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  1. This is great feedback I really appreciate it. My books are in, I also bought an online tutorial on bash so watching that as well. I feel like the CPT kind of prepped me for this in way. I spent about 2 months watching labs and then replicating. If you see my post on the site, its not me hacking anymore, its me testing my labs on my company network. I was also told to elect the 90 days to take the exam, not to rush, I just hope my lack in lnux cmds doesnt hold me back
  2. Hey guys, A few months ago, I decided to branch my IT career off into the world of IT security and made a decision to start with the CEH course which included the CPT certification as a bonus. I found the CEH course material to be interesting but even more interesting was the hands on labs for the CPT cert. The CPT practical exam was a little challenging since my experience with Linux OS is limited and i realized if this is the route I'm taking, I need to up my game in Linux. Although the CEH material overall entertaining, the exam was disappointing. Neverless, I passed both. I've made a commitment and ordered some books to learn bash, python and some advanced Linux commands for my upcoming quest, the OSCP. My question is, have any of you taken this practical exam and what's your feedback on it? I've seen some job posting acknowledge it, so don't mention it, so trying to feel it out. I've heard is 30 days of lecture and then a 24 hr windows to compromise the network, sounds fun! Thanks for the feedback
  3. HaHa I like the suggestion Vailixi, thats one way to go around it. I mean you dont want to use a static IP that points to you as the owner of that action. I was questioning on a surfing level not much locally.
  4. Correct, I understand on that portion about a one to one NAT. I wanted to see if there was a way around using a black hat method. What method would they take and how do I secure it?
  5. Let me clarify, if port 80 is open this allows all internal clients to retrieve www. How can I specialize this packet to direct to a certain internal client?
  6. okay and if you used a higher port than the 1024 normal ports, would that work? If I use port 80 or 443 which is open, that's basic web traffic how would I point to that internal IP on port 80?
  7. I have 80,443 on the firewall but the listening port on the nc is 31337.
  8. Im trying to master the art of firewalking on a network I manage ( work at), with that said I understand fire-walking can reach past the FireWall with a TTL of 1. I have placed a client one hop away from the core firewall in hopes of using a firewalking cmd to reach that nc client on the port I assigned. Most of the videos onlne show, LAN to LAN nc conenctions, which is great but I think if we were comprised, the attack would be remote. My tools, Kali 1.0, Sonicwall FW and good ole Netcat.
  9. I ran the above commands, everything is update to date but when I try to armtiage, I receive the error java,lang.runtime.exception connection refused Also Is the response time of the OS slow for anyone else? I have two different laptops both fresh installs and the lag time is pretty noticeable.
  10. I'm having issues on the Kali provided VM image along with the clean install i did mae in VM. Armtiage will not load on either and Ive ran the above get-apt cmds. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. Whats your preferred Proxy?
  12. I'm assuming Kali has driver issues with the DELL laptop Im using which is a 3440 latittude
  13. I've on my 3rd reinstall on Kali on my laptop, and all im getting is a flashing prompt. GRUB not accessible?
  14. interesting, downloaded ISO, install reboot and get a flashing cursor, trying VMware version now
  15. I'm using msfconsole, an IIS 6 server has WebDev enabled, but when I only get the following results. Does this mean no folders are avaiable? msf auxiliary(dir_webdav_unicode_bypass) > run [*] Scanned 1 of 1 hosts (100% complete) [*] Auxiliary module execution completed msf auxiliary(dir_webdav_unicode_bypass) >
  16. I'm 50% , come on come on
  17. Favorite game: COD Favorite OS: Kali Favorite console: Xbox one Nationality: American Sex: Male Age: 30-35 Race: White American Height: 6'0 Status: M Favorite band: D: Djs Favorite book: N/A Favorite author: read too my tech stuff Favorite movie: Tron Favorite TV Show: Hacked Favorite actor: Arnold Favorite Comedian: Carry Other hobbies: NA Car: Vette Occupation: BTD
  18. After 7th show, its getting a little weird, lots of man on man stuff and now he chokes a mans wife. I was hoping he was the dark horse in this show.
  19. Anyone else experiencing slow download speeds from Kali.org? I want 2.0!
  20. Ravenrx7


    Where is this tool these days?
  21. Noisy.. hahaha buddy, the system is comprised. And yes it worked, not out of the box either, maybe you look into it.
  22. It was a lab, the basic under standing and methodology of older code. It's been solved and exploited.
  23. its actually the mremap.c exploit I found the OS to be vulnerable , OS outputs exploitable " YES" MMA - #65525 0x50bf5000 -0x50bf6000
  24. Any help is appreciated! I've research some information on the error but im not understanding http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2005/Jan/304
  25. Great, I just saw it looks like this post needs to be under mods or exploits. Admins can this be moved, or I need to recreate?
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