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  1. Ok but it looks like my sd card is mounted see.. Its sd1 and has 128gb(is a microsd card, i am giving it one more chance). Then i run your command (i dont change anything in your command, no changes at all i just run it.) and it says it install but the commands never work after i installed it. I am formatting it with the wifi pineapple usb command on the web interface. My new error when i install the command: Configuring asleap. grep: /usr/lib/opkg/info/asleap.control: No such file or directory cat: can't open '/usr/lib/opkg/info/asleap.list': No such file or directory Collecte
  2. I am now going to be using USBs and i got thid usb hub as well which looked like a steal https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Splitter-Windows-Linux-systems/dp/B00LN67RU6/ref=sr_1_10_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1536806762&sr=8-10-spons&keywords=round+usb+hub&psc=1#customerReviews Will this work for on my pineapple if i plug it into the back of it? I just dont want to damage the pineapple if too much power is being taken from it and it dies. Is this model safe or will it require me to cut wires? I got a new microsd and this is my config file or fst
  3. Ok, my sd card can't be read my windows or linux and no of my readers can read any of my sd cards I have 3 but they all are unresponsive. I tried a sd adapter in my laptop but it won't read and no letters get assigned at all. Is this a hardware problem or the sd? I just bought it too I have no idea how it could break just like that. Or do you think the adapters are just broken and usb adapter will work and show my sd card. I got no clue where to start and I looked up a bunch of useless stuff. Hopefully the USB works and it's just because lsusb can't show sd cards Thoughts?
  4. Wow your fast thanks. Currently at school once I'm done I will tell you that right away. However i winscp into the pineapple and check the path where the script was supposed to be because everytime I launch mana it says can't be found. But if it is mounted correctly are my steps correct? 1. Go to pineapple web interface set up wlan2 for wifi then format USB and choose the sd card. (Directly in the pineapple) 2. Ssh into it with putty or terminal 3. Opkg update right away 4. The wget command that's at the homepage 5. Install depends command right below the wget
  5. My steps with my nano and microsd card. Does not seem to be working and i looked at problems just like mine unable to find a solution. Please help. root@Pineapple:~# opkg update Downloading https://www.wifipineapple.com/nano/packages/Packages.gz. Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/chaos_calmer_pineapple. Downloading https://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/pack ages/base/Packages.gz. Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/chaos_calmer_base. Downloading https://downloads.ope
  6. Intresting, i have had a LOT of problems lately but with the help of USER its been a lot easier to get things done around here. I will test your theory as soon as possible thanks for sharing. Update: the light is blinking rapidly but there does not seem to be a issue anymore... The only problem i think that is causing mine to die is that once i try to deauth it switches adapters and kills the connection but still that does not explain why my wifi pineapple's lights go dark. Any ideas? Help is appreciated, thank you.
  7. Reset it it by holding the reset button underneath the pineapple for 7 seconds while the device is powered. New firmware is avaible if you forgot how to update, you can do it in the wifi pineapple web interface after factory resetting it and setup. Good luck
  8. The module, there's a blacklist too. Maybe that Also when i start using the deauth module it kills the wifi pineapple right away. But in a couple of seconds i can reconnect and its fine no unplugs. No way i need three wireless adapters right?? Unless i can use one thats not connected directly in the pineapple and use that to deauth the networks separately.
  9. Great it all seems to be running real smooth!! Clients can connect with wifi and the pool is broadcasted with a ton of APS. Only issue is when i start a deauth using wlan1mon all my APS lose their wifi just like my home network does. But i guess that can be helped right? Anyways i like to thank u for the help, means a lot. If there is a way to solve that deauth issue then i guess we continue. However, i am very interested in my other questions and want to know if i can kill ssl and bypass hsts with a tool like mitmf to actually get some juicy data(top priority question, but the others matter t
  10. I had no idea that the wifi pineapple had a usb port. Cool to see i guess I never looked... ?. Well let me give it a try I will keep you posted. Thank u.
  11. There's a usb port on my nano? Where is it? And when I plug it in does it automatically do that stuff for me
  12. Once again I would like to thank you for your support. So I watched the video about 100 times now and I dont get how he can have wifi while still running pineAP. I dont know how to set up internet sharing on Kali besides the wp6 script and when I do load pineAp it goes but kills the network still Maybe I can show you iwconfig and how I set up wp6.sh, when I do set it up btw I have to disable wifi and the pineapple itself for certain parts of setup. Dont knownif that's just me or if that's for everyone but that's just how I gotta do it.
  13. I am using a wifi dongle the alpha aw36h and of course it works its built for this. I got the filter all on deny mode all that works great. The clients still dont get wifi, could you guide me the through the process to connect to my wifi and set it up correctly. I am running Kali linux 2018.3. On a side note I can ssh into the pineapple but I can't ping anything so I know that no connection is set up in there. I remeber that the pineapple could impersonate any network you wanted at the same time (even your own) and it could still have wifi while the feature that starts a deauth attack on ever
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