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  1. Long week. Must have gotten the date mixed up. Excuse me while I wipe the egg off of my face.
  2. Beginning of the second vid shows it plugged in to a new battery pack. I doubt it has an internal battery but maybe they have a new battery pack that will power it sufficiently (also the battery pack does not appear to be 5v based on the connector)
  3. hopefully it is released on the site shortly after the release party.
  4. Reboot clears it. But you're low on space because there isn't much to begin with (less than one meg I believe). This is why a flash drive is highly recommended.
  5. Scp localfile ipaddress:\path\filename
  6. I cannot seem to find where those fixes are done. Would you be willing to share what fixes you do?
  7. Alright, really strange for those that try this in the future: Running "opkg install sslstrip --dest usb" from the command line will NOT work. But if you run "exec opkg install sslstrip --dest usb" it installs and works perfectly. It works, and I do not know why. Is there a way of running exec to make it work without killing the script afterwards?
  8. As posted by someone else on page 5, that command for some reason does not install properly. It gives a bunch of twisted and zope-interface errors. I have reflashed to stock 3.0.0 and completely deleted everything on my USB. When installing sslstrip to usb using the command above (after updating opkg) it still errors out. Yet doing the install through the infusion causes it to work correctly. Are you downloading it first manually? Or possibly installing some of the other dependencies manually? Thanks for your help. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usb/usr/bin/sslstrip", line 27, in <module> from twisted.web import http File "/usb/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/twisted/__init__.py", line 22, in <module> raise ImportError("you need zope.interface installed " ImportError: you need zope.interface installed (http://zope.org/Products/ZopeInterface/)
  9. Depends on what you mean by "not recommended". If you're using the pineapple juice, then no it will not work properly. Problem is the pineapple juice does not provide enough power really to run the pineapple under full load with a peripheral anyway. If you bump up the power pack to something sufficient, then the sandisk works just fine.
  10. I edited the first post with installation instructions. That is how you install on 3.0.0. As for the infusion part, I do not know php and have too much going on right now to learn it ATM. If someone else wants to help tackle it I'm all for it, but I mostly did this as a side project. I didn't expect much demand for it
  11. $5 more gets you 4 more amp hours. Waiting for this one to arrive in the mail. Cannot wait. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005NGLTZQ/ref=ox_ya_os_product
  12. Hey guys, Version 1.2 is finally released. If you upgrade to this version you will need to be running fw 3.0.0 as code needed to be changed to make it work properly. Also the install process has changed. You no longer need to specify where you want Reaver installed; it will determine the location within the script. Just type "./reaver.sh -i" to install (after downloading the new version of course). Please let me know what you guys think. I will be releasing the cred harvesting add-on in a few days. I need to polish it up. - Updated code to run on FW 3.0.0 (WPS Button install, fw version check) - Removed the ability to cancel the code by pressing the WPS button again (needed to be removed for the add-on) - Added ability to blacklist certain ESSID/BSSIDs. If you create "/root/blacklist.txt" and add in the format "ESSID BSSID" (no spaces in ESSID) then it will bypass those networks - Modified install process to choose location within the script
  13. Since 3.0.0 I cannot seem to find a way to configure the WPS button without using the infusion. I'm trying to do it via a script but modifying /etc/pineapple/wpsScript.sh does not work. Anyone willing to steer me in the right direction?
  14. So I finally had a chance to upgrade to 3.0.0 and with a fresh install of Reaver I am not getting those errors. Try reinstalling Reaver/firmware and see if that resolves your issue. As for the script itself a couple of tweaks are needed to make it work properly but the core of it is still functional. I hope to release all the new code this weekend.
  15. Aireplay was installed stock on 2.8.1. That may have changed. I'll check it out. Wash is a part of the reaver install.
  16. I don't expect much to change. There should be a warning message that comes up as I coded the last version of the firmware in there. To remove that message just change the version number to match the current version. I should be able to have all the new code ready this weekend
  17. Yes. Started a new job and haven't had the time to dig in. Also have a MITM addon to it that will start sniffing creds when it cracks the network. Just need to update for 3.0 and polish it.
  18. Then wait until Thursday, see what the announcement is, and purchase then. Problem solved
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