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  1. You know I found that once and it took me a long time to find it again I believe it's called werdy https://github.com/derv82/werdy/blob/master/readme.md
  2. m40295

    [RELEASE] Hak5 Cloud C2 v1.0.X

    After playing for a few days there's one feature I would love to see implemented access to the management page of the Nano either forwarding 1471 to the server so you can access it through DNS or putting access to the management page in a tab on the C2 as once the pineapples deployed checking modules would be nice
  3. m40295

    Support for the MARK V ?

    In the future could the mark 5 be supported with the 3.0 beta
  4. m40295

    Are Raspberry Pi's supported

    In the future would you guys build Raspberry Pi client to add our Raspberry Pi device drop boxes to the C2 or perhaps a Linux payload
  5. m40295


    There's an SD card slot on the side in a USB port on the end I recommend going through the wiki https://wiki.wifipineapple.com
  6. m40295


    My suggestion is to add an external USB Wi-Fi adapter commonly comes up as WLAN 2 as your internet connection so wlan0 and wlan1 are free for hosting the AP and using pineap features
  7. m40295

    Just a Few Questions

    I might be able to answer a few of your questions Yes you can adjust the client call back time in settings You set the options at launch --listenip --hostname (dns) -https Each device setup is super easy download config scp to device /etc/
  8. m40295

    error starting ssh server

    I'm pretty sure the SSH server is independent don't use 22 as that's your SSH for your VPS leave it as the default -Sshserver 2022 Woot my 300 post on hak5
  9. m40295

    Poblems with installing

    Windows r cmd C2windows exe -h (not actual command Will give the options such as hostname c2db listenip listenport Great work hak5 team I can't wait to see the updates In the future will I be able to add non hak5 devices such as a Raspberry Pi Will you be integrating this with any other popular tools of the trade Armitage or cobaltstrike ,metasploit
  10. m40295

    Poblems with installing

    Open the exe in a cmd prompt and run it it's a binary not a installer Got me too
  11. m40295

    Format PC with a Bunny

    Thinking Out Loud have you thought of putting dban on the bunny darian's Boot and nuke
  12. m40295

    Where do i start?

    I was actually being nice you took it the wrong way
  13. m40295

    Where do i start?

    That's how I started that's how half the guys on here started they search Google they learn the basics and they taught themselves what they needed to know for what they're doing I wasn't being negative I wasn't being condescending I was telling you the way it is if you don't like it sorry I can't help anymore but I'm not going to give potential criminals information on how to break laws
  14. m40295

    Where do i start?

    I recommend using Google Great where to start YouTube vids Learn how to search and you can learn anything
  15. m40295

    Metasploit Over Internet

    Ovh has great prices my first yr was 50$ 2nd was 78$ and after using my VPS for 1 year it's paid for itself a hundredfold