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i usually get 1meg uploads... I have no idea why it's like this right now... My plan is 6mb down, @ $45/mo.

Strangely enough, I'm closer to New Orleans than Baton Rouge...

This one I did for Lols~

7300mi away at the speed of 1.94mbp/s :X


@Keiyentai- I hate you.. nah, j/k. Damn fine connection you got going on there.

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At work


At home, I have a 3mb/512kb plan through AT&T/SBC Yahoo. It was the fastest in my area aside from Charter, and Charter can't get a solid signal to my house.

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Sucks, because Comcast is capping me at around 15, when I used to get above 33.

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Think is costs 25 euro a month off vodafone ireland

3mb dl with 30gb dl cap :( but unlimited upload but haven't torrented on it since switching over as haven't looked at if they throttle or not

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