: Don't have a favorite game right now, but I used to love Star Trek Online
Favourite OS: Hm, I will have to pick three. Windows 7, Ubuntu, and openSUSE
Favorite console: Never owned one.
Nationality: American
Accent: English (western)
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Race: White European
Height: 6â€5’
Build: Average
Favourite band: Don't have one, I like a bunch of different people.
Favourite book: Haven't really read that many books.
Favourite author: Don't know.
Favourite movie: Hm, that's a tough one. I will just say the star trek movies
Favourite TV Show: Star Trek - all of them, but I haven't seen the animates series.
Favourite actor: Richard Dean Anderson
Favourite actress: Amanda Tapping
Favourite Comedian: Chonda Pierce
Other hobbies: Piano, Hiking, and other stuff.
Occupation: Computer Repair, and an Independent Consultant for Shelf Reliance
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First, thank you to the entire Hak5 team! You and your videos are awesome.

Name: Matt

Occupation: Student (M.S. in Computer Science)

Hobbies: Continued IT education and poking around at different 'hacks' to supplement my in class education (e.g. the Rubber Ducky, wifi sniffing/hacking, etc) and hope to get the Wifi Pineapple when I get some more $ together.

I'm not a great coder (yet...hopefully) and I'm still figuring out where I fit and what I'm good at but am here to learn and share whatever knowledge I may be able to bring to the table.

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I'm Alex aka Sir Alex aka phazer

Favourite game: soccer
Favourite OS: Solaris
Favorite console: Sega Dreamcast
Nationality: American
Accent: American
Sex: Male
Age: >29
Race: Mutt like most people...
Height: 6'2"
Status: Online
Build: Complete
Favourite band: Depeche Mode
Favourite book: Snow Crash
Favourite author: Neil Stephenson
Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction
Favourite TV Show: Supernatural
Favourite actor: Johnny Depp
Favourite actress: Salma Hayek
Favourite Pinup: Salma Hayek
Favourite Comedian: Eddie Izzard
Other hobbies: family, cooking, travel, soccer, computers, electronics, gadgets
Occupation: Information Technology consultant
Car: 2011 Mercedes GL450
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Hmm thought I might do mine since I joined in 2006

Favourite game: iRacing/GT5

Favourite OS: Gentoo

Favorite console: SNES

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Aussie

Sex: Male

Age: 33

Race: White European

Height: 178

Build: Average

Favourite band: Cannibal Corpse

Favourite book: Too hard to pick just one

Favourite author: Margeret Weis/Tracy Hickman

Favourite movie: Hard to pick but probably Shawshank Redemption

Favourite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy

Favourite actor: Robert DeNiro

Favourite actress: No idea

Favourite Comedian: Billy Connelly

Other hobbies: Drag racing, working on my car, martial arts

Occupation: IT Department manager and sysadmin

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Hi everyone,

I've been a fan of Hak5 since I first ran across it a around two-three summers ago. Been a daily reader of the forums for about a year steady. I'm glad to have found such a wealth of information,in addition to good and knowledgeable people with whom to correspond with.

In return for all I've learned on the forums, and will learn in the days to come, I hope that I can be of help and support whenever possible. I'm not a security expert by any means but through sharing some of my experiences and failures I may be able to help some that have less knowledge than myself.



Da Name - Asakku aka Ariel

Favourite games: Spin the bottle
Strip Chandeliers

Favourite OS: Depends on the application or requirement. Anything but Windows unless it's 3.1 :)

Favourite console: Atari 2600
Nationality: US/PR
Accent: Nerd
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Hispanic American

Status: Married

Build: depends on the time of the year

Favourite Music: Avante Garde Jazz, Straight ahead Jazz, Jazz/Funk, Metal!, Dark Trance.

Least Favourite Music: Smooth Jazz, just about anything commercial.

Favourite band: Opeth

Favourite books: God is Not Great
Hacking Wireless Exposed
Atlas Shrugged

Favourite author: Christopher Hitchens
Favourite movie: Apocalypse Now
Favourite Pinup: Many of the 40s and 50s

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Drumming, Drawing, Painting, Tattooing, breaking stuff, Motorcycling, cooking

Car: '02 Honda Civic
Bikes: '09 Honda CBR 1000RR,
'06 883 Harley Davidson Sportster

Occupation: Systems Administrator / Desktop Support / Deskside Services /

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<p>My name is eliris, I have been lurking for years<br />

<br />

Favourite game: megaman zero series<br />

Favourite OS: Ubuntu<br />

Favourite console: snes<br />

Nationality: American<br />

Accent: punched american<br />

Sex: Alot<br />

Age: I dont know either<br />

Race: Asian<br />

Height: as high as my fridge<br />

Status: Long Distance relationship<br />

Build: ectomorph muscled<br />

Favourite band: rubber<br />

Favourite book: Mom's cookbook<br />

Favourite author: Carl barks<br />

Favourite movie: terminator<br />

Favourite TV Show: keys to the vip<br />

Favourite actor/actress: Arnold<br />

Other hobbies: Coding, drawing/painting, picking my nose.<br />

Car: I have five toes<br />

Occupation: beta male.<br />

<br />


Edited by sysop
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syso "Hello Galaxies";

just googled related topics

and i'm here

i'm amine 20 yo from springfield (matt groening's )


linux user (ubuntu right now + BT5 + Fedora )

fifa 13 in the gaming department ; inter fan btw <3

i'm a computer science (networking and programming) student 2nd year

i like C and Shell scripting , java on eclipse

and i love the badass syngress books ,i didn't say e-books.pdf because i'm a good citizen ,i obey the law , i buy that shit :rolleyes:

and i love lexi belle and emma watson :wub:

daffuq i'm doing , i don't think anyone gives a fuck anyway

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Hi from France,

Favourite game: Starcraft 2
Favourite OS: Mac OS X
Favourite console: Nexus 7

Nationality: FR
Accent: Le French accent
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6
Status: Married
Build: Yes
Favourite band: Ohio Players
Favourite book: 4h work week
Favourite author: I focus on the ideas, not the author
Favourite movie: Last Action Hero
Favourite director: Come on
Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favourite actor: Don't have one.

Occupation: Spammer err.. SEO

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Dave. I started watching the show years ago, stopped and now have taken it upon myself to watch every episode from start to current. I'm in Season 5 right now trying to wrap my head around packets. More or less learn as much as possible. I've been programming for about 7 years and started solely on linux about the same time. I use linux as often as possible to solve my problems. I have fun stuff like MythTV setup, proxmox VE, and changed my win 8 laptop over to ubuntu as soon as I purchased it. Anyway enough about my excitement. I guess that's all for now. Some bio below. Oh and welcome to all of you that are here already!

Favourite game: Stratego
Favourite OS: Ubuntu
Favourite console: N/A
Nationality: US
Accent: American (Bad English)
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Race: White
Height: 5'5"
Status: Alive
Build: Well
Favourite band: Cake
Favourite book: Snow Crash
Favourite author: Eh
Favourite movie: Too Many
Favourite director: Dn
Favourite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
Favourite actor: A few
Favourite actress: Haden
Favourite Pinup: All the Pretty Ones
Other hobbies: Working on Cars, Brewing Beer
Car: 95 Jetta, 90 K1500, 85 Fiero GT
Occupation: Software Programmer

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I'm Pete, aka Apache, 29 years old from North West England. I've been at university since 2008, first of all doing a Foundation Year degree, then onto a full BSc (Hons) in Computer Network Technology in 2009. I took a gap year in 2010 and 2011 and now I'm back in the second year of my degree. Before coming to uni, I worked as a Systems Administrator at the College of Law. My nickname Apache was my membership alias at Laser Quest when I was young. When I started working there, our name-tags had our handles on them rather than names so that's how most of my friends knew me. The name was taken from the Apache Longbow gunship and has nothing to do with the Web Server or the tribe.

I have a few passions in life; the main being music. Live music in particular. I love watching musicians do their thing; whether it's on stage in front of tens of thousands or just tens, or just in a pub, or busking. I appreciate music of almost all genres (not rap/hip hop) and have one of the most eclectic music collections I know of. I love going to festivals; just camping in general to be honest, but when I set up a tent on a festival field, the first thing I think is "I've come home". I play guitar and am a singer/songwriter; I've played some gigs on stage at festivals around the UK.

Within computing, I have a few main passions. The two biggest of which are network security and programming. I've been programming from a very early age. I learning to type on a keyboard before I learned to write with a pen and by the time I was five I'd learned the basics of procedural programming in BASIC on an Acorn BBC Microsystem. Where most kids got Robots for their birthdays, I got a book on how to program one with Mechano and a BBC. Since then I've taught myself VB, C, C# and various Web Development languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET and JQuery. I started hacking in my teenage years, doing basic script kiddie stuff with programs like Divine Intervention, Netbus and SubSeven. There's only a certain amount of phreaking you can do in the UK, but it always peaked my interest. I took my early inspiration from The Jolly Rogers Cookbook, The Anarchists Handbook and The Terrorists Handbook. Some friends and I used to make home made fireworks and experimented with homemade smoke grenades and exploding balloons.

More recently I've been interested in the white-hat side of hacking; penetration testing, network security, information security, cryptographics. I've developed a few of my own encryption algorithms as well as a few utility programs that aid monitoring of network activity. I'm an avid fan of web programs such as Tekzilla and Hak5 that teach various aspects of computing and technology in easily understandable ways. Hak5 in particular has taught me a huge amount. Because of Hak5, my Networking degree has been very easy to follow; this year by following Hak5's segments on the various stuff we're learning, I've yet to get under 90% for a single assignment! I've managed to fit a bit of Technolust into each written report and Darren actually appears in the bibliography for one of my dissertations. :D

Since joining these forums, I'm joined the development team for the USB Rubber Ducky. I rewrote the code for the DuckEncoder for the v3 initial release and introduced the Duckling plugins.

I'm a Windows Kid. Linux just confuses the fuck out of me. I hate how convoluted it is! I tried putting PwnPi on my Raspberry but PwnPi doesn't come with any network manager so you have to go through some stupid convoluted ritual involving supplicants or some shit whenever you come across a new wireless network. What is so wrong with right-click->connect? There are NO guides which teach you the basics of Linux. Every single guide, even the "Linux for first time users" guides assume far far too much prior knowledge. It's impossible to get help on any forum or IRC or help site online for Linux as well. People just launch into PhD style dissertations and I'm left on the first line thinking "ok, so 'ls' is their version of 'dir'". It wasn't even funny how long I spent in terminal typing "'cls', no, 'clearscreen', no, 'cl', no..." AAAGGGGHHH! Linux pisses me off! Nothing is ever simple! Windows all the way and further!

But, having said that, I hope Metro dies a horrible death very soon. If I'm ever forced to install Windows 8 then I'm putting pillow over the fan outlet and I hope to see it in Valhalla when I die. I almost cried when I saw the mess they'd made of Visual Studio 2012, it's vile!

Favourite Game: World of Warcraft

Favourite OS: Windows 7

Favourite Console: N/A

Nationality: British (English)

Accent: English (North West)

Sex: Male

Race: White British

Favourite Band: Far to many to list! The only genres of music I detest are rap and hip hop. R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues! I mainly listen to Traditional and Contemporary Folk music and Metal. I like my Metal hard and fast and heavy. Power Metal is by far my favourite sub-genre. Ooh, my favourite Power Metal band is Lost Horizon. I hope Daniel Heiman comes to his senses soon and comes back to the only band that truly deserves his godlike voice!

Favourite Book: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (16 books)

Favourite Author: JRR Tolkien / Robert Jordan

Favourite Movie: The Crow is my all time favourite film. A close second is Cruel Intentions. Then Queen of The Damned (the sound track is an aural orgasm!), Interview With a Vampire and A Knight's Tale.

Favourite TV Show: Firefly, Gene Roddenbery's Andromeda and Battlestar Galactica (2004). Andromeda probably trumps the other two though, if only just.

Favourite Actor: I don't really have a favourite.

Favourite Actress: I don't really have a favourite.

Favourite Pinup: Sasha Grey, Cytheria, Sharon Ehman

Favourite Comedian: I don't really have a favourite.

Other Hobbies: LRP, TableTop RPG,

Car: Renault Megane

Occupation: Student / Freelance Web Developer / Technical Consultant

Edited by ApacheTech Consultancy
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Haha, it was nice to refresh myself on your linux rants Apache! Welcome to the boards! Now get out of that ducky subforum and join us with the pineapple!


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Haha, cheers. I really wish I got into Linux a long time ago. Still plenty of time to learn. When I get a pineapple I'm gonna dual boot with Backtrack and just launch myself into it. I still need Windows though for a lot of things, mainly Microsoft Office and Visual Studio. Still apprehensive about porting over, but hey, at least it's not a Mac! :p

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Hello all just decided to join the forum as im new to this hacking stuff so im learning all the time as I go along.

Names Fletch aka 666

From East Anglia UK

Favourite game: Too Many To List Spent alot of years in a UT2004 Clan
Favourite OS: n/a
Favourite console: Hmm I play Playstation and Xbox
Nationality: UK
Accent: Dont Have One
Sex: Male
Age: Early 30's
Race: White
Height: 6Ft 1
Status: Married
Build: Too much time on sofa or pc chair
Favourite band: Metallica
Favourite movie: I have far too many, but Lord of the Rings, Halloween, Star Wars
Favourite TV Show: Dexter, The Walking Dead
Favourite actor: Johnny Depp
Favourite actress: Milla Jovovich
Favourite Pinup: Cristina Scabbia
Favourite Comedian: Lee Evans
Other hobbies: Web Design, Sheet Metal Work, Guitars, Travelling, Motorcycling.
Car: Astra SRI

Motorbike: Yamaha R6
Occupation: Engineering

Im new to the area of East Anglia so if any oher members from the same area who can teach me a thing or to about hacking im always eager to learn.

Edited by 666
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