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I am into Software Defined Radio and have been demonstrating, what I like to call, "Google Software Defined Radio GSM Mobile Phone Networks " with a SDR device I intend on manufacturing here in Chicago, Illinois.

Next, if any of you are in the Chicago Area, you can attend my Software Defined Radio demonstration before the MIT Enterprise Forum of Chicago on April 9, 2013:


More information is available about me here:


And I am hoping to launch a Kickstarter project utilizing this website:




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Hey Hak5, been a viewer or a while, since season 3? Finally getting back into the scene after a long hiatus.
Looking forward to chatting with you guys and rambling.
Been working on mostly Data projects as of late but it's time I go back to my roots..
Favourite game: BF3(PC)
Favourite OS: CentOS
Nationality: ThePirateBay
Favourite band: Choppin
Favourite book: The Lions Game(DeMille)
Favourite author: Porter Stansberry
Favourite movie: Margin Call
Favourite TV Show: Dexter
Car: BMW 335I / VW GTI (Daily Driver)
Occupation: Magician

You may have heard me on theblitzbit Maybe...

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Figure I'll introduce myself... Just a long time fan of the show. I love tech be it computers, video games, etc. Currently out of work and have been since September of last year. So just been reading up on all new tech, etc since then as well as job hunting. Wouldn't mind getting back into the helpdesk field but even just getting into warehouse work is proving hard enough. Apparently you need a phd to pick up & carry boxes now the way things are going.

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My name is Aaron (CandidKilsborne)

Favourite game: Red Dead Redemtion / The Walking Dead Game (TellTale)
Favourite OS: Anything not Windows8
Favourite console: PS3
Nationality: US
Accent: Not sure
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Race: White American
Height: 6ft 1in
Status: Single
Build: Average
Favourite band: Coheed and Cambria
Favourite book: The Nerdist Way
Favourite author: Robert A. Heinlein
Favourite movie: A Clockwork Orange
Favourite director: Stanley Kubrick
Favourite TV Show: Dr. Who / Top Gear UK
Favourite actor: Tim Roth
Favourite actress: Cameron Diaz
Favourite Comedian: Jim Jeffries
Other hobbies: Web Development, Animation, Photography, Game Development, Running, Learning.
Car: 2008 Ford Focus
Occupation: Student / Working for a printing company (Will be applying for jobs in the web development and computer animation fields as soon as I graduate.)

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My name is Patrick (LordTalon)

Favourite game: Spider-Solitär
Favourite OS: actually i like Windows 7 :o
Favourite console: Playstation (the first one)
Nationality: AUT (Austrian)
Accent: viennese
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Race: White European
Height: 1.85m
Build: Average
Favourite band: many ... (genre: mostly Rock)
Favourite book: Albert Camus - Der Fremde (L'Etranger)
Other hobbies: php-scripting, building things, tv-shows, chillin'
Car: I take the train
Occupation: Automation-Engineer (mostly SIMATIC PCS7-Stuff ... and a bit ACAD, ELCAD, etc.)

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I am Neo

Favorite Game: NSF Carbon
Favorite OS: Beck track 5 R3
Favorite Console: Wii

Nationality: Croatian
Accent: English

Sex: Male
Age: 19
Race: n/a
Height: 183 cm
Build: Average

Status: Highschooler applying to College

Favorite Band: n/a
Favorite Book: The X-Files zero
Favorite Author: n/a
Favorite Movie: Star WORs
Favorite TV Show: House, CSI (NY Miami LV)
Favorite Actor: Wean diese
Favorite Actress: n/a
Favorite Comedian: n/a

Other Hobbies: Karate, gym
Car: BMW
Occupation: web designer

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My name is Nick (r00tusr). I have been on the board for a few months lurking, and felt it was time to say hello. I have been interested in all computers things since a young age. I have always been one of those people who see's something, and has to know how it works.

Favourite OS: slackware/xubuntu
Nationality: US
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Race: White American
Height: 5ft 11in
Status: Married
Build: Average
Favorite band: City and Colour
Favorite book: The Cuckoo's Egg

Other Hobbies: Motorcycles, Guitars, Guns

Occupation: Systems Engineer and College Instructor

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Guest spazi

Hello, I am Spazi.

I've been wanting to join this forum for a long time and hopefully learn a few tricks or two ;)

I always wanted to learn how to hack but never started until about 1 year ago (really late I know)
I try not being a script kitty and I've managed to pull off some pretty cool hacks every now and then.

Most successful hacks involves hacking routers and websites.
I've been tinkering with electronics for a long time and enjoy building synths, guitars and studio gear, so learning how to program stuff and hack was just a perfect side hobby.
Just ordered the rubberducky and really looking forward to having some fun with it!

Favourite game: Mass Effect 1,2 and 3
Favourite OS: Mac OS, Ubuntu, Backtrack, Windows 7 (there are so many!)
Favourite console: Commodore 64
Nationality: Faroe Islands
Accent: American I guess?
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Race: Caucasian
Height: 184cm
Status: Switching jobs
Build: Average
Favourite band: Too many to mention
Favourite book: American Gods
Favourite author: Neil Gayman
Favourite movie: Where Eagles Dare
Favourite director: too many to list
Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Family guy, American Dad
Favourite actor: too many to list
Favourite actress: too many to list
Favourite Pinup: too many to list ;)
Favourite Comedian: Pablo Francisco
Other hobbies: Editing, Mixing, Music, Building gear/guitars/effect pedals
Car: CAR?! I don't even have a drivers license :P
Occupation: Currently starting a job at a guitar shop :)

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Hello Hak5 and all the members in Hak5, I'm Amit. I'm a big fan of yours for a long time.

Favourite game: - The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Favourite OS: - Windows7

Favourite console: - Playstation 3

Nationality: - Indian

Accent: - English & Hindi

Sex: - Male

Age: - 26

Race: - N/A

Height: - 177 cm

Build: - Average

Favourite band: - Hardcore Rock

Favourite book: - Pride and Prejudice

Favourite author: - Ralph Ellison

Favourite movie: - Limitless

Favourite director: - Christopher Nolan

Favourite TV Show: - Game of thrones, Dextor, White collar, That's 70's Show, Entourage ( Sorry there are so many )

Favourite actor: - Johnny Depp

Favourite actress: - Mila Kunis

Other hobbies: - Playing cricket, Basketball, Music and ETC....

Car: - BMW

Occupation: - Software Developer in KPIT Cummins.

Thank you All. :D :lol:

Edited by Kakahi
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hi all, I work IT, but I don't feel like a "real" IT professional in a way, I do IT project managment. Anway I've been really just learning about IT security for the past few year, mainly just trying to understand things and improve my own security situation. A lot of what I know if from hak5 and readings/sites they've suggested. I'm also into arudio projects and with that I have one project complete and another about 90% finished. I'm orgnially from Florida but have been living and working in europe for the past two years. I'm a pretty regular younger middle age guy, I love freedom, peace and technology. Any further questions feel free to ask, maybe I'll answer :)


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My name is Adam (aka xadamxk)

Age: 17; March 22 1996

Other Forums: Hack Forums: http://www.hackforums.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=1306528'>xadamxk

Favourite game: Zelda Ocarina of Time

Favourite OS: iOS (jailbroken)
Favourite console: Xbox
Nationality: American ^_^
Accent: English (Not sure?)
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5ft 10inches (1.778 M)
Build: Scrany lol (140lbs)
Favourite band: Senses Fail
Favourite book: Pendragon Series
Favourite author: Charlie Miller
Favourite movie: Jumper
Favourite TV Show: MythBusters
Other hobbies: iDevice Enthusiast, HackForums, Facebook, scouting, tech!
Car: Nissan... something lol
Occupation: Student.

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Hi my names Amonte :3
Favourite game: hm hard hitman serise probably
Favourite OS: Fedora i only use windows 7 right now for my games
Favourite console: ps1
Nationality: US
Accent: american i guess?
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Race: White And African-American
Height: 6â€0’
Status: taken:3
Build: athletic if this is what your going for lol
Favourite band: alot
Favourite book: Pride predejuce and zombies
Favourite author: not sure
Favourite movie: I Am Legend
Favourite director: N/A
Favourite TV Show: breaking bad
Favourite actor: Denzel Washington
Favourite actress: n/A
Favourite Pinup: n/a
Favourite Comedian: katt williams kevin hart eddie murphey
Other hobbies: Web design and development, road trips, beach/lake trips, bonfires, Pwning Noobs
Car: none atm
Occupation: currently looking

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Hey all, I'm glad to have found a great forum. I really enjoy the show, it has been helping me understand some rudimentary concepts.

I work in IT (entry-level) but have been a PC-addict since ~ 1998. Of course, when I was younger, I had a terribly narrow-minded view of the "hacking" world, and over my more "adult" life have realized how ill-conceived my views were. I use to be that guy on IRC asking "how duz I h4x tha pent4gonz?!?!??1" (of course, i was 10 at the time).

I've realized over the past 5~6 years how interesting programming can be. I'm currently obsessed with home-automation / RF Technology, but see myself branching out through other forms of wireless communication and maybe getting into pen-testing. I enjoy simplicity and functionality in things, but it's always neat to get my hands dirty and make the most complicated rube-goldberg-esque contraption I can.

I work as a techie at a small company right now, and while I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, I want to learn more and take on more responsibility.

Anyway, I've been lurking here for a while, and recently decided to register an account.

Favourite game: Diablo II (it's been years since I've had the chance to play, though)

Favourite OS: I guess my go-to is Win7, but only because I can run just about anything on it. I enjoy learning new OS's (yes, even OSX), but I'll probably be with Windows 7 until it is obsolete.

Favourite console: I guess the original XBox? I use to spend my summers finding glitches in Halo 2. I didn't have a lot of IRL friends.

Nationality: American. American. The greatest nation with the greatest government. I love the government. Or government is great. The NSA great. I love America.

Accent: I probably have a speech-impediment that I am unaware of. People can't seem to understand me sometimes.

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: Caucasian / Russian / Native-American

Height: 5'11"

Status: single

Build: Slim / Slender / Skinny / Any other word for not-muscular

Favourite band: They Might Be Giants / Circa Survive / Bob Dylan (pre-electric) / Bjork / The Postal Service / Del The Funky Homosapien / Daft Punk / Death Cab For Cutie / The Beatles

Favourite book: "The Hobbit" / Rene Descartes: Meditations I & II / 1984

Favourite author: This is a tough one, I guess I don't really have a "favourite". I like sci-fi and fantasy.

Favourite movie: Kill Bill, X-Men, Star Trek was alright, Harry Potter, Trainspotting, The Last Samurai, Soylent Green, A Clockwork Orange

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who is pretty cool. I don't get around to watching much TV lately. I think Adventure Time can be pretty neat :]

Favourite actor: I really don't have one. I'm not much of a TV / Movie kinda guy.

Favourite actress: "

Favourite Pinup: I use to be a fan of Megan Fox, but lately, I just don't find myself following this kind of thing.

Favourite Comedian: Mitch Hedberg / Demitri Martin

Other hobbies: Electric-Cigarettes / Photoshop / Arduino / Learning Linux / Building Computers / Taking things apart

Car: Currently without a vehicle =[ I'm a big fan of Mazda's though, my first car was an '02 Protege, then an '03 Protege5, then an '02 MazdaSpeed Protege, then an '02 Volvo S60 (lot's of neat technology, but a serious POS).

Occupation: I work as Tech Support at a small company, but I'm pretty new to it with no cred's / certs. Surprisingly, it's all pretty much common-sense so far. You'd be amazed at how many people move a window to the corner of a screen and proceed to call Tech Support because they can't find it :I

Thank's for taking the time to read this, Cheers!


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Howdy from Tennessee. Long story less long. I was living a happy(and somewhat tech lazy) life with my 2002 iMac running OS X 10.3.9 when an EMP killed my computer. Having forgotten my lesson from using Windows 98 and not having the money for another Mac my wife and I bought a new HP laptop at Wally World with Windows 8 on it. Even running anti-virus the system picked up a Trojan and borked within a week so I returned it to WalMart for a full refund and used the funds to buy two older laptops and installed Ubuntu 12.04LTS on em'. My wife is still running Ubuntu on her Compaq CQ57 but after a bit of Dirtro Hopping I've settled in with Linux Mint 15 MATE on my little HP nc6400.

Anyway, my Mac dying was actually a blessing since it's gotten me off of my butt and back into tech. I'm watching as many tech shows as I can get on my Roku. Tekzilla, Catagory 5, Hak5, ect. and I'm really lovin' it. Many times what's said goes totally over my head but I figure that if I learn it then someday it'll make sense so I just keep on watching and learning as much as I can.

I've been unemployed for almost 4 years but with my new found tech knowlege I'd love to try and get a job in the tech market if I can since I do have a Technical background.

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say "Howdy" and I'll see ya'll on the forums.

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Greetings..just a copy/paste after a few drinks..
Favourite game: The mint is a terrible thing to taste
Favourite console: linux
Nationality: Canuck
Accent: Eh?
Sex: not enough
Age: old
Race: Too old to race anymore
Height: 5' something & shrinking
Status: now? drunk
Build: 3.4.002
Favourite band: TuneIn web radio
Favourite book: 1984/James Bond
Favourite movie: Dune, Pink Flamingoes
Other hobbies: machining, welding, collecting panties
Car: old truck

Occupation: bum

Edited by Teledog
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My name is Bot Ganteng Aka Ade yonatan

Favourite game: Plants Vs Zombie
Favourite OS: Windows XP
Favourite console: PS 3
Nationality: Indonesia
Accent: Indonesia
Sex: Male
Race: Java
Height: +/- 160cm
Build: -
Favourite band: Tatu
Favourite book: Naruto
Favourite author: Sir Athur Conan .
Favourite movie: DOA
Favourite director: -
Favourite TV Show: 24
Favourite actor: -
Favourite actress: -
Favourite Pinup: -
Favourite Comedian: -
Other hobbies: Sleeping.
Car: Maybe Next Time I Have A Car
Occupation: R&D/ Technical adviser

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Favourite game: BattleField3
Favourite OS: Backtrack5
Favourite console: (orig)Nintindo
Nationality: American Imergrigrant
Accent: slurred whiskey
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Status: Inspierd
Build: Athletic
Favourite band: LagWagon
Favourite book: GODEL,ESCHER,BACH: An eternal golden braid /by: douglasR. Hofstadter
Favourite author: The ones who dont suck
Favourite movie: Mr.Magoo
Favourite director: ""
Favourite TV Show: SCI. Channle
Favourite actor: James Arness
Favourite actress:
Favourite Pinup: ""The girls on Sailor Jerrys Rum bottles
Favourite Comedian: Gorge Carlin
Other hobbies: Building HHO Genoraters. ultra sonic resonance modulators. Creating clean cheap gas from water. Figuring what makes thing tick...
Car: 85 ford 85 chevey blazer, winabago
Occupation: -- When the fuck did we get ice cream

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My name is John (Yannis) Gates (no is a nick from my greek surname Gatopoulos hihihihi i dont know the bill )

Favourite game: Pittfall (yeap i am old hihi)
Favourite OS: CP/M !!!
Favourite console: Spectrum
Nationality: Greece
Sex: Male
Height: +/- 170cm
Favourite band: Sex Pistols
Favourite book: God part of the BRAIN
Favourite author: Matthew Alper

Favourite movie: DOA
Favourite director: Spielberg
Favourite TV Show: i am not have TV (tv sleep the brain)
Favourite actor: Matt Damon
Favourite actress: Meryl Streep
Favourite Pinup: my girl
Favourite Comedian: -
Other hobbies: photographt
Car: Alfa Romeo Spider
Occupation: IT Support / Developer / Network DataBase manager /and i trying in network security

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My name is Benjamin a.k.a CodeMonkey or L33t_CodeMonkey

I Used to be on #hak5 a lot don't really remember when I stopped.
I probably stopped watching Hak5 because I was pretty sad,
when Matt left the show to do other things.
Mostly because I felt Matt, Darren, & Shanon together made the show what it was
No hard feelings over him leaving just felt it wasn't the same show.
I decided I should post this to show I've decided to start watching again.

Favourite game: Fallout 3
Favourite OS: Slackware Linux
Favourite console: Super Nintendo or SNES
Nationality: American
Accent: none (possibly slight southern/ northeastern American English but I'm no Linguist so idk.)

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Race:Hairy White Guy
Height: 5'5"
Build: Short & Chubby with Some Muscle lol.
Favourite band: Aerosmith
Favourite book: The Hobbit
Favourite author: Robert Heinlein (Haha curveball most people would expect JRR Tolkien here.)
Favourite movie: Brewster's Millions (Richard Pryor Remake not the original)
Favourite director: none (not really that into cinema that I have a favorite director)
Favourite TV Show: Frasier
Favourite actor: Jean Claude van Damme
Favourite actress: Elizabeth Shue
Favourite Pinup: Scarlett Johansen
Favourite Comedian: Josh Blue(Dude is hillarious) or Jim Carey
Other hobbies:Reading, Video Games, and watching Movies for free (My Brother works for a theater).
Favorite Car: Volkswagen Bus: Truck conversion or a Mitsubishi Eclipse
Occupation: Unemployed & unhappy about it.

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I go by the name Ken since my real first name is hard to pronounce.

Favorite game: No favorite, but currently play Diablo 3 to waste my free time
Favorite OS: OS X, Debian, Win7
Favorite console: Atari 2600
Nationality: Asian
Accent: unique to my location

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Race: Short asian with untraditional big eyes
Height: 5'7
Build: Small
Favorite band: Anything live
Favorite book: The Little Engine That Could
Favorite author: none
Favorite movie: Transformers Animated (1986)
Favorite director: none
Favorite TV Show: Hak5
Favorite actor: none
Favorite actress: Gemma Arterton
Favorite Pinup: Darren Kitchen
Favorite Comedian: Sinbad
Other hobbies: Computers, cars, hiking, surfing and farting
Favorite Car: Anything that doesn't burn more oil than gas
Occupation: Engineer

Edited by Lockon
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My name is mike aka m40295

Favourite game: nes super mario bros (on mute)
Favourite OS: ubuntu
Favourite console: ATV2 JB (debian)
Nationality: 100% proud canadian
Accent: English eh
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6 foot 2
Build: skinny
Favourite band: marley
Favourite book: (ATM) wifi pineapple booklet
Favourite author: ??
Favourite movie: sci-fi anything
Favourite director: gene rottenberry
Favourite TV Show: marvles angents of sheld
Favourite actor: ?
Favourite actress:
Favourite Pinup:
Favourite Comedian: Fluffy gaberil inglasious
Other hobbies: hiking , computers , securty , herbal medical advisor
Car: 4 traxxas slash / parrot ar drone / longboard
Occupation: hempshop manager, securty consoltent

least expected to win a award for spelling and grammer

most used kb key (tab)

(on a side note )

Darren and the crew at HaK5 Great work on new MKV i love it

had a few issues but with a quick forum check all my issues were fixed

Thanks for all the awesome work guys/gals

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