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  1. Thanks, I'll order it when I shows up :D
  2. Not to a European country, But I was wondering if you could do USPS to Canada? UPS charges $29+$4.95 C.O.D fee+taxes on the item(13%) then Taxes on the fees+a bond fee of 2.7%, for items $100-$200, (I'm not making that up, UPS is ridicules.) So I'll be paying about $50+ extra :/ They actually tried charging me $22 on a $21 item once. USPS comes through Canada Post, so even if I have to pay duties, its a $10 fee+tax.
  3. Hmmm, I haven't played with the pineapple since Mark1 (We didn't call it that back then ;) ) I have two 2100's collecting dust. Maybe it's time to see how far the Pineapple has come :) All though, they only ship UPS to Canada :(
  4. The whole point to owning cars like those is to show them off, so yes, I believe it.
  5. Reset your SMC. Shut down. On the MacBook’s keyboard hold down the Shift+Control+Option keys and the Power button at the same time. Release all keys and the power button at the same time.
  6. Can't find anything on Google. So what you have there, does not exist.
  7. Guys, they probably got thousands of emails, this wasn't just posted on Hak5...
  8. There are plenty of smart people who buy Samsung laptops. It they where really installing keyloggers on their laptops there would be proof. The fact that they created a empty folder named SL and the AV picked it up proves that it was a AV problem. The companies backing that it was a false positive would not risk their reputation just to protect a samsung. /end.
  9. Who said that was some idiot in some foreign country that probably doesn't know anything about computers and didn't know what a keylogger was for. Do you think samsung would really admit to installing keyloggers? Come on. Not to self. Never use Viper AV, it's shit.
  10. Got my arduino working, not I can't my damn pot working, which was working before. >:( technology hates me.
  11. I can't even get my sketch to upload to my uno, from all the google searching and no solution. I think it's defective :(
  12. Hey Trip, Did you use a guide/tutorial or something to get this working. I feel like using my Arduino and LCD that I bought months ago and now have a inch of dust on them.
  13. There are 93 million Mac users, you are telling me that that's not big enough for virus makers to target them? People try and make it seem like there are only a couple thousand Mac users since Windows has the higher market share. Yeah there may be more Windows users but when we only see 1 person making a trojan for the Mac every year, there is a reason why we see that, and part of it is OS X security features it's had for years, that windows never did until vista/win7.
  14. Considering there are millions of Macs and they are just as easy to target as Windows, I don't see anything changing anytime soon. Every year for years we here about some kind Mac trojan, and all the PC fanboys say that "Mac are going to get hundreds of viruses" Yet, it's been years and we still haven't seen it. There's more to it then people just not "wanting" to target Macs.
  15. I had like 88 days on my Mac. But I decided to restart for updates :(
  16. It's actually a really complicated system. If some one likes a post they "+" it, if some one doesn't like it they "-" it, Or they just do nothing.
  17. Search "LCD 1602" on ebay for the LCD. And the arduino is not on the breadboard it's just a mini breadboard.
  18. Not sure yet, but most likely. I'll check out webmin and see what I can do.
  19. I have a VPS running a game server, I would like to be able to send commands to the VPS to say Start the server or Stop the server, etc. I would like to have a web interface so I could just click "Stop" or "Start". I'm guessing I would do this over SSH.(that's how I do it now) But I'm not sure how I would go about doing this with a web interface. Can anyone point me at some info on how to do this? Thanks.
  20. woah, where are you looking at these? Those prices are way off, should be around $40 for the N version. Also, I'm not sure how well the N version is working with backtrack, it may have been updated, but i'm not sure. I've bought my Alfas from here http://www.data-alliance.net/-strse-158/Al...00mW/Detail.bok
  21. So I got a cheap VPS with 1gb of RAM, 20gb Storage. It runs linux (Pretty much what ever kind I want) I got it to play around with since I never have used a VPS before, Now I don't know what to do with it, I was thinking of maybe putting a game server on it, or I wanted to make it a VPN, but that doesn't look posible. Do you guys have any ideas?
  22. What do you mean how to make one? The list of stuff you need is here, cut a whole in the ducks butt and stick the teensy in.
  23. Who else is there to leave? Paul left when Darren went to SF.
  24. From what I have heard, they will hire sales people before computer people.
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