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  1. Really didn't know that I thought led only worked in a script thanks
  2. I have heard of arp spoofing what exactly is it, does it stop wifi packets or something also what else besides what you have mentioned can be done through the the remote access wifi
  3. What's the purpose of the undercover bunny payload all it does is make a wifi ap out of a target machine. It is in the remote access section so does it have any other purpose other than use img someone else's machine for Internet?
  4. So what would the command be to have it be solid blue for a few milliseconds and then solid red for a few
  5. Hi how do i get the police led sequence from the update flashes I want to implement this sequence into my payload, whats the code I need to write to get the sequence and how do I change the colours and the timing. Changing the colours and timing is just changing values but I don,t know how to recreate the police lighting. Thanks
  6. Hello I have a problem. I have 3 questions about modules 1. How do I add my my own rolls to the random roll module and how do I add my own images for css of the pineapple interface ? 2 What is the difference between DNSSpoof and DNSMasq Spoof ? 3. How to use both dnsspoof and dnsmasqspoof ? Thanks in advance
  7. I don't know how to fix and you and me are in the same situation to try and resolve this as I don't wanna use a phone to get the aps to have internet access I hope we get get this fixed and get help soon
  8. nah the internet didn't work it would turn off 5 minutes and then turn off for half an hour but he doesn't know what linux is. he is a joke we have had many IT guys buy he is the biggest joke out of them all
  9. In America right. I'm from Australia and the IT guy doesn't know how to use a computer, they have access to block certain websites like every other school and our guy blocked gmail, YouTube and Google for 4 days because get thought that they were sites for games. I'm sorry but he has to be pretty dumb to do that.
  10. My computer and/or laptop have the pine nano connected to them all fake ap's and the open ap that can be configured in the networking tab dont work. i have internet connection working the bulletins load and modules download but the aps dont have internet but when i use an android phone all the aps have internet can be connected to and work. i have tried factory resetting and this doesn't seem to work and my problems persist. i need help for this please as i can only use my computers as i myself dont own an android phone and have only been using my younger brothers 50 dollar android i only have a iphone 5 and am getting a Samsung 7 but i really need this to work on my computers. I am using the pine for a vpn ap and obviously cant pull out phone in a class. I also like to see what the pine can do about creds and it capabilities (on my devices and devices i have permission for) but i like having a video run on my phone and working on stuff on the pc which is why i really wanna get this working on the pc as i know it works well on android phones.
  11. I need this to be on the pineapple so i can run a vpn at school and some friends
  12. Is there a way to get open vpn on the pineapple but without a vps there have been 2 videos that show this How to Build An OpenVPN Access Point - Hak5 2017 and pt 2 but both show using a vps can this be done without one my other option is to pay $5 for a digital ocean server but i want to try and refrain from buying one. is there any free alternatives or is that the only way it can be done
  13. ok thanks also one more quick question its 1am in Australia what logs and information will i obtain from mana also if possible could u link me mana toolkit for kali. Thanks
  14. Just if i'm getting this wrong it does it all automatically yes?
  15. Hey Zylla this may be dumb but is the script completed or not. Also ive installed it but how do i use it and its features, once install is done it says to type launch-mana after that what do i do.
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