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  1. Hmmm, CentOS NetInst - with the URL being a mirror you put up on the LAN? This probably qualifies. Or even just use the public mirror - didn't specify it had to be on the LAN.
  2. This is a troll people. The exact same thread got started on Reddit with similar results. Guaranteed that you never hear the "end result". Same pattern here. "OMG MY LAPTOP WAS STOLEN AND HERE IS THE PERSON WHO STOLE IT" Call the cops, tehy pussy foot around, never hear the end of it. This is an advertisement for Prey. Here is the reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/jftq0/i_just_had_my_laptop_stolen_and_am_currently/ There, called out: Now get the fuck out of hak5 if you know what is good for you troll.
  3. 1st PC I owned was a VIC-20. I played Pirate's Cove and a number of other games. I also made my way through a BASIC programming book. I was in kindergarten if I recall. Pops got me a commodore 64 later with 2x 1541's. Then when he went all IBM-compat I got his C-128 and the 1581 drive, and the 1571 RAM expander, and I don't recall the monitor but was composite in, and the 1200 baud modem. First Unix machine I touched ran a CAT scan machine. Another one used a VAX and I really didn't like VMS. First IBM compat I touched was my aunties 286-12. 40mb HD and 1MB RAM - dos 3.3. First IBM compat I owned was a full size IBM XT I pieced together from about 4 different PC's I bought at a computer show, back when computer shows were awesome places, and not just cheap chinese BS (that is more expensive than newegg). mono monitor, then a CGA monitor. 8088-4.7mhz 256k RAM. 1200 baud modem. It wasn't till we got to 386dx-40 that I started gaming.
  4. Those of you not on Darren's twitter should go there anyways. Looks like an incident with joset, but I think he'll come out OK. http://twitter.com/#!/search/%40hak5darren http://twitter.com/hak5darren http://hak5d.squarespace.com/
  5. In that same vein - look at http://www.mini-box.com who resell Pico's products in the states. M350 combo is an Excellent case+PS starter. THe form factor is amazing. Add an Intel DQ45EK and a core2duo CPU, a gig or 2 of RAM, + 80GB laptop HD - and you should be out the door for less than $400. I'll vouch for the Pico PSU units. Only seen 1 death, and that was my error - I put a +8-14V unit on a 24V boat, they hooked it up and fried the thing.
  6. http://gizmodo.com/5252774/diy-pocket+size...cope-kit-for-33 I know that I'm not buying a Tektronix or anything. I'm looking for something very simple and very portable that will show me if serial data exist. Or that I can measure and see clipping on an audio signal or sine wave. So is it really cheap and chinese or anything else like it?
  7. The way I would handle this - feed the PWM output into a small cap with a resistor in parallel. This will smooth it out a bit. You would need to play with it a LOT though, the benefit being a much more stable reading.
  8. That you get the penguin indicates that you have caused no damage. Are you able to read the ext3 disk on any other PC? (use a Linux variant and mount the sucker). Try using dd (carefully) the windows stuff is dodgy at best.
  9. Newark Part No: 59M2244 Manufacturer Part No: ST40X-36S-CV(80) I never actually buit the connector BTW, and the USB port I was looking to get at is only a device using the current kernels. You must update to U-Boot and get a diff kernel running to make it a host port. Then you gotta worry about PXA drivers for USB stuff.......
  10. Yes. I run Mozzwalds ubuntu and it was already there (minicom). THe port is ttyS2 - and it works at least up to 115200 baud. Already used this to fix a thought to be bricked Cisco 7960 phone. Only needed my console cable and to open minicom to watch to see that the tftp server didn't have a needed file. I actually could have done cat /dev/ttyS2 but I wanted to be sure of the baud rate. You DO need a level shifter of some sort. It isn't a real UART, its just direct to the PXA CPU's serial pins, so you might want something with a touch of isolation too. FYI: its a TTL level 232 port, so you need a ttl - real 232 level shifter. A couple folks have done one up inside the case of the zipit. Mine is a bit kludgy but it works for me and I don't care what it looks like. (its a full DB-9 sticking out of the side of the case.)
  11. I always find this interesting. As a former smoker for 19 years myself ( I started when I had just turned 11, snuck around until my folks felt it better to have me smoking in front of them, vs burning down the house/getting into trouble with the law at 14), I always thought when I was smoking that I enjoyed it, and that is why I continued to do so. I'm not going to tell anybody what to do. I've come to realize that I've become an asshole former smoker that I despised while I still smoked, so it is best if I limit myself in these conversations to simply this point, and to relate my life experiences: With an open mind, thinking not of your own self or situation, but merely in the abstract: The smoker does not enjoy smoking. He simply enjoys not smoking even less than the act of smoking. Continuing the addiction and not going through the withdrawal process is easier and feels better than quitting. Thus the addiction continues.... Tinfoil hat stuff below! There has been a lot of study done on the subject, and it seems that cigarettes and smoking are self-rewarding. There has also been some research that shows that smokers actually have a chemical change occur upon addiction that makes life without smoking seem unlivable. This same mechanism is seen as the reason smokers think that inhaling toxic fumes that taste bad is "relaxing" and that they "enjoy it". It seems the only thing *really* happening is that the addiction is fed, and the timeclock reset for the next intake of nicotine. This satisfaction settles the anxiety that the addiction won't be fed. Thus its thought of as "good". The latter was the biggest obstacle to quitting that I experienced. How was I to continue on? What do I do every hour or so? How can I wake up and not smoke? How do I get past every meal without the 5 minutes that I got? The simple answer of course, is that you live your life, but you don't smoke while doing so. I quit cold turkey Dec 1 2009 and I haven't looked back. I think about smoking just about every day but there is nothing I will ever do about it. The urges have gotten very weak, and now I think about them as if they were thoughts of a really good steak. Sure it would be nice, but I don't have to do it, and a few minutes after it comes up the thought is gone. I became an asshole former smoker because the lie of nicotine angers me so much. I'm sure a number of other folks feel the same.
  12. And I just completed it, sort of kinda modified. I use an external level shifter that I have kicking around that i used for interfacing with a Mastervolt unit back a year or so ago - It's almost as big as the zipit itself, but I wanted to prove the concept prior to actually building on a newish (to me) design. It's the rs232it from RE Smith: http://www.rs485.com/prs232it.html Works a champ. Its a real rs232 port now avail up to 115.2k on ttyS2 and minicom talks through it. There is no hardware flow control (as there is no real UART). My primary reason for wanting a real rs232 port is that i often am called upon to interface and debug with motors, generators, HVAC, lighting control, etc. We do vessel monitoring systems aboard luxury motor yachts. Laptops need external serial ports, and take up a lot of space and weight. ZipitZ2 fits literally in a pocket. Uboot stuff looks really interesting, and I'm waiting for all the dust to settle down and hammer out some of the specifics and trouble before I jump into it.
  13. http://russelldavis.org/category/zipitz2-hacking/ http://rayhaque.blogspot.com/ http://www.notanon.com/zipit/better-wifi-c...-z2/2010/04/15/ http://russelldavis.org/2010/05/ez2s-prere...z2senhanced-ng/ http://linux.zipitwireless.com/ Just some links...
  14. Zarrsh: Have ye a cross compiler setup yet? There is a virtual PC ready to go somewhere with all the hard work done. All you really need is to tar -xzvf xxx.yyy cd xxx ./configure make In theory just about all vanilla c and c++ stuff should work out of the box provided your userland has the libraries in it. I managed to get a calculator emu to work. Have some links and whatnot if you are interested that should help.
  15. The most important bit here is that 16f628a micro. You will also need some method to program it. In my case I already possess a Microchip "PICstart plus", as I've done some hardware dev. You'll need something either to build, or to have someone program that micro for you. Might I suggest using a socket to containt the micro as well? As for parts, it seemed most of the stuff is easily available from mouser, digi, spark, mcm, newark, jameco, et al. One other thing folks just starting out often miss: A box! You need some sort of enclosure.
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