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  1. Hi all, I did post a new thread but did not see this bot so sorry about that :) as you prob have guessed am new here so be gentle lol. AM not really into hacking or security but do find aspects of it interesting. AM more into Gaming Mods and making some funky stuff. Anything from doom to GTA to some Quake and DUke lol pretty much anything out there that you wouldnt normally think of. well thats about it really any one else doing the same and wants to sample each other work let me know KAtie
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    Hey Hey Hak5

    Hi everyone, Am new here, have a few friends that are hak5 fans and got wrapped up in watching a few interesting shows so decided to sign up myself. AM not to much security or hacking focused but do make some funky gaming Mods for fun. Have made a cool Doom Mod with some funny skins and areas, done a few minecraft Mods for a few friends kids, starting a GTA mod soon also for the PC........ so yeah thats about it. I mean the games itself are not that big maybe a few levels or challenges but i like to think its done very well lol. Anyways was good saying hi....... anyone else into modding or sharing work let me know :) Katie
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