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  1. Thanks a ton man, do you think there's a "DIY" type build for the PS4? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Edit: This line only, I'm going to keep looking but if you do find a way that's not to expensive you'll be well known by gamers & maybe haters of 'Advanced gamers' haha. But again Thank you for what you already posted, always been a great help to the community @ Mr-Protocol_______________________________________________________ <My idea's for example> To go on that may help somewhat: {Rapsberry Pi 2 B+} Or any Compute
  2. So i was wondering if anyone has tried this or knows how to? -------------------------------- PS4 Bluetooth Pass Through a Computer for the PS4 Controller for Custom 'Configs & Auto Commands' to send back to the PS4 System and looks as if it was the normal controller connected not the PC Bluetooth or, if plugged in the controller Bluetooth output to the PS4. PS: Sorry if this doesn't make sense to you, if you have questions on what i posted please reply and I'll answer the best i can. Thanks Also those who know me sorry i haven't been on in a long time.. Still using all m
  3. Thanks, i'll probably do that might as well since it has space for it. If i do i'll post pics for y'all.
  4. *Bump* Sorry... Just don't want to fry my Mark V you know or catch on fire. Would putting a heat sink on it help, i would think so, just can't have the case one, i guess i could 3d print one but don't really have time.
  5. It seems that my Mark V is running really hot. I have the case open for ventilation, well top part and powered it on to see if that helped but its at the Temperature without running infusions like active. What is the normal Temp it's suppose to be at and if it is running to hot why? Notes: Powered by 12v 2amps and tested at 9v 2amps. Same Temp basically.
  6. Fixed! ---- After so so many attempts to fix it I found the stupid problem. THE POWER! I thought i was using a 12v wall charger but i guess i picked out two of the same freaking voltage chargers which was 5v for a router, I guess i picked up the wrong one.. So i found a 12v 2amp wall charger and actually was the right amount it booted up! :D Even though it was all cut up the charger i fixed that and BAM it started working and i started feeling like a 100% Noob again -_- -------------- Sorry you guys that went through the time to try and solve my problem when i'm just stupid and didn't realiz
  7. Yeah possibly but i don't want to take it apart this one isn't my modded one and by taking apart i mean looking at the internal of the dip switch box. Haha yeah took me a while to figure out on the Arduino but i did it back then i just have to reconfigure it again and look up again how to use it without a full on brick that's non recoverable. But i'm going home and seeing if i can find my older one of the same model, don't really need two at the moment but would be really nice plus it was $100 so yeah haha
  8. No i haven't i don't have one, last time i used one i had to use a Arduino uno as one to fix my super old Mark IV I wonder if there's a short somewhere, because it does let me boot in the Un-Brick mode
  9. Tried that, it didn't work.. But thank you for your suggestion on the problem.:)
  10. So my Mark V isn't booting, haven't used it in forever i used my older Mark V a while back but this one which is newer I think it has hardware issues.. Problems: Boots up the LED's Green, Yellow flashes, Red shows when first plugged in than it goes to LED's Green, Red 1 or 2 seconds later the LED's Green, Blue flashes than i guess 30s or less it reboots and starts all over again. - I hear a buzzing noise near the antenna adapters are, I don't have the antennas plugged in nor usb's but a 12v 1amp. - The last time i used it worked but then after a few months i turn it back on and now it doe
  11. Haha, nice one Foxtrot. Good hearing from you also! People can't survive without me, i've been here the whole time Lol -------- Sorry guys I had a noob moment and posted in the wrong section.. 'To many pills makes me be a zombie' Yes I'm proscribed to take them btw. But they fixed it and not yelled at me, thank you! :D
  12. I've been insanely busy and been having health issues.. Plus i kind got bored with the Pineapple i've had mine since the Mark IV to the Mark V all together i own three two are Mark V's but after non stop using it for over a year back then doing coding and so on and helping the community which i didn't mind at all but it was like a Video Game so to speak i got addicted to it haha. But i'm back now! Don't know for how long but yup, feel free to PM me or reply on the post. And sorry all you guys 'also girls i know they are on here as well lol' but for leaving so long and if i missed your questio
  13. Well thanks guys! I'll be posting my server with two Pineapples Mark V in it later it's in a FiveStar Binder with a home Modem and even room for a Raspberry Pi with 3 Anker batteries two are 14,400mAH. and i also have like 4 Alfa's in there and the antenna's are to many. But its freaking amazing looking and fits just right. High speed internet for yourself and hacking everything around you. Its made for the Razer tablet vm kali with a 4 port 3.0 built inside the binder so there's one cord comming out that's 3.0 and the Pineapple's and Modem Ethernet's have usb 3.0 adapters attached. But I'll
  14. I'm going to be researching and going to try and code a OpenVPN infusion and make one that supports python. I don't have a lot of time on my hands that's why y'all haven't seen me lately but this would be a simple and powerful infusion for everyone. So if anyone else is interested post your findings and opinions. And if anyone wants to take over. Mr, Gray.
  15. Tor is crap in my opinion, OpenVPN would be much greater for everyone on here.
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