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  1. I don't understand it either. Basically, he's arguing that this should ping the heuristic of your antivirus, and therefore it should know when the real thing comes along. However, surely they already have signatures for this, and updates to their own heuristic engines. It doesn't make sense, and doesn't smell right. Feels like some elaborate social engineering attempt to download his modified exe, which is probably a virus itself and he wants to see if it's detected without submitting to virustotal (and therefore to the AV companies)
  2. Looks like a new release will be coming out soon, but even more exciting is the MITMf integration that is on the cards (Unless this is going to be in the next release!). MITMf will replace some of the infusions we have come to love and hate, and replace them with a one stop shop framework. This will hopefully solve some of the issues we were having running multiple infusions impacting the network. Now we will have the best of hardware and software MITM in one sweet pineapple! Some functionality may not make it due to being CPU intensive (FilePwn), regardless, this is going to be a giant leap!
  3. Hey Xcellerator, I reached out to Seb and Darren over on twitter and a new firmware should be coming out shortly (Also, MITMf integration appear to be on the horizon! This is epic news, it's well coded, and should remove the need for other infusions which weren't running well on the MKV. Not sure if it will land in the next release though!) Hope fully over the next week or so we should see a release. https://twitter.com/hak5darren/status/585168796739964928 https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/35021-new-firmware-coming-out-soon-and-mitmf-integration-on-the-cards/
  4. Looks great! Will give it a test! Meanwhile, leverage off this idea with more attacks and keep that ducky quacking! :)
  5. You need to change the link to http://www.fruitcovetech.com/updated-911_ap-sh-script-for-your-fakeap-pleasure-updated-for-kali/ vs http://www.fruitcovetech.com/updated-911_ap-sh-script-for-your-fakeap-pleasure-updated-for-kali/?preview=true&preview_id=87&preview_nonce=c9cccc612a This is because your original link has a preview argument. "You do not have permission to preview drafts."
  6. Alright. So your Bit Rate is similar as mine. Lets try this: 1) ssh into your pineapple and run the command "top". 2) Run PineAP and harvester like you were before and any other options you had running 3) Open another ssh session in a seperate window and run: bash -c 'while [ 0 ]; do iwconfig | grep "Bit Rate"; sleep 1; done' Im curious to see if your Bit Rate drops whilst running. Mine varies between 52 Mb/s to 72.2 Mb/s.. With just PineAp and harvester etc running, the browsing is seamless. As soon as I start ettercap/sslstrip, it gets sluggish then hangs. On a side note, after I stoppe
  7. Hey there! Can you post the info you see on the client mode page. Just to be sure as well, your AP and the pineapple are on seperate channels right?
  8. Interesting, did not know it got deleted due to a Spanish gag law. No idea what the gov thought they could achieve by doing so. "Cause the new gag law which criminalized the publication of 'offensive' security tools/techniques I have to delete this repository. You can find good forks on MITMf framework (https://github.com/byt3bl33d3r/MITMf) or MANA rogue AP (https://github.com/sensepost/mana)." On a side note, MITMf's dev is pretty active, and has plans for additional features (https://github.com/byt3bl33d3r/MITMf/issues) , and he also just did a presentation at Black Hat Asia. I posted a t
  9. Cooper! Damnit. Was trying to do some social engineering. I was going to post this: "This all doesn't sound right, and is very suspicious. Your post screams at me that you are a peadophile. I have never heard of such a horrendous situation as a step father and his friend kidnapping a girl from another mother "teaching some skills and don't lie to us". I dated girls when I was 6 and onwards. You know what we did? Held hands, laughed and watched TV oh the shock horror. If I heard my wives new partner kidnapped my girl, I would find you and show you what kidnapping is all about, you would beg m
  10. Hi Ken, This all depends on where you live. What country are you from? A city would be even better because some apps work alot better depending on this due to GPS programming for certain areas. Greetings, mw3demo
  11. Glad you are now up and running with your ducky! :)
  12. I think your problem is the missing delay at the beginning, as the usb is plugged in and needs to load drivers etc. Try adding "DELAY 3000" before "GUI r"
  13. Hey Seb, Hope you have been well. Thank you for the early Christmas Present! :) I was interested in seeing if a MITM proxy was capable of running on the pineapple. I came acroos the MITMf over at https://github.com/byt3bl33d3r/MITMf/ based on sergio-proxy, and the dev has been really active over the past month. I raised a ticket to see if the dev was interested in seeing if this could run on the MK V. Here is the link to the ticket with the devs replies: https://github.com/byt3bl33d3r/MITMf/issues/31 . I only just noticed you were already working on one which is great news. The MITMf dev see
  14. mw3demo

    Sensepost MANNA

    Hey Barney, Great job! As Cooper said, if it's giving you that sort of load on a laptop/desktop, it will probably be too heavy for the pineapple. Can you share your script and details of the setup?
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