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My name is Rob a.k.a Capsos

Favourite game: Retro Sonic
Favourite OS: Linux (No Favourite as of yet)
Favourite console: Xbox
Nationality: British
Accent: English (southern) 
Sex: Male 
Race: White European 
Height: 5"9.
Build: Average
Favourite band: The Foo Fighters
Favourite TV Show: Scorpion / IZombie
Favourite actor: Tom Hanks
Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favourite Pinup: Jessica Nigri
Other hobbies: Running, Hiking
Car: Volvo Focus 
Occupation: Engineer

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Nathan a.k.a theCucKo0

Favourite game: Unreal Tournament 
Favourite OS: They all serve a purpose
Favourite console: None
Nationality: Candian
Accent: Depends on what needs to be social engineered :P 
Sex: Male 
Race: White European 
Height: 6'1"
Build: Big Dutch Build
Favourite band: Tool
Favourite TV Show: None
Favourite actor: None
Favourite actress: None
Favourite Pinup: Angela Jolie (from hackers)
Other hobbies: Ingress, reading, yoga
Car: Nissan Ultima
Occupation: Manager in technology field

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On 1/6/2018 at 3:52 PM, Sir Haxalot said:

Middle aged, curious, dedicated and fun.

Occuparion:  lic. General contractor, electrician, plumber.  Autocad LT draftsman / architect

Skills:  Brilliant pianist.  Not so brilliant coder, Yellow belt hacker. [=<ninja] 

Interested mostly in OPSEC and social engineering tactics and strategies.  "Ghost in, get loot, Ghost out).  " I have a certain set of skills" with regard to real world mission planning for "social engineering" engagements.

I'd like to put together a set of OPSEC protocols for every hacker / privacy minded user to use that includes software, hardware and most importantly behavioural modification tactics to insure complete anonymity and null footprint excursions beyond your NIC and back again.  


I have my room booked at Caesars palace for Defcon 26. It will be my first.  No I'm not a Fed.

Hacking accomplishments:  please don't pee yourself laughing at this list.

1.  Set up blank laptop to run persistent Kali live from USB, with encrypted external drive.

2.  Set up and destroyed many VMs. Using the win 10 pro vm manager thingy.  Still confused on virtual networking. 

3.  I understand and use at least 4 Unix commands. (FnNoob)

4.  Have stared at endless captcha pages using For.

5.  Found lots of scary shit and lame ass scams  on Tor  hidden services.

So, yeah.  Hack on! 






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Marcus a.k.a DestroyerOfNothing

Favourite game: Watch dogs 1 and 2

Favourite OS: Kali/Debian, Backbox/Ubuntu (for the time being)

Favourite Console: Xbox One

Nationality: Danish

Sex: Male

Race: White European

Height: 1.86 m (6' 1")

Favourite tv show: mr robot

Other Hobbies: Martial arts, gaming and balisong flipping.

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My name is Eyebot duraframe subject E

Favourite game: FNV

Favourite OS: Jewbuntu 

Favourite console: GBC

Nationality: Leprechaun 

Sex: Robot

Age: 276

Race: Enclave

Height: However high I wanna be

Status: Following a freak in a boiler suit

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I guess I should post here now that I've been here for a little while.

Favorite game: entire Dark Souls series
Favorite OS: Despite its flaws, I really do like Windows for daily use. I use Kali a lot, but Peppermint Linux is the only Linux that matters
Favorite console: Nintendo Switch
Nationality: half Cuban, half European, born and raised in America
Favourite band: Nine Inch Nails or Gorillaz
Other hobbies: amateur HAM radio operator, wardriver, climbing/hiking/biking

Occupation: definitely not a FED

Other random facts:

  • I am Fluent in English and Spanish, can read Japanese, Russian, and a bit of Chinese.
  • Last summer my friends and I spend two months hiking across the diameter of Spain, from Pamplona to Fistera, and it seems that all the WiFi in the entire country is insecure for the most part. It's like all the data packets collectively get drunk and tend to just stumble into your house by mistake
  • The Pokemon Go fad was great because I could wardrive all over the place and if anyone questioned what I was doing I could just say Pokemon Go, even though there were WiFi radios poking out of my bags, and it was suddenly socially acceptable!
  • I unironically plan to replace my legs with bionic prosthetics the moment they begin to fail me. Possibly my arms as well, not as sure about those though. I'm gonna keep running till the day I die, baby. Maybe I can even program them to automatically walk my corpse to the grave, that would be fun.
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Name  is Bigbiz (KYLE)

Os Blackarch linux (Kali too)

Console  gaming ps4-ps3-ps2 also own laptop

Nationality Canadian eh!

Sex male

Age 34

Fav movie total recalll (new one with Jessica Biel)

Tv Mr.Robot own on dvd

Car 2006 Ford Focus zx3 

Work Security

Fav band CombiChrist

Hobbies - you know 

Hack the planet


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Name : Hi 

Favourite game: hangman

Favourite OS: kali

Nationality: world

Sex: male

Age: 01101001 01100100 01101011

Race: translucent

Height: ¿

Status: placeholder

Build: energy

Favourite band: nortt

Favourite book: snow crash ( questionable ) 

Favourite author: edgar allan poe 

Favourite movie: logan’s run

Favourite director: dan curtis

Other hobbies: design_sound_web_image_video_3d_grey_area_transhumanism

Occupation: corporate tech world ?

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My name is Adonis (AE3erdion

Favourite game: n/a

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: nes

Nationality: US/Cuba

Accent: Generic (nobody seems to complain)

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: White American

Height: 5â€11’

Status: Married 

Build: Average folk

Favourite band: Anything from the 70'

Favourite book: n/a

Favourite author: most sci-fi classics

Favourite movie: n/a

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: n/a

Favourite actor: n/a

Favourite actress: n/a

Favourite Pinup: n/a

Favourite Comedian: n/a

Other hobbies: running my business, learning everything I can

Car: 2015 elentra

Occupation: anything that make money

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I´m trying to find a good pseudonym

Favourite game: Watch_Dogs 2/Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Favourite OS: Parrot/Kali

Favourite console: Xbox one

Nationality: Slovak

Sex: Male

Race: White European

Height: 173 cm

Hobbies: newbie hacker i guess, muay thai, balisong, elctronics, robotics, parkour, graffiti, music(mostly bass house)...

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Hey, my name is Jérôme aka Cerebrussaxon

Favourite game: Morrowind

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: PS4

Nationality: Belgium

Accent: German

Sex: Male

Age: Old Enough

Race: White European

Height: 1,86 m

Status: in a relationship

Build: Who cares

Favourite band: Santana

Favourite book: The Magcians ( Die Zauberer)

Favourite author: Michael Peinkoefer

Favourite movie: Matrix

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who

Other hobbies: Gaming, Ingress, ...

Car: None

Occupation: Currently None

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My name is Drew aka Mitsuki

Before I get into the boring stuff about me and become narcissistic with my answers.  I look forward to learning from all of my fellow forum brothers and sisters! Thank all of you in advance!!

Favorite game: Elder Scrolls

Favorite OS: Linux Distros

Favorite console: Modified Handheld Systems.  From a modded PSP to handmade gaming systems. Ex. retro-pi's but with my own twist. And of course making pocket sized terminals.

Nationality: US

Accent: East Coast

Sex: Male

Race: White American

Height: 6'1"

Status: Married

Build: If only!

Favourite band: Music is a passion of mine.  I don't really have a favorite band, however I love Blues, Rock, Metal, Classical, Bachata, and the list goes on and on.

Favourite book: The Divine Comedy

Favourite author: Poe

Favourite movie: Interview With a Vampire

Favourite director: Where do I begin??

Favourite TV Shows: Rick and Morty, Supernatural, Arrow

Favourite actor: Anthony Hopkins

Other hobbies: Revamping old pcs, building open source projects on handmade-handhelds, i.e. remote terminals.

Car: Uber/Lyft

Occupation: Systems Administrator for LSP.

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My name is Mike aka GrineUlf

Favourite game: No idea, I don't game anymore. But it used to be the Dune series ?
Favourite OS: Ubuntu
Favourite console: Don't have one
Nationality: Dutch
Accent: Generic
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Race: White European
Height: 1m86
Status: Online
Build: Normal / Athletic
Favourite band: Wardruna
Favourite book: Dune by Frank Herbert
Favourite author: Frank Herbert
Favourite movie: Dune
Favourite director: ...I dunno, not really a favorite.
Favourite TV Show: Stargate SG-1
Favourite actor: Robert deNiro
Favourite actress: Amanda Tapping
Favourite Pinup: Amanda Tapping
Favourite Comedian: George Carlin
Other hobbies: Live action roleplay, re-enactment, hiking, leather crafting, blacksmithing
Car: None
Occupation: Ethical Hacker

Edited by GrineUlf
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My name is klaus,

Favourite game: DAoC ?
Favourite OS: Ubuntu
Favourite console:n/a
Nationality: Germany/Bavaria
Accent: Bavarian ?
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Race: White European
Height: 1m80
Status: married
Build: Normal / age-appropriate
Favourite band: Nightwish, 80er Rock, bon jovi etc
Favourite TV Show: Scifi
Other hobbies: hiking, my family, photography
Car: 520d
Occupation: Ethical Hacker

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My name is El Jolie

Favourite game: Tetris

Favourite console: none

Nationality: US

Accent: American

Sex: Girl

Age: 23

Race: never done

Height: 5.5''

Status: single

Build: Just perfect.

Favourite author: Orwell

Favourite movie: Jumanji

Favourite director: never thought of this

Favourite TV Show: Arrow

Favourite actor: Chris Pratt

Favourite singer: Taylor Swift 

Favourite Actress: Scarlett Johansson

Favourite Comedian: Peter kay

Other hobbies: Modeling, photography

Occupation: Designer

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My name is piotr

Favourite game: farcry 5

Favourite console: ps4

Nationality: pl

Accent: polish

Sex: male

Age: 40

Race: never done

Height: 5.5''

Status: single

Build: Just perfect.

Favourite author: Orwell

Favourite movie: Schindler List

Favourite director: never thought of this

Favourite TV Show: none

Favourite actor: Chevy Chase

Favourite singer: Taylor Swift 

Favourite Actress: Scarlett Johansson

Favourite Comedian: Peter kay

Other hobbies:  photography

Occupation: engineer

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My name is James Paker

Favourite game: Dota 2, Spiderman

Favourite OS: Windows

Favourite console: PS

Nationality: UK.

Sex: Male.

Birth date: 15. 40. 88

Height: 5'6".

Status: Single.

Favourite Book: Game of Thrones

Favourite director:  James Cameron

Favourite TV Show: TWD, GOT

Favourite actor: Christian Bale

Favourite actress: Gal Gadot 

Other hobbies: Pool, Games

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My name is Nik

Favourite game: zelda ocorina of time. All them(besides the side scrolling one on snes)
Favourite OS: still looking
Favourite console: Dreamcast
Nationality: American idiot
Sex: Male 
Race: White 
Favourite band: Korn
Favourite book: the illuminatus triligy
Favourite author: douglas adams
Favourite movie: montey python hunt the holy grail
Favourite director: Kevin Smith 
Favourite TV Show: southpark
Favourite actor: dude who played Kramer. Before he was kramer
Favourite actress: tiania lyn
Favourite Pinup: betty boob
Favourite Comedian: donald trump
Other hobbies: ESO
Car: toyota rv
Occupation: bum

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Name: Tibo 

Favourite game: steam says either Skyrim or Fallout 4
Favourite OS: Arch
Favourite console: Since i only have an XBOX... 
Nationality: Rich (Swiss)
Accent: Even Richer (Dialect of Zürich)
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Race: Breton-Nord
Height: To small to become a super model => Occupation
Build: Too many tasty beers to becom a super model.
Favourite music: Irish republican folk, proper metal.
Favourite book: I'm a simple guy, as long as it dystopic or hard sci-fi, i probably like it.
Currently reading: QualityLand by Marc-Uwe Kling. Funny as hell dystopic sci-fi, the guy read some parts at a CCC Congress once. 
Other hobbies: Photography, Hiking, riding my way to good MTB
Occupation: PCB designer, electronics engineer.

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My name is Dallas a.k.a 0rion 

Favourite game: i don't play games i'm 100% serious 60% of the time, 007 golden eye
Favourite OS: Debian 
Favourite console: Raspberry Pi 3 N64 
Accent: Canadian 
Sex: Male 
Race: Earthling 
Height: 5"8'
Build: Muscular 
Favourite band: April Wine 
Favourite book: currently : The Charisma Myth
Favourite author: Rhonda Byrnes. 
Favourite movie: Fight club 
Favourite director: Kevin Smith 
Favourite TV Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Favourite actor: Edward Norton 
Favourite actress: Jennifer Garner
Favourite Pinup: Jennifer Lawrence 
Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook
Other hobbies: Running, Mountain biking, diving, climbing and shooting (range/ clay pigeon). 
Car: Ford F-150 Lariat 
Occupation: Single Dad

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My name is Mike a.k.a Sconos

Favourite game: Have not played in years, when I was playing, MMORPG, Asheron's Call (before WOTC)
Favourite OS: Centos, but coming to appreciate Debian
Favourite console: none
Nationality: American
Accent: Boston ... hahvad yaad!
Sex: Male
Race: Human Being
Height: 6"1'
Build: Average
Favourite band: 70's, Zepplin,
Favourite book: SciFi - Anything by Heinlien
Favourite author: Heinlien, Asimov
Favourite movie: In the past - any John Wayne, lately Guardian's  
Favourite director: don't care
Favourite TV Show: SNL
Favourite actor: John Wayne, Matt Damon
Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favourite Pinup: Wendy Whoppers
Favourite Comedian: Lewis Black, George Carlin
Other hobbies: 60's Era Mucle Cars, family,
Car: Weekdays, Ford F150, weekends, 66 Mustang
Occupation: general geek

Hello World!!!

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My name is Sigk1ll17

Favourite game: *hard question…* but currently Duke Nukem World Tour and looking forward to dropping some more time in RDR2

Favourite OS: Kali Linux

Favourite console: Playstation 2

Nationality: US

Accent: Technerd

Sex: Male

Age: Older than the modern internet!

Race: White American

Height: 5’11

Status: Booting up

Build: Nerd

Favourite band: The Prodigy

Favourite book: The Hacker Playbook 3

Favourite author: Too many to think of just one right now

Favourite movie: Evil Dead 2/Hackers/Pulp Fiction

Favourite director:  Tarantino among quite a few

Other hobbies: Playing inside Kali Linux, collecting Pcaps

Car: 2011 Nissan Rogue

Occupation: Cyber Security Instructional Design

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