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Hello, world!
I'm goodTimes, I have been fascinated with computers and hacking for a long time, but always felt it was above my paygrade. Then a whole bunch of shenanigans aligned and I ended up winning a WiFi Pineapple MKVII at DEFCON. This inspired me  I decided to get my head out of my ass and start learning.

I love using the MKVII to illustrate to friends the importance of good security.

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Favourite game: Pong

Favourite OS: DOS

Favourite console: Intellivision

Nationality: Aussie

Accent: Coast

Sex: Male

Age: 37

Race: Scandi

Height: 6"

Status: On Market

Build: Extreme

Favourite band: 2216MHz

Favourite book: Without Remorse

Favourite author: Tom Clancy

Favourite movie: Hackers

Favourite director: Darren Kitchen

Favourite TV Show: MR Robot

Favourite actor: Chuck Norris

Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Pinup: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Comedian: Donald Trump

Other hobbies: Chicks that click

Car: Nissan

Occupation: H4K3R

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Hi, I'm 9o3. 
I am a Solution Architect, Bug bounty hunter, programmer, and most of all a cyber security enthusiast. I love finding edge cases and finding ways to make machines do things they aren't supposed to.

I look forward to getting to know all of you 🙂

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Hello everyone. My name is Austin, and my name AgtShadow comes from a mix of my YouTube Channel, Shadow Gaming, and my Kali Linux username, agtshadow

I am a husband and father of two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, and my wife and I have been together for ten years this September 14th and married for 4 of them. 

I am a Frontend Web Designer & Developer. Used to be a truck driver and then a local truck driver here in Fresno, CA, but by the time I turned 27 or so, I decided I could no longer be a truck driver. 

I began truck driving to support my wife and children and afford our property taxes and bills after selling the property I inherited when I was 18 years old to have a home with no mortgage and raise our children safely without too many issues. 

I managed to support my family through YouTube / Google AdSense Revenue and Financial Aid from my college. At the same time, I attended and received my Certificate in Web Design & Associate Degree in Web Design / Information Systems. 

I currently work at my college in two departments, IT & Web Design/Marketing. I love it here and really enjoy helping the students and all my coworkers are lovely people, and the college is near our home. Hence, our lives circle around in this good suburb of Fresno, CA, and I have never been happier in my life, minus a few significant issues going on right now. 
For pentesting, I got into Linux virtual machines shortly after experimenting with Node.js / Vue.js and eventually React.js frameworks and more like Git Bash, etc. 

I then tried Windows Terminal and loved it, then tried VMware Workstation Pro 15 at the time and absolutely fell in love with Kali Linux in particular as my first attempt at learning the Linux Environment. I know I should have tried Ubuntu or something else). 

Still, it worked out regardless, as I am about 10 months into learning pentesting. I now have my Bash Bunny Mark II, Panda PAU06 WiFi Adapter for Monitor Mode / Wireless Pentesting. I am just here to keep learning more and more as a passion of mine. I want to contribute to this community and the cybersecurity community to make the online world safer as we become so reliant on online use every day of our lives. 


Here are some links to possibly understand me a little better or follow me if you are interested. I plan on making some videos on my channel regarding the Bash Bunny and Pentesting once I get better at it and am able to write my own payload. 

YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/c/ShadowGaming99


Main Websitehttps://www.shadowgaming.network/

Please give me feedback on anything I share or converse with everyone about. I am here to learn and use that knowledge to help people and need constructive criticism and help from time to time. 

Thank you all for reading this and thank you to @Darren Kitchenand everyone at Hak5 for what you do. 


Austin / Shadow Gaming / AgtShadow / root@agtshadow

Shadow Gaming™

BB in work laptop.jpg

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Hello all, I go by Cryptonic. I just made that shit up yesterday when I signed up here cause it sounded cool and it actually is fitting for my personality. (Of obscure or unknown origin. Used of diseases. Of uncertain origin, either introduced or native to its area).

I'm self taught and not a pro by any means at HTML and CSS. I have dabbled in searchable databases a little in my former Physical Security Job as I did maintain and build onto our web based applications for daily job duties, and updated our departments internet website for other associates within the company to visit for various needs. I am just dipping my toes into cyber security, coding, and programing. I have worked with Micro Controllers a bit as well.

My main background is in RF, I have been part of the radio hobby for over 30 years holding 3 licenses issued by the FCC that combined give me authorization to use radio frequencies from as low as 3MHz to well above 273GHz. I am also an engineer in the RF field and most recently I have been designing Coaxial, and Fiber cable television and internet networks for most of the largest cable tv providers in the US.

Glad to be part of the community and looking forward to learning more.

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Hey Fellas! I'm stricken with Gout! I've been searching for a Cybersecurity/Hack forum for a while that isn't straight criminals... prior to stumbling upon this one i honestly didn't even believe there was any. well I just got here but it seems there is at least one! I figure it might be somewhere I can find somebody who takes a similar interest in things I do. I live in a horrible small town that consists of nothing but drunk fighting rednecks the majority of them if you where to mention something about computing you get a " What the fuck is the internet?" answer! so needless I don't have many people to talk with about my career aspirations. I going to be attending the university and have spent every bit of my free time studying and thinking of different things I can learn towards all of IT! this weekend I've trying to learn how to use the developer tools in the browser and steady research device hardening. glad I may have found WhiteHats!!

Favorite game: SILENT HILL!  Metal Gear Solid, and Fallout

Favorite OS: Linux hard to say exact I like Arch and Debian also LFS

Favorite console: console? PlayStation... probably do well with a high power PC also.

Nationality: Planet Scumdog

Sex: Male

Age: getting into my 30's

Race: America? FUCK YEAH! comin again to save the motherfuckin day YEAH!

Height: 9 foot

Status: I married a prostitute so Divorced...

Favorite band: I like all genres of music but FUCKIN SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite book: there's so many... The Dark Tower Series, the bible

Favorite author: OMG are you Stephen King? no I'm Dean Koontz!

Favorite movie: Wolf of Wall street and Alien!

Favorite TV Show: Always Sunny, Family Guy, British TopGear!

Favorite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph waltz, and others

Favorite Comedian: Anthony Jeselnik hands down!

Other hobbies: Off-Roading, hiking, meditation, I try to get laid, but ha!

Car: A Runner what else? I off road... when I finish school I'm getting an M series "Why don't you ask my M if it thinks I'm nerdy!"

Occupation: I've only worked Manufacturing so far... It will be Cybersecurity position!

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   You can all call me Wardcroft. Not that it's my real name, but it'll do. I've been into computers since the early 1980s. I've done a little bit of everything when it comes to IT work, but lately I've been sliding deeper and deeper into cyber security and here I am now.

My strengths are in intelligence gathering / OSINT and social engineering.

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Hi, Im hesitiate to tell me name, but all you need to know is that I love movies like the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter franchise. My pet peeve in film, however, is how the Marvel movies seem to be rehashed but with a different code of paint. I dont know oh and I also love to mine cryptocurrency lol 

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Hi, my name is Lou and I'm new to this and I have little to no experience with html, xml etc. I just ordered a shark and I'm trying to learn so if there anyone who would love to help me, I would really appreciate it! Thank you! I'm a United States Veterans mixed I'm half Spanish/African American I love our country I'm retired now at the age of 43. I have over 18years of federal government experience. I'm here to learn as much as I can I have a hacker or hackers that been on my trail since 2017ish back in 2019 a hacker stole 5,000.00 from me and i want to learn ethical hacking so this doesnt happen to other veterans or other people. I think these bad hackers think its ok to steal from hard working people I want to learn thank you  

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Hi all 🙂

First, i  think its a fate-sign to post on site "42"...

Location mobile:0,0

Location of birth:Germany


Build virtual worlds to live in | SEO | BinaryWorlds | DOS is King | 0,3:0,7| ICs | Part of dev.BTX ...some years bevor the web goes puplic...

First PC:C64

First IC:7400

First Console:g7000


Games:ARMA,WOT, Since 2013 DayZ, Since 2019 DayZ on Xbox near on reality.

Mobile Device:Nethunter

Other small things:nfc,raspi,8266,tl-wr710N




->if i can help, i help | all of us or none<-

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I go by Babyshark (Maury) and I'm completely new to anything other then googling random information or where there is to eat close to me.

Favorite Game: Picman

Favorite OS: Windows (cause its all I've used but at the same time I hate windows)

Favorite Console: Xbox

Nationality: American

Accent: American?

Sex: Male

Age: 25-35

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'6"

Build: Average

Status: Classic American (blue collar job, family, house, dogs etc)

Favorite Band: Buckcherry

Favorite Book: ..... thriller/action themed

Favorite Author: no specific one person

Favorite Movie: Moana currently

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite Actor: Paul Walker

Favorite Actress: ....... no comment

Favorite Comedian: I don't discriminate

Other Hobbies: dirtbikes, cars, motorcycles (Basically anything with an engine), flying (getting a pilots liscense), spending time with my Daughter

Car: 98 civic, 02 WRX, 19 Tacoma, 12 Ninja 1000

Occupation: Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic

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