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  1. Thank you telot Now I understand concept and principle. Very impressive.
  2. Thank you for your fast and clean answer. It’s really bad that for this price the AP\REP Mode not working out-of-box and I need to flash it. It’s not really hard to add this mode to gives more functionality, I think. And what about warranty after flashing? Normally, when you flash any device you lose you warranty.
  3. Hello. Sorry, maybe I'm not inattentively checkup the forum, but I appreciate any advice. 1. Does WiFi Pineapple TETRA support Client Mode like NANO? 2. Does TETRA support AP\REPEATER Mode? If not, could this option added instantly by your coders or I have possibility add this option programmatically? 3. How hack5 Shop supports worldwide delivery? Thank you.
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