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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! This is my first post ever, I just bought an Arduino Leonardo (this one BAD USB AMAZON), and it's working fine on windows, but when I try to plug it into a mac, the macbook prompts a window saying that I have to set up my keyboard (keyboard set up assistant) so, is there anyway of avoiding this step? And also I would like to know how to access to the arduino leonardo SD from the OS (windows and mac) to copy from the PC to the SD. Is it even possible? By the way all the code that I am writing is being developed on arduino ( C )
  2. I am traveling so to pass the time i have been watching alot of talks given at some of the most recent Cons and i noticed that there are a lot of Security Professionals that i see using MACs, anyone have any idea why? is it a convenience thing? or just preference? I have used a Mac in the past and the only thing that i liked about it was Parallels had a very smooth transition between OSs but that was it.
  3. Hello, Is the female USB connector on the Pineapple Nano supposed to be used to tether (or share internet connection) with? I received my Nano in the mail the other day and nothing happens if I connect an USB to USB-C cable between the Nano and my MBP (Late 2016). However, if I use the Y-cable it does, but my goal is to be able to use the Pineapple 4000 battery to power the Nano and not the other way around. Or is the female USB on the Nano used for something else?
  4. I am getting FaceTime calls from people I don't know. They are using an email address that isn't linked to any social media that I can find. How (if possible) can I get the IP address of the device calling? Or any other form of reverse tracing? Any help is greatly appreciated friends. Cheers, trolltsky
  5. Is it possible to create an ios app payload, like we do using metasploit to hack an android phone using reverst tcp method by creating a payload.apk?
  6. I was thinking about how the pine64 and similar boards have this hdmi with touchscreen support outs, might be in the form of capabilities. By this, my question or purpose of topic is; Would it be possible to utilize the hdmi out technology available on the android or mainstream (Apple,Microsoft) based cellular devices, by turning them into the receiver of the pine64 board's hdmi output? Would it be possible to flash old android hardware to be a fully featured touchscreen for that specific and expandable purpose? or, are there any ways to utilize the digitizer (touch-screen) from older cell-tech? It's hard to explain what i'd like to do, but the best way I can describe it would be to reference a commercial product such as the name brand of a router, with an old school (original palm pilot aka palm pda) touch screen or maybe it's a tft touch screen i'm unsure... I just am not sure of what kind of links would break the rules, so if there's any admin reviewing this before posting.. Feel free to point me in the right direction please. Ty.
  7. I just recently got my tetra. It works great on linux systems, but I have a macbook that I would like to use the tetra on doesn't connect with the default IP address and does not show up in ifconfig. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing a step?
  8. It frustrated me that out of the box the Pineapple and Mac OSX Internet Sharing don't work. Sometimes I just want to use my OSX machine with the pineapple. I searched online but couldn't find a solution. And the Mac OSX ICS page on the wiki is still very very empty. So I looked into it and got it working. It isnt that hard. You can find the howto at http://champagneandsecurity.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/wifi-pineapple-and-mac-os-x-internet-sharing/ Hope it helps some of you Mac users out there.
  9. Hi! I've been trying to find a reliable way to search and open terminal or any other applications in OSX. The way that is being used which is CMD-SPACE is risky because this is a default shortcut that any one can change. However, Fn-F4 (Launchpad Key) is always working and easy to search for application from any window or app without running to an issue if the other app is using CMD-SPACE. I wonder if there's a way to add Fn key so we can combine it with F1-F2... keys. Thank you! AJ
  10. Please sign and share this petition - iTunes for Linux https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Apple_Inc_iTunes_for_Linux
  11. Hi Guys, I'm seeking help and would like to have a discussion about booting Linux on Apple hardware using an EFI boot loader. Probably not going to be a popular suggestion considering one of your sponsors is System76 but I thought I'd give it a try regardless. I came across a great tool called "Mac Linux USB Loader" which is still under heavy development. "This is the Mac Linux USB Loader, a tool allowing you to take an ISO of a Linux distribution and make it boot using EFI." http://sevenbits.github.io/Mac-Linux-USB-Loader/ https://github.com/SevenBits/Mac-Linux-USB-Loader I spoke to "SevenBits" the developer and there's an unresolved problem he hasn't been able to fix, which affects myself and others who use older Macbook Pro hardware (late 2008 4,1 and others). "I actually have an early 2008 MacBook Pro which also fails to boot Linux. I test the bootable drives my tool creates on a newer, separate machine. I believe with 90% certainty that the reason for this problem is the lack of Linux kernel mode setting (KMS) support in Apple's EFI firmware, which is required for nVidia video drivers to function properly. Disabling KMS in the boot options of most distros actually causes the splash screen to show up, but then X (the graphical windowing system used to provide a desktop) can't start because KMS is disabled, and so you are dropped into the terminal with a bash shell. If you like command line Ubuntu, this is fine, you can just connect to the web via Ethernet (and even install WiFi drivers) and go, but for 90% of us, this is an inadequate solution." Have you, or anyone you know had success finding a solution to this problem? Thanks, cryptomule
  12. I'm new to the Pineapple but I love it so far. Just thought I'd share a process to get Internet Connection Sharing working in MAC OSX without having to make manual edits to the Pineapple as the Wiki states. This requires the Network Manager infusion be installed. Step 1: Connect MAC wifi to your Internet connected AP Step 2: Ensure to "Set Service Order" under the Network preferences, put the Wifi above the Ethernet Step 3: Also in Network prefs set the IP address of the Ethernet connection manually -, subnet is, router is blank, and DNS is Step 4: Plug the cat5 cable into the WAN/LAN port on the pineapple Step 5: Go to "Sharing" in System Prefs, in "Internet Sharing" set WiFi to Ethernet, check the box and hit start. ( this step will assign an IP address of to the WAN/LAN port, this is visible on the pineapple's Status page. ) Step 6: In the network manager infusion go to the ICS tab, set Share Internet From eth1 to wlan0 (or br-lan in some instances) then click save. The only thing unique with my setup is my Air doesn't have an NIC port so I'm using a USB to Ethernet adapter. It should be obvious but I used a different device connected to the pineapple AP to make changes while my Air was in use. You could use a different laptop and connect to the LAN/POE port but an iPad or tablet with wifi works just fine. Please let me know if this works for you. If it does maybe this can be added to the Wiki. Thanks, thesugarat
  13. Pineapple Hardware Version Mark IV Pineapple Software Version (ex: 2.5.0, 2.6.4): How do you tell without being able to connect to it? OS used to connect to the pineapple: OS X 10.8.2 2008 MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook5,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Memory: 4 GB Network layout of how your setup is connected (including IP information):>> Macbook is connected to Airport Timcapsule via wifi Macbook ip address Airport I am currently running Backtrack 5v3 and Windows 8 on parallels version 8. I have tried to connect via both the above softwares. I followed the instructions in the booklet that came with the pineapple. In the instructions for the windows 7 it states that you will see Pineapple facing adapter I do not see this in my list. I only have two option in my network adapters one is ethernet connections and one is the wifi connections. I do however see the pineapple listed in my wireless connections under wifi connections. I have tried to connect to but was not prompted for user id and password. Also when I plug the pineapple into the ethernet connection on the windows systems it shows it connected but again I cannot connect to it. In backtrack when I run the wget script I am able to download the software and install it. I can run wp4.sh and it asks me for the setup I hit all the defaults and am prompted to click the link to connect to the pineapple in a internet browser but that is far as I can get >> Pineapple Network []: Pineapple Netwrok []: Interface Between PC and Pineapple [eth0]: Interface between PC and Internet [wlan]: Internet Gateway []: IP address of Host PC []: IP address of Pineapple []; Internet - wlan0 Computer: Pineapple - eth0 SIOCDELRT: No such process<<< I am concerned about these two errors SIOCADDRT: No such device<<< When I try to connect to the link listed I get Firefox cannot establish connection Parallels current settings under the device> network >wi fi bridged Under virtual machine >configure >security> I did not choose isolate machine. I have read multiple post where people are saying they choose this option. I have taken it off and put it on. I have also tried to bridge multiple connections with no luck. I have been unsuccesful trying to communicate with the pineapple. When I establish a wif connection via windows I can see the wireless activity light. I have tried unpluggin the ethernet cable from the WLAN to the PPOE as well. I am pobably trying to set to many diverse settings at the same time. Internet Gateway where would I find this setting? Where would I find this information? Anyway any help would be appreciated. Justloud@hotmail.com
  14. Hey-Row HAK5... As I am sure you heard, Apple won it's patent dispute with Samsung... for now... apparently, Samsung is counter suing Apple for 4G LTE rights.... wow. What a bunch of crap. 0day software releases and Apple is worried about a stupid patent? "NO NO NO", says the Apple exec... "The SMS issue is being dealt with by the boys at the lab."... so the consumer remains vulnerable... ay ay ay... what are your opinions?
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