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    Tf2 Is Now Free ....

    I'd be up for some tf2, have had it since orange box but gotten back into it with all the fresh faces
  2. damn and i thought the $99,89 price tag in the 2nd photo was a good price! Great looking bike thou
  3. Since he is nearby find out who he is and train him as your padawan apprentice. Bring him away from the the skiddy darkside
  4. haha lol I recommend http://customise.org/ you'll see some great displays of wallpapers and add-ons that people are using. Rainmeter is quite popular but is that windows only? There was a post in forums about setting up linux from scratch and that has some nice add-ons in it Perfect Ubuntu set up Personally I run a conky for my linux lappie and a G15 with the addons I want for my desktop, although the G15 app switching is annoying at times I thought there was some sort of priority event system so apps come to the front but it never works
  5. Sorry I just have to write a report on a 10 page distributed system or a certain part of a distributed system i.e CORBA so I'm just looking for some ideas or anything you guys have heard that is interesting. ATM I'm really looking at Amazon (wow spelt that Amazong twice now) EC2 systems
  6. So my lecture says I have tonight to come up with an idea for a Distributed system project or I will be working on CORBA which is just one small part of some distributed systems and I was working away until just now I saw Darren posting on twitter about "GPU password cracking in the cloud" So I decided to see if anyone in the forums had any nice interesting ideas. Unfortunately my lecturer really didn't point me in any certain direction He mentioned these but they have already been assigned to other students Mosix, Inferno OS, Mach OS, ChorusOS, QNX Neutrino, E1 DOS, I'm looking at OpenNebula but it is looking a bit big as its just me on the project and its for next friday Also watching listening to the TNT stream to hear what he says on whole thing
  7. great video, I was minus sound as in class but I liked the awesome wall papers as you went through it. Maybe just have 30secs where you show the final system running, just to show how awesome and easy the how thing is to really get some people to go wow I want that
  8. more a Komplett.ie person myself, probably spent around 2,000euro mainly on a complete PC, screen, keyboard, mouse etc 4 years ago and then random upgrades since then. Am thinking about getting a new Gcard soon so I can play crysis 2 cause I just completed building my pc as Crysis came out and it was fun to benchmark my pc against that. oh yes running the game at medium settings with 25fps!! :)
  9. wow defo intresting read there. Such a complicated virus to make it rly must have been aimed for high value targets. rly rly intresting
  10. I saw it and enjoyed it felt more to look play attention to facebook but no still not addicted to it in anyway
  11. Eclipse on both windows (which is completely broken now, fresh download of Galileo still broken)and ubuntu. Notepad++ and gedit for quick code reading and editing @sitwon a lot more
  12. pretty cool the link off to just spoofing geo location in firefox is easier and quicker thou
  13. I believe I'm quoting someone from the forums here but .. Fling them a passing cars? probably does work as well as RAM does
  14. good photo of bang up Darren here. Can't see the wound thou http://plixi.com/p/49983316
  15. didn't know/bother to find out the beta was open to join till day before it stops, (which is today?) , it looks nice but not got enough time for another game in my life right now. Too much WoW, BFbc2, Hon, LoL, Css, Tf2 when will the mulitplayer madness end!!
  16. cykio

    Hosts ?

    cap on my Inet connection is very annoying but I'll join the server to see whats its like. Usually playing Huntsman sniper so I want loads of doors or corners I can wait for ppl to come thru to get arrow to the face
  17. I'm playing www.minecraft.net right now. Could be great fun if some hak fans got together and could even make the hakhouse in game
  18. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Bit messing atm would usually only have 2 lines of icons. ha I haven't taken a SS of this laptop wallpaper since Sep-09 long time to go without contributing to this long established thread. Pic is when I was sailing around Ireland 4/5 years ago
  19. gone from FF to Chrome back to FF missed my add ons
  20. Tinned? yeah BF2 = awesome, BC2 = Awesome, BF2 == BC2 == Awesome
  21. custom, unless you don't have the time/effort to research and build it yourself
  22. @wetwork 18 months of AoC, thats a looong time I left that after first months payment was up. I'm interested in STOL but waiting till I have more time on my hands and then going to try it first not buy straight away. MMOs thou get better (usually) with time
  23. I am still strong on the PC boycott of MW2 Stay Strong my brothers and one day we will have our servers!!
  24. cykio

    Favorite Games

    ha love the way half life 2 is in there twice. My opinion is to buy the orange box, half life 2 with the other 2 episodes, Portal and Team Fortress 2 all for the price as a new game. Might be some some deal where you could get left 4 dead included aswell I'm unsure though. Good list but if your cousin likes a certain type of game that could change the list.
  25. @kaolin Your background is quite cool where did u get it from?
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