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  1. All fired up - just ordered. It would be cool if the early adopters would receive a few stickers. :) Can't hurt to ask. Jim
  2. Darren Will we know what "it is" next Friday or Saturday? I'm with Zoro I'll buy it and find a use for it later. :)
  3. The variable MAC has no value due to scoping. At this point MAC has no value unless it would be an environment variable. If you type the command "env" from the command line you will see what values are inherent to your session. If you export those values, your script till know about them. What value did you expect MAC to have. You need to do something like this: #!/bin/bash set -a export MAC="00:AA:BB:CC:DD:EE" echo ${MAC} > /var/found.txt exit 0 What you have above prints nothing, you need to assign a value to the variable MAC.
  4. Where are you running this script - on the pineapple or on a *UNIX image connecting to it. As kerravon said, post the script. You might need to so a "set -a". You can also do #!/bin/bash -x This will put the script into debug mode and yo can watch what it is doing. FIN/ACK, Jim
  5. I would recommend ssh'ing into the pineapple and looking around for those files. See if the directory: /usr/lib/opkg exists and what contents it has. run a command similar to this find / -type f -name "*.control" -print This will list where any files that end with .control in the name. May be the files are in a different directory, have a different name, etc. Good luck, Jim
  6. Zylla: I want to test this on my Tetra and Nano's tonight. Based on what you said above, I get your code and follow the directions it should work without issues on the Tetra and Nano. Is that correct? The current sslstrip for the Nano/Tetra does not work due to the certificate. :( I am really excited to try this - I will let you know how I make out.
  7. Thanks Foxtrot - will implement tonight!
  8. RandomRoll works well for me and it is humorous to all but my family. :) It works like a champ on the Tetra. I plan on using this for a demo and would like to replace a Roll with one of my own. Based on what I see this should be pretty easy by just swapping out some file. Correct?
  9. I have a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer I want to use with my NANO for storage. The system sees it and I execute the format button and save the fstab file. The is no /tmp/fstab file (I see the sym link from /etc/fstab). I never see the light go on the USB stick when the format starts. It looks like the system sees it, but does not format it. I followed to the format file in: /pineapple/modules/Advanced/formatSD/format_sd It looks like this is not setup or meant to use an USB drive. Is that correct? I see these in 'dmesg' [ 612.870000] usb 1-1.3: new high-speed USB device number 5 using ehci-
  10. Confuded: For any client AP's that use WPA they cannot connect to PineAP because of the shared secret or certificate? If I have a client and it does not have an open network in the PNL it cannot connect to the NANO? Is that correct? Jim
  11. I have a couple of questions I wanted to ask to help me understand how pieces of the pineapple tie together. I did read the help, have been working with the system, reading forums and watched videos. I understand some of this may be basic, but it might help someone with similar questions. When I scan and select the AP or AP and Client option, how does the pineapple determine when I can send a deauth found resources? There are times when the drop down has the deauth option and times it does not. I understand the deauth method and choosing deauth on client versus AP. Do the AP’s found in th
  12. I searched through and tried to find answers to the these questions but did not find what the exact answers. I apologize if this is basic but I am trying to understand all the functions. I scan and gather a bunch of SSID's and Clients and scan for several minutes. I then activiate my PineAP daemon with all boxes checked My SSID pool has several SSID's found from this all previous scanning activity Most of the SSID's are WPA or WPA2 Under the logging section I see a bunch of probes Nearly all of my SSID's are WPA2 since I am doing this with my home setup I forced a few open by adding somethin
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