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Hello everyone. Glad to be here. A little info about me:

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Favorite game: Metal Gear Solid 3, but really anything from the MGS franchise

Favorite OS: Ubuntu

Nationality: American

Favorite Band: The Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, Collide

Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged

Favorite Author: John Steinbeck

Favorite Movie: Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator

Favorite Director: Luc Besson

Favorite TV Show: I don't own a TV and haven't watched a "modern" show in 5 years.

Favorite Actor: Steve Buscemi, but Gerard Depardieu and Stellan Skarsgard are close second.

Favorite Actress: Audrey Tautou

Favorite Pinup: Sophie Dee (Does she count?)

Favorite Comedian: None, I have a hard time understanding humor or anything deemed "humorous" (seriously).

Hobbies: All forms of building, fabrication, disassembly, and DIY.

Favorite Car: Old school Willys Jeep

Occupation: IT


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Hey all I'm Mark aka techiem2.

Age: 34 (for now)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'3"

Build: Average/Thinnish?

Favorite game: I'd have to go with T.O.M.E. (the roguelike)

Favorite OS: Gentoo/Funtoo/Debian

Nationality: American

Accent: Who knows. I've spent time in too many places.

Hobbies: Running/enhancing the church/school network, finding more toys/enhancements for my own network, adding more services to my VPS, Pretty much Anything IT related, Gaming, collecting cool things.

Car: 2008 Toyota Yaris

Occupation: IT Helpdesk, Freelance IT work

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nicknames, FLIP / dddjflip

Favourite game: tf2/dota2
Favourite OS: Debian /
Favourite console: wii-u / psp
Nationality: australian / italian (duel citizen)
Accent: Australian, (yes we speak australian not english)
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 10110000
Build: average
Favourite band: various uk hardcore dj`s
Favourite book: hitchhikers guide / 1984 / the time machine
Favourite author: geroge orwell
Favourite movie: antitrust
Favourite director: none really
Favourite TV Show: ncis
Favourite actor: too many
Favourite actress: devon aoki
Favourite Pinup: crystal maiden from dota2
Favourite Comedian: strassman
Other hobbies: djing, website building radio communications / telecommunications

Special skills: Certified in governemnt radio and marine radio, disaster operations, communication centre management
Car: Dodge Ram and 1976 Dodge Dart GT
Occupation: R&D/ Technical adviser

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Hi all,

New here and just ordered a Pineapple Mark V for some pen testing.

Following as others have done to give a bit of background:

Favourite OS: Kali
Nationality: US
Accent: None!
Favourite book: Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit (Bukowski)
Favourite movie: Brazil
Other hobbies: Soccer(football)

Special skills: Open Group Master Certified IT Architect
Occupation: Architect



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Favorite game: WoW
Favorite OS: OS X
Favorite console: sega genesis
Nationality: American
Accent: American

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Race: Caucasion
Height: 5'6"
Build: Average
Favorite band: Parkway Drive
Favorite book: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

Favorite author: Drew Karpyshyn
Favorite movie: Iron Man
Favorite director: Tony Scott
Favorite TV Show: House
Favorite actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite actress: Rachel McAdams
Favorite Pinup: Snubs obvi
Favorite Comedian: Steve Byrne
Other hobbies: Gaming, Guitar, Piano, Hobby electronics, motorcycles
Favorite Car: 67' Shelby
Occupation: AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense Computer Technician

I've been following Hak5 for several years now but just now deciding to try and get involved more with coding/hacking and the community attached to it. Cyber threats keep rising everyday and I don't want to be unprepared or behind the curve when shit hits the fan.

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My name is Tony aka Skibo187

Favorite game: Ghost/BF4

Favorite OS: The one I create but I will settle for Linux all flavors

Favorite console: PS4

Nationality: US

Accent: Binary-Code

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown Born in a Hut

Race: American/Mexican/Indian

Height: 6 ft. of Power

Status: Nomad

Build: Like a Brick House

Favorite band: Metallica

Favorite book: None only read 101010101010

Favorite author: Binary

Favorite movie: The Matrix

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite actor: Keanu Reeves

Favorite actress: All with a nice Booty

Favorite Pinup: Any must have DD+

Favorite Comedian: Gabriel Iglesias

Other hobbies: Hacking software/Hardware, Scripting VBA, VBS, Python, Pascal, Basic, C++ and many more!! Pwning Noobs or Trash Talkers

Car: 2012 Tundra Beast

Occupation: Systems Administrator / System Analyst / Cyber Security

Occupation off Duty: Nalgas Inspector ;-)

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My name is Darren aka W1NK1LL3E Z

Favourite game: Shadow Run, Sega

Favourite OS: OSX

Favourite console: N64

Nationality: Canada

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Race: White

Height: 6FT



Favourite band: A7X

Favourite book: The Dirt

Favourite author: n/a

Favourite movie: Terminator 2

Favourite director: Martin Scorsaze

Favourite TV Show: n/a

Favourite actor: Matt Damon

Favourite actress: Natalie Portman

Favourite Pinup: n/a

Favourite Comedian: Dave Chapelle

Other hobbies: WOrking out

Car: 2012 dodge challenger

Occupation: n/a

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Hi Hak5!

My Name is Guillermo Antonio from Philippines im 16 years old. I love hak5 from the first time i've seen it in google. Now im funding my first ever WiFi Pineapple hopefully next week i can make an order online.

Ok guys please be gentle on me, i have no programming experience,all i have is a self study and thru google informations only. Im here and willing to learn an abc of WiFi hacking,Pentesting,etc..everything depends on my brain where it leads me. Hope you guys welcome me here in this great forum.


Favourite game: Need for Speed
Favourite OS: OSX
Favourite console: N/A
Nationality: Spanish-Filipino
Accent: Filipino,English

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Race: Asian
Height: 5'6"
Build: Medium
Favourite band: Guns N Roses
Favourite book: We are Anonymous
Favourite author: Parmy Olson
Favourite movie: Ocean Eleven,Twelve,Thirteen
Favourite director: none (not really that into cinema that I have a favorite director)
Favourite TV Show: Osbourne Family
Favourite actor: Chuck Norris
Favourite actress: JLO
Favourite Pinup: Scarlett Johansen
Favourite Comedian: Steve Martin
Other hobbies: Motocross,Street car tuning (My brother is my mechanic)
Favorite Car: Honda Type R B-Series or K-Series Engine.
Occupation: Student

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Hello once again hak5,

I watched the orginal hak5 episodes, and I owe the hak5 team (New and old) my personal gratatude. One of the first projects I particapated in (The U3 Switch blade) was the cyalyst to my love/carrer in the field of electronics, and my eternal facasination with electrnoic security ).

Hello once again hak5,

I watched the original hak5 episodes, and I owe the hak5 team (New and old) my personal gratitude!

One of the first projects that I participated was if memory serves was the U3 Switch blade. This project became the catalyst to my love/career within the field of electronics, and spawned my personal fascination with computer security. ­

Thank you so much hak5 team!

I’m not sure why I stopped watching, but I still have that switchblade U3 drive (Though not really applicable nowadays) it’s a reminder to when it all started for me (back in 06).

Favorite game: Heroes of might and magic 3
Favorite OS: Windows Vista/7 (I know I know, I’m a Sellout n00b, but me repairing these operating system paid my rent/food/car/school fees while I was a tech)
Favorite console: Nintendo 64
Nationality: American
Accent: North California
Sex: Male
Race: White European
Height: 6”1’
Build: Ripped like the robo cop (Hank Hill)
Favorite band: KMFDM
Favorite book: Dante’s Inferno
Favorite author: Chris Elliott
Favorite movie: Star Trek First Contact
Favorite director: No idea
Favorite TV Show: Mr. Show/Deep Space 9
Favorite actor: Bob Odenkirk
Favorite actress: Nana Visitor
Favorite Pinup: Um, do they still do pinups?
Favorite Comedian: Bob Odenkirk
Other hobbies: Video Editing, Writing, Ghost hunting, and beer
Occupation: Consultant of sales for a Fortune 500 company.

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I've been watching Hak5 for some years now. It has been an absolute joy each episode.

I'm an amateur developer, pentester, and linux systems administrator. I've been using Linux for 14 years now.

Big fan of Darren, Snubs, and all of the folks who put passion at the forefront to bring us what we have today. Thank you!

Ordered my Pineapple Mark V, SRB Antenna, USB Rubber Ducky...getting the Thinkpad ready to do some cool stuff!

Favorite game: Battlefield/Unreal Tournament/Final Fantasy Series
Favorite OS: Arch Linux
Favorite console: Super Nintendo (Final Fantasy, ftw)
Nationality: American
Accent: Microsoft Sam
Sex: Male
Race: White European/Hebrew
Height: 6”
Build: I'm still in beta and a bit overweight.
Favorite band: Too many to list. My music library is very eclectic.
Favorite book: The Art of Intrusion
Favorite movie: The Bourne Identity Series/007
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favorite Pinup: My wife
Favorite Comedian: Mitch Hedberg (RIP, buddy)
Other hobbies: Hanging out with my wife and daughter, writing music, tinkering with Arduino, and trusting my technolust!
Occupation: Supervisor for a very well known computer company

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Hi All my name is Peter

As for my profle name, I live in a SWAMP , i have a PIneapple, and i wardrive WIFI

Favorite game: Elder scroll series


Favorite motorbike: Harley davdison

computers I have owned

TRS-80 MC10










linux mandrake 3

linux dsl

linx mint ( currently on Virtual box)

And still have all the oem disk back to windows 3.11 and dos 6

My first computer was the TRS-80 MC10 , and I learnt to hack and assembly on that when I was 10, drove the guy in the shop nuts, how do I do this, what is the poke for that.

I also have built /disassembled electroncis since I was 10, love build bugging equipment.

Have a love of music, guitars and bass, but have now gotten into computer music and keyboards the last few years with cubase and halion sonic, and loving it.

music - the four pillars -(black sabbath - judas preist - iron maiden -motorhead ) but also a large range from Meldoy gardot , daft punk, and others, really anything except country, can listen to some but not a fan.

Into motorcycles, have a couple of Harleys and other toys.

I am a machinst / egineer , machinist by trade but went on to engineering and now working as a CAD /CAM Programmer , working with PTC Creo 2 , CGT Vericut simulation package and Icam.

I have access to my own lathe and mill, tig ,plasma, can really do a lot of my own stuff.

Have a love of the Occult and magic and spent 5 years studying Alchemy prinicples

Been away from the Hacking community for the last ten years, while following the last two interests, my career has taken 90% of my time.

But I am back and looking foward to catching up with what I love doing...hacking....

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hi, I am Tom

was watching the show for some time but just created an acc now.

not a programmer just an enthusiast :)

Favourite game: chrono trigger
Favourite console: ps
Accent: East Europe
Sex: Male
Race: White European
Height: feel ok with it
Build: like i've been missing breakfast for months
Favourite band: too many awesome bands to pick just one
Favourite book: Wiedzmin saga
Favourite movie: Fight club
Favourite TV Show: scrubs
Favourite actor: Pitt
Favourite actress: umm no
Other hobbies: Go, guitar play, working on myself
Occupation: love my privacy

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My name is Elvin Aka HexAssembler

Favourite game: God of War
Favourite OS: any OS is good for me
Favourite console: PC and PS3
Nationality: Puerto Rico / USA Citizen / Spain Citizen
Accent: Puertorrican
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'12"
Status: in relationship
Favourite band: Slipknot, SOAD
Favourite book: CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator) reading...
Favourite author: ACM1PT
Favourite movie: Brave Heart, Forrest Gump
Favourite TV Show: Supernatural, my name is earl, thats 70 show
Favourite actor: Jim Carrey
Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favourite Pinup: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Jesica Alba
Other hobbies: Computer, programming
Car: 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT
Occupation: Finishing my Bachelor degree in computer science and working as computer and network technician

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Brand new to hacking but within the last few months I have become interested via watching Hak5. Be great if somebody can help with suggestions on how to get started.

Platform- Macbook Pro split between OSx and Windows(for Solidworks)

Basically a bit of hack101. Appreciate any assistance.

My business is making skateboard trucks.

Check it out- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pretty-Noise-Lab-Skate-Factory/157827124251691?ref=hl

PNL Precision Truck Co.

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Hi, i am kenny

i live off grid and farm in the great pacific north west.

the pineapple brought me here.

you could call me a back seat hacker i guess. i dont do much but like to read and study it.

current project: extending wifi to the far corners of the farm

Favourite OS: anything free
Car: 91 & 94 GEO metros
Occupation: Farmer

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Hey gang!!
I'm Siggy (or Sigurður if you prefer the unpronounceable version).

I have no AKA's any more .. I killed them all off (except those that I'm hiding) ;)

Favourite game: So many .. DIG was fantastic .. U8 was fun, SW:KOTOR was addictive and so was UO + WoW
Favourite OS: Human [brain], but Linux for most other things. Depends on what needs to be done though ...
Favourite console: Terminal
Nationality: Icelandic
Accent: Depends on who I'm talking with .. some say I have a US accent, but I'm kinda like Madonna in a sense.. ;)
Sex: Yup, I enjoy it.
Birth date: Hah, yeah right ..

Marital Status: Single mostly nowadays ..
Build: 2.0
Favourite band: Vivaldi? Beethoven? KoRn? .. hard to decide
Favourite book: H2G2 trilogy.
Favourite author: Douglas Adams
Favourite movie: Something Ventured..?
Favourite TV Show: Dr. Who
Favourite Comedian: Bill Hicks
Other hobbies: Marketing, Social engineering, Brewing beer, Making cheese, Business, Reading, the human operating system
Car: Chevrolet (Daewoo) Lacetti - with Methane.
Occupation: Entrepreneur

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What more can I say? My user name says it all: I Luv EDM (Electronic Dance Music). :)

My favourite EDM (sub)genres are:

House, Progressive House, Dark Prog, Dark Tribal, Tech House, Tech Trance, Psy Trance, Acid Techno, Tribal Techno.

I love going raving/clubbing till late in the mornings listening to DJs like Sasha, John Digweed, STEVE LAWLER, Bad Boy Bill, Armand Van Helden, DJ Vibe, Satoshi Tomiie, Sander Kleinenberg, Green Velvet, spin at 125 to 130 BPM.
I dig this sort of EDM stuff:

Studied CompSci in Undergrad. Worked in Web Development, Tech Support, IT Consulting, and Business Development roles. Not really a drinker, but enjoy the gooood green stuff that's sold everywhere in Colorado and Washington State and soon Uruguay. LOL!

BIG Open Source user and pusher!

Love: Linux (Debian variants), the BSDs, Open Data Kit for mobile data collection, Kobo Forms, MySQL/MariaDB, Web2Project, OpenCart and many more apps/tools that are not on the tip of my tongue.

Haven't coded in a while but I can read code. Looking to get into either Nimrod, Rust or D to stay current with new language tech -- maybe even Go.

Have done coding before in VB/ASP, JavaScript, C/C++, VAX Macro Assembler, Pascal. But a little rusty only because I was doing less development stuff and traveling/exploring another continent for almost a decade.

Looking to get back into Pascal via the FreePascal/Lazarus IDE project since I got started with Turbo Pascal. :-)

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Hey my name is Greg AKA Gospodin, and am involved in al sorts of programming, web development, laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets. Also like anything in the consumer electronics arena, TV, Roku, Tivo, BluRay, home theater gear, speaker systems, etc. I like to aquire "old" tech (less than 5 years old) for pennys on the dollar, expand my home system and also repair and resell for some pocket change. I am an aspiring cable cutter.

Favorite TV series: Fringe

Favorite Music... Trance / Downtempo

Favorite Movie: anything with decent character development

My gear: just about 3 of everything

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