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  1. The steps I performed. I think I might just be too far away. The deauth attack is registering 0/66 packets acknowledged. 1) airmon-ng start wlan0mon 2) airodump-ng wlan0mon 3) airodump-ng -c 1 --bssid attack-mac -w filepsk wlan0mon 4) aireplay-ng -0 1 -a WAP_MAC -c CLIENT_MAC wlan0mon --ignore-negative-one
  2. Status: Single/Swinger hahaha
  3. Anyone run into issues getting the WPA Handshake when doing a Deauth attack? I retrieve the MAC address from one AP but no luck with the another.
  4. The more I think of it, the last firmware update was on 2016-08-23. Most of the video tutorials are from over a year ago. They are selling a product that is not being kept up to date, slightly disappointing.
  5. I guess I will be resetting my Pineapple, for the 5th time.
  6. ace1dragon, from my understanding. Once you select a specific SSID, The pineapple with clone the WiFi connection but without a password. The expectation is that the user will connect to your WiFi connection without a password as regards to theirs.
  7. I found that I can SSH into the pineapple and started using aircrack-ng. I accidentally closed out of the crack-ng cmdline window. I see the light are still flashing and appears to still be cracking. Am I able to restore this window, or get the status window back?
  8. Yeah, it's plugged into the wall.
  9. I'm using the interface on chrome. Wouldn't command line be a bit more difficult?
  10. I started PineAP with all options enabled. Every time I try to Deauth Client, It says, Please start PineAP and try again. Start PineAP
  11. Gotcha, that did the trick!
  12. I installed Kali using Virtual Box. I am unable to load the IP address of Pineapple through Virtual Box. Any suggestions? Anyone else get it to work? I have practically tried all the network adapter options available within virtual box.
  13. I used wget (website). The $ in front didn't work
  14. In virtual box, got an error when trying to load pineapple. https://ibb.co/gOZROF
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