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  1. You can roll your own POE for the squirrel. It's quite hacky, but I've done it with my pineapples before. Nothing fancy, just broke out two unused ethernet wires from the plug and ran them to a USB plug. So my laptop would have two plugs (eth and usb only for power), one cable going down to the pineapple in my bag, where its split out again into ethernet and power (barrel plug in the case of the pineapple, microusb for the squirrel obviously. telot
  2. wget www.wifipineapple.com/wp6.sh chmod +x wp6.sh ./wp6.sh Should do the trick telot
  3. Thanks DK for the primer on RF transmission! I recall you going through a lot of those points on an episode of hak5, but it sure is nice to have it boiled down so succinctly here. Plus it makes me even more excited to get my TETRA on! Cheers! telot
  4. I would be very interested in this as well. A way to assess the likelihood that a randomized mac address is in fact the same target would be HUGE. Has there been any research into reverse engineering apples randomization technique? If not a full blown RE, perhaps a "Confidence Score" could be established based on number of similar SSID probes? telot
  5. I would look at the Xiaomi Power banks. They are very well built and the prices cannot be beat. Seriously, their prices are INSANE. I'm not 100% positive on the charge through capabilities, you'll have to read into it a bit more. But bang for your buck, ($/mAh) they're amazing. 20,000mAh for $29: http://nis-store.com/power-banks/xiaomi-mi-power-bank-20000mah-white-original/ 10,000mAh for $20: http://nis-store.com/power-banks/oneplus-power-bank-10000mah-white-2811813/ telot
  6. Welcome to the community HH0718! If you haven't already, check out Vivek's series on wireless megaprimer over on security-tube. http://www.securitytube.net/groups?operation=view&groupId=9 Though its a little outdated, it's still a fantastic guide on getting started with understanding the airwaves. I think your list is great, though number 2 (SSL Stripping) is kind of obsolete at this point. I'd argue its worthwhile to understand how it worked, just know that it is no longer very effective. WPA2 handshake cracking is great and I'd also add reaver wps attack and pixie dust to the list
  7. The nano will say "Yes, connect to me" to devices probing for open networks. If your sammy phone doesn't have any open networks stored/saved on it, it won't be looking for them, and hence the nano won't have anything to say "Yes, connect to me" with. Make sense? telot
  8. Great stuff IMcPwn! I too was unable to tether, due to not having service (voice, data, nothing) on my android phone. Do you suspect this will allow tether from wifi via the android phone? I will give it a try next week when I'm back home, and report back if you're unsure. Thanks for the great tutorial! telot
  9. Same issue here. wlan2 can scan for networks, but will not connect. wlan1 scans and connects to the same network just fine...but of course prevents pineAP. I'm using a AWUS036NHA from the hakshop. I tried with a little Edimax nano-sized wifi (much less conspicuous looking) but there doesn't seem to be support for it yet. Seb I think we got a bug on our hands here :) telot
  10. Haha, it was nice to refresh myself on your linux rants Apache! Welcome to the boards! Now get out of that ducky subforum and join us with the pineapple! telot
  11. Over a 112,000 views...I'd say a lot of people read these things! telot
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