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  1. PentesterAcademy are running a free series of videos for building your own wifi hacking gadget - the Widy! http://www.pentesteracademy.com/course?id=15 If you want to understand the basics of building a device and understanding how it works, this could be one for you.
  2. Haz3

    Sensepost MANNA

    Looks like I missed a great Defcon this year, including a presentation from Senseposts Dominic White and Ian de Villiers on their new Wireless attack toolkit - MANNA https://github.com/sensepost/mana It includes amongst other things: hostapd-manna - modified hostapd that implements new karma attacks and looks a lot like PineAP crackapd - a tool for offloading the cracking of EAP creds to an external tool and re-adding them to the hostapd EAP config (auto crack 'n add) sslstrip-hsts - Modified sslstrip Firelamb - captures and writes cookies to a firefox profile for easy use. I've only had a quick play with it, but there's some great ideas and I love the way the different attacks are rolled into a toolkit. Maybe some ideas here for future Pineapple development?
  3. Haz3


    Has anyone had a chance to play with this yet? http://www.sysvalue.com/en/heartbleed-cupid-wireless/ Exploitation of heartbleed vulnerable clients and AP's Has real possibilities if it could be weaponized...
  4. Hi, I bought the pineapple as an educational tool, so I'm looking at putting together some material to go with it. Has anyone seen any good resources or examples I could use when giving sessions on encryption, WPS, tracking of mobile devices, threat from MiTM? I came across these examples in the last week... European Parliament reports HACK ATTACK, turns off public Wi-Fi Online Hacking Victim Warns of Attack on Airline Miles Cheers.
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