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  1. fedora and open suse if you want to stick with linux... if not- you should look into one of the bsd's. i use freebsd and i like it
  2. agreed, hopefully he can get the dmca off the books
  3. i wasnt asking; i was telling. drinks are expensive at most bars and stores, but if your in a casino losing your money at something a waitress brings you drinks. although, i was there a 2 weeks ago and one spot on the strip was selling dollar michelob lights and dollar margaritas but i mean, do you want to get drunk like that. i would recommend bringing LOTS of your own alcohol
  4. /delete thread, some guy beat me to it by minutes
  5. whos goin to this thing? ive never been to a con b4 but if i had a guess i'd say this is the one to start with.. DYK that las vegas doesnt have an open alcohol container law? ..enumerate the possibilities :drunk:
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