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  1. Wow, a throw-back from the old Hak House! What is a Rainbow Table? Google is your friend :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_table Spliff666's tables are pre-compiled with the a database of the most commonly used SSIDs. If your victim changed their SSID to something unique, that wasn't already in Spliff666's tables, then you would have to pre-compile your own rainbow hash tables with the SSID you wanted to attack. I'm probably going to be doing some WEP/WPA videos pretty soon. I'll follow up to this post if i get around to it. Good luck!
  2. Thanks! :) My article is quite dated and im in the midst of testing my new "perfect server" with Ubuntu 10.10 before i go forward with a full write up and tutorial video. Torrentflux has basically been replaced by Torrentflux-b4rt. The b4rt version supports torrents, newsgroups and wget for direct downloads. I currently have it running and have had no issues thus far.
  3. Sorry about the late replies guys, i've been working on a user requested "Perfect Kubuntu Desktop" which will be similar to my other "Perfect Desktop" video/tutorial. My next "Perfect linux server" video is adding mediatomb + a podcast grabber script that will auto download your favorite rev3 shows (i.e. Hak5) in HD so you can stream it on your network to other PC's or your HD TV via PS3. It would be really hard to put in Mythbuntu or Boxee on a headless linux server since there is no GUI. Thanks!
  4. I got a lot of requests to do a more updated of my "Perfect Desktop" and "Perfect Server" videos, well i finally got around to make it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWGX00hVtH4 Text version available on my blog @ http://timashley.me/node/721 Enjoy! ;)
  5. I got some emails about my article not working for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. I just posted a new article fixing the issues! http://timashley.me/node/718 Enjoy :)
  6. miT

    Airpwn 1.4

    Some readers recently emailed in and informed me that my article on installing AirPWN 1.4 on Ubuntu 9.10 was out-dated and no longer worked. It turns out that Ubuntu dropped Python 2.4 for Python 2.6. Since AirPWN 1.4 relies on python 2.4 dev header files, we needed to find a way to replace the newer Python with 2.4. I put up a new article up on how to accomplish this and get AirPWN 1.4 running on Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. http://timashley.me/node/718 Enjoy! ;)
  7. Remember XDCC bottler scripts that would neatly display all the packages available in a channel? Well i use to use a mIRC script for it back in the day. Now that im 100% linux (5 years now!) i wanted to rock it old school and start getting my IRC XDCC fix again. I dug up an old ruby project called XDCC-Fetch, which didn't work right out of the gate. With a bit of patching, i managed to get it to work! Full article on with the patched version is available on my blog, http://timashley.me/node/674 Enjoy! ;)
  8. miT

    Minecraft On Linux/mac

    I don't include the Minecraft.jar file that is placed in the home directory since the Alpha version im hosting is "patched" so you can try the game for free. The reason i launch it with the minecraft_name.jar is because i want users that are connecting to my LAN minecraft server to have personal nicknames other than the default "player".
  9. It took me HOURS and HOURS to find out how to get Minecraft to run on Ubuntu Linux and Mac. Posted a great article on how i did it on my blog - http://timashley.me/node/596 Enjoy! ;)
  10. Just got my new Nexus One Google phone yesterday. I'm in love! It's everything the iphone strives to be, and then some. Would love to see what comes of your work, keep it up!
  11. I actually moved from rTorrent to Torrentflux. Sure it spawns a python process for each torrent, but i'm not exactly seeding 6k distros. I also use the ability to create user accounts within Torrentflux so users on irc.omgirc.com can download some things. It's nice to jump in and see what people decided to download :)
  12. So let me break this down: 1) Secure SSH (Change ports, ect) 2) Host filtering (probably focus on squid for that one) 3) iptables (for what exactly?) 4) SSH-Key Generation (for auto SSH login? i did this for a project im working on, its quite easy) 5) Netinstall (You're referring to installation of a Debian server via Minimal CD? I.E. over the internet) Side note: i understand netinstall via Minimal CD would save space (more space = awesome) but how would it keep it faster? Other than a couple services running that you usually wouldn't install, i don't see a great increase in performance. Feel free to tag on any other things you guys want to see on the next perfect server build. Thanks! :)
  13. I can do a video tutorial on arp spoofing on linux. Will even use the GUI in Ettercap for some visual flavor ;)
  14. When i first saw this i thought you wanted to do some arp spoofing with your droid phone, lol. You can totally capture packets via MITM if you run Jasager + ettercap/tcpdump or even some karmetasploit (karma+metasploit). As long as your box has internet access through your phone and you have ip_forward + correct nat tables (assuming you're running linux), you can pretty much do anything you want. I may just have to do a video tutorial on this one ;)
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