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  1. I gave up on the whole USB hub thing, I'll just get a Female split-er and implement some kind of switch
  2. I'm not a fan of Pelican cases. Going to look around for an Ammo can and see what can be done with that! I love all of these ideas though, so many creative people.
  3. Thanks for information about the D-Link 4port. I'll consider that an answer! Most forum search's are D: That I have seen anyways. Thanks guys.
  4. I searched: "USB Hub" - No results. "Hub" - No results. "Pineapple USB" - No results. Granted I haven't explored all these forums, I didn't think this question was that hard to answer...
  5. I wanted to know if I had to do anything special to add a USB Hub to my pineapple. And then plug in a flash drive, and my Alpha USB Wifi AWUS036NHA. Change the USB config? Or does it work automatically? (I'm a noob...) I appreciate all of your help!
  6. Thank you guys. I'm not familiar with this forum though, could a mod please close this thread? Thanks again, you guys (this whole community actually) is awesome! B)
  7. I thought there was a module to toggle those scripts though. That was my original question (or was suppose to be).
  8. My name is Adam (aka xadamxk) Age: 17; March 22 1996 Other Forums: Hack Forums: http://www.hackforums.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=1306528'>xadamxk Favourite game: Zelda Ocarina of Time Favourite OS: iOS (jailbroken) Favourite console: Xbox Nationality: American ^_^ Accent: English (Not sure?) Sex: Male Race: White Height: 5ft 10inches (1.778 M) Build: Scrany lol (140lbs) Favourite band: Senses Fail Favourite book: Pendragon Series Favourite author: Charlie Miller Favourite movie: Jumper Favourite TV Show: MythBusters Other hobbies: iDevice Enthusiast, HackForums, Facebook, scouting, tech! Car: Nissan... something lol Occupation: Student.
  9. After reading the "iOS Hacker Handbook" I remember being able to do this with a serial cable and correct pin-out. Along with the Limera1n bootrom exploit. If you want to have a look at a program that already exists, check out the "Gecko iPhone Toolkit" But yes, I would like to see this made for the restrictions access page.
  10. I've been a Pineapple user for a while now. I recently had to make a new account due to memory issues (not sure how I forgot my old email AND Hak5 pass...). Anywho, I remember there being a module/tool that was an actual stealth script. It made every LED on the Pineapple, excluding the PWR LED, turn off, but still operate perfectly fine. Could anyone tell me the where-abouts of such script?
  11. Mind if I ask what this module did (suppose to do)?
  12. Do you have an iMessage, Skype, or Kik? Feel free to ask me any questions you have as they come up. iMessage: xadamxk@me.com Skype: xadamxk Kik: xadamxk I learned by experience, learning the Do's and Don't's. MITM Infusion: Works perfectily fine with the dependencies installed. Occupineapple: After you make a list of SSID's, you must change the list from the random list, to that custom list. Then run the script. Keylogger: Starts proxy, then saves all keystrokes made between the 'victim' and the internet.
  13. An HID (from the Teensy I believe) is how that security firm brute forced the iPhone 4's 4-digit lockscreen in "11 I believe.
  14. I used this a few weeks ago to play around with some other scripts. It works good, but with my phone i would get the occasional bug. Never the less, thanks for the scripts. It's pretty creative.
  15. *Looks at screenshot of script* ... ... ... Yes yes, excellent script. In all honesty I'm not sure what this monitors, but maybe someone who can use it will appreciate it. Thanks for the contribution :D
  16. If I had a use for this script (or knew what it was for) I would test it out. Seems like the forum is a bit dead though. Assuming this scripts works as stated, thank you for the contribution for the community!
  17. How is this project coming along, any news? (It's probably already released.... but no harm in asking)
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