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  1. has anyone else seen this? http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=58669 it's a pi version of the Wi-Fi pineapple
  2. bleh, thats the risk you take when using pretty much anything. thejester claims to of developed the new tool xerxes, if your wanting to learn about DOS/DDOS you may want to google that. There are tons of tutorials around the net teaching you about it.
  3. kali is overkill for the pi, unless im mistaken
  4. I was reading a thread about a user who was using kali installed on the pi paired up with the mark v and thought of an idea. Kali is really overkill for the pi and mark v, a better solution would be just pairing the mark v with an actual computer running kali that has enough power to effectively run what you want to do .... BUT a custom linux distro built specifically to be placed on the pi and to be ran with the Mark V ....
  5. Darren should do paid training videos / webinars/ gotomeeting for pentesting techniques, can even incorporate the pineapple. +1 if you are interested.
  6. I sorta disagree. You can learn by just jumping in the deep end. Installing arch can be a learning experience, so can playing around with kali. I would recommend the cli crash course if you are new to the terminal http://cli.learncodethehardway.org/book/ learning "linux" is a little subjective, as linux is really just the kernel.
  7. do you think it would be a new custom board or using the fon still?
  8. http://hak5.org/store/the-interceptor Wasn't the interceptor just a way to capture traffic while preforming a MITM shouldn't this be very easy to achieve with the pineapple? did the original interceptor only offer remittance of the captured data via vpn or wifi and no storage for later retrieval? im having a hard time getting what this device did .. it looks like it was only a wifi tap, no eth like the star tap or whatever they call it? did the device use jasager to trick the device into connecting to the "home" network?
  9. maybe i should rephrase that. im not sure how you would get the hardware to get the fw, the firmware im somewhat familiar with.
  10. holly crap look at the picture, it uses the same hardware http://www.reaversystems.com/ You would somehow need to flash the hardware with the reaver pro firmware .. which im not really sure how you would get.
  11. im wanting to use my just as a wireless card while using another usb wireless card. Since its over ethernet my connection doesnt really work right. Im trying to use one as my connection, and the usb wifi card in monitor mode but network manager keeps kicking me into one or the other.
  12. what did you do flash it with the original firmware ? or ... will dd wrt run on it?
  13. So, now that we have the mk5, the mk4 is being geared down (naturally), and karma is going to be updated/fixed for the mk5 ... what does everyone have planed for their mk4?
  14. maybe it is just me, but with the mk4, I used the AP on many different computers and was constantly having to chase down the internet setup script ... wp4.sh or whatever did anyone else have this headache? Seems like having the ability to have this script readily available or easily downloadable from the wp5 would be nice.
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