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  1. My recommendation is to use an SFTP server like filezilla or winscp Take the downloaded file device.config Open your c2 in sftp open etc place file
  2. Mine arrives tomorrow morning super excited but a question I had was will it have C2 abilities will my C2 server be able to see when it's connected
  3. Lol that's your first post Let me answer that in very plain English Oh hell no
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARP_spoofing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ettercap_(software) http://smwiki2014.wikidot.com/wiki:password-sniffing-using-ettercap 3 quick searches lots to read for ya but this should get you started Note. this will not work on https just http Good luck
  5. The pineapples don't have the power to run metasploit However they are great to deploy payloads with.
  6. Set the Bash Bunny switch to position 3 (arming mode) Plug the Bash Bunny into a USB power source. The LED will momentarily light green. As soon as the LED goes off, unplug the Bash Bunny. Repeat the previous step twice more (for a total of 3 times) Plug the Bash Bunny into a USB power source and leave for 4 minutes. The LED will light RED to indicate recovery. When the light returns to BLUE blinking, the Bash Bunny has recovered
  7. Can you post the command line options you used Mine on my vps are ./c2_community-linux-64 -db c2.db -hostname myhostname.com -https -sshport 2022 & & makes it run in background I access it myhostname.com as it's running on port 80
  8. Go to your original email find the download link and download the version you need
  9. Ori0n for question 1 I've noticed that when you update the bash bunny it writes default payload files to all the switches so it's best to go into your switches and modify the payload files even if it's just switching it with a rem command For question 2 save to /root/loot/ Not udisk For 3 try setting permission on the folder r/w No answer for 4 Hope that guided you to the right answers
  10. m40295


    Your question is hard to understand Sounds like something we can't help with as we don't hack without permission but try asking with some content
  11. keep checking prices they do deals for xmas i am on my 2nd yr and loving it
  12. i use my vps and run my own (i would rather have full control over my vpn) my vps is thru OVH and it was super cheap at 50$ a yr on sale i use it for VPN , testing , c2cloud , and such i dont know how i ever did without it
  13. for clients connected to the pineapple use br-lan which is the lan interface
  14. I wish but I'm pretty sure they just want our money again and again and again For a company that thrives because of community support there's not much give back to paying customers I've been a long time supporter but as a new product comes out they abandoned the old ones
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