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  1. telot's post in Pineapple-flavored Turtle Soup - How To Guide was marked as the answer   
    Many thanks audibleblink! It was absolutely an extra whitespace in the command in /etc/config/autossh. Boom! Connects right away upon boot up. Thank you so much for your assistance!
  2. telot's post in Question about planting a Lan Turtle correctly was marked as the answer   
    The R-pi has a notoriously low amperage output on the (shared with the onboard ethernet) USB hub. Try plugging it into a proper (500ma - 2.1a) usb AC adapter (like the one that came with your smart phone) and see if you still see that behavior.
  3. telot's post in Lan Turtle not showing up on OS X El Capitan was marked as the answer   
    No prob Darren. To clarify, the device was visible to Virtualbox, and gave the option to pass it through to a VM. It wasn't visible to OSX's network preferences screen (so no option to set a static). I was however able to download the driver from realtek's site and get it working. This might inhibit a pentest against an el capitan victim, but for my own testing it works just dandy!
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