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  1. Can't seem to find it. I've only Googled a little though (lazy).
  2. How hard was the Linux+ ? Too bad these certs only last for 3 years (actually, guess that's a good thing)
  3. Just the Droid line of phones or all of Android? ;)
  4. Wtf. These phones are supposed to consume your life! Get with it. ;) ​
  5. True. I imagine it gets harder to come up with new content week after week. I wouldn't want to deal with constantly finding that. These type of shows don't usually go on that much more than they have already, so I hope they're still enjoying it enough to keep it going a little longer.
  6. Android: Fing Terminal emulator Server Auditor (fastest/best ssh client still being dev'd- tons out there tho) Google Authenticator Solid Explorer AndFTP dSploit
  7. Tekzilla is for the much less technically inclined (for the most part). I like the Android segments. Although, they seem to be more than usual lately, and I also do prefer the more server admin type related topics. So I agree with you there. Pretty sure he doesn't frequent these forums anymore. May be worth shooting their feedback email a note or two about it asking if it'll change sometime soon?
  8. foo

    Konboot 1.1

    new kon boot out that supports win8. when did it become a paid tool?
  9. Ya. +1 for pfSense. It's freaking great. I even run it in a few really small business setups, too.
  10. I saw a "modem jammer" back in the dialup days. Yes, I realize it was just a bs program scrolling random lines of jibberish now, but it is was sparked me to become fascinated with all things IT.
  11. Android hands down. That is all. The Galaxy Nexus is rock solid.
  12. You guys are nuts. Those i5's are just fine. Are you going to be encoding a bunch of video etc? I don't see any reason why you need to go to an i7, honestly.
  13. foo


    Does he still read these forums? Anyway, if he even does do this, which I don't expect to happen, dear baby jesus PLEASE EDIT THE ANNOYING ASS SIGNATURE "sent from my stupid ass device using tapatalk" No one cares what device or app you used to make your comment. Other than that, sweet :)
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