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  1. New here. Thought I'd check in. Currently a Web Designer specializing in WordPress. have recovered or repaired a crap load of hacked websites over the years. Interested in Pen Testing, Wifi Auditing and anything else I can break to see how it's all done. Sorry, don't have anything cleaver to say. Favorite game: Watchdogs (but it's really the old Defender and Stargate arcade games) Favorite OS: Hasn't been invented yet Favorite console: XBOX One Nationality: American Accent: A few distinguished grey hairs Sex: Yes please Age: Getting up there. Race: I used to run the 400M and 800M in high school Height: Just right Status: Veteran Build: I will crush you. Favorite band: New Order Favorite book: Anything by Theodor Geisel Favorite author: Theodor Geisel Favorite movie: Tombstone Favorite director: Tarantino Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Black Mirror, Dr. Who, Master of None, Difficult People, | Reruns of Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, I Love Lucy, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, M.A.S.H Favorite actor: Tom Hanks
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