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  1. So definitely a work in progress :} but it has great potential. The blinking is definitely confusing. I stumbled into a way to reliably get sshd up on WiFi which doesn't follow the docs (although my WIFI_CONNECT config file was taken from the docs): - plug in owl let it boot (dont press button) - plug in usb drive with /payload/extensions/WIFI_CONNECT - press button - wait at least 30 seconds (sometimes only takes 5) (edit: oh! Totally missed Darren's payload: https://github.com/hak5/owl-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library/wifi/WiFi-Connect - I just put the single WIFI_CONNECT file on the usb. Now I see why y'all talking about .txt files :)
  2. d0nw4n

    Nmap log trouble

    Found the fix for /etc/turtle/modules/nmap-scan : a default putty window is 80x24 which requires the dialog --dselect option to use a height of 14 or less (not 18). The dialog program errors off if it can't create the window (tried -1 but it doesn't work). Height and width are at the end of line 162 (and you can delete the second --title too). Neither the nmap-scan profile nor the log file UI screens will show you your previously selected and saved values: dialog --dselect doesn't take a default value, and dialog --radiolist needs a bunch more fancy shell script work.
  3. My name is Duane. Favourite game: still looking for one - at one time or another have been hooked on Eve, Wow, Chess ... Favourite OS: obsd Nationality: Canadian Accent: well, missouri drove the 'eh' out a while back Sex: Male Yob: 1960 (can you do the math? :) Race: seriously, is this still a thing? Height: average Status: either I'm not worthy or no one else is (so far ;) Build: best health ever Favourite band: Ozric Tentacles Favourite book: I remember reading ... long ago Favourite movie: Contact (ambiguous - but the journey is all) Favourite director: clearly not abrams the abomination Favourite Comedian: Jon Stewart Other hobbies: latin social dancing Car: Prius C Occupation: software
  4. d0nw4n

    Nmap log trouble

    Found a different workaround, exit and type: # uci set nmap.log="/sshfs" # uci set nmap.profile="10" # uci commit Then the script will run and log to the remote fs. (no trailing slash needed here, and choose whatever profile you want ;)
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