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  1. It definitely seems the problem is with the beacon response. One of my original thoughts was maybe the little nano was getting bogged down with too much info/tasks when it was turned on, so I was testing it at bsides a few days ago, and it didn't matter if there was 1 device in range or 50 it seemed. Is there a way to run a recon scan, start pineap, check in range clients, change setting from command line via ssh? I think that it would be a little easier to test like that instead of the GUI.
  2. Too late for that type of logical nonsense. I formatted the SD card, factory reset the nano Did a few tests and didn't have a problem, then I updated the 3 internal modules, reporting, config? and 1 other. Oddly enough the AP recon works, but the AP and Client gets to 100 and never completes. Though this time I am still able to browse to the dashboard and everything loads like it should, unlike before. sys log : http://pastebin.com/Ph8AjcLJ dmesg log : http://pastebin.com/YmaRVbVM Now everytime I do a AP and Client it can't finish. I turned on PineAP, with all settings on and it finishes the AP and Client scan, but doesn't display any clients. even after reboots. I tried to turn everything off to see if it makes a difference, but now I'm unable to disable the PineAP Daemon. Rebooted and now I can't Enable the daemon, it can't finish the AP/client recon, and when I hit save AP settings, it clears all the changes I made. I think I'll factory reset and try again since this seems too wonky to be normal,
  3. I've had my nano for a week and a half or so, and I am getting the same thing as the OP. It happens when connected via USB to my Win 10, Mac and VM kali machines as well. I haven't troubleshot it too much since I have been busy, but I started to look into it today. I'll factory reset tonight, get a bottle of wine, and take things slow with it to see if I can pin down the issue.
  4. I would probably put bt5 on the laptop, run a few different windows OS's virtually, that way you could play with different stages of patching with windows easily. If the laptop isn't running BT5 smoothly, you can always just switch it up. Only takes like an hour.
  5. The people we hire aren't the sharpest crayons in the box, They answer phone calls and take orders, don't really need to a college grad with shining credentials to be able to do that. I realize most workplaces aren't like mine, but I know pretty much no workplaces have total trust in their employees. They aren't going to take a new hire's word on how much he worked in a day, they have time clocks and the like. And you might be onto something with the knee high doggie doors...
  6. Kinda a very specific, unique sport for a tech board. Fishing on the other-hand, you might have more luck with that. I can fish, I can also drive a race car, and talk to woman, but doesn't mean I'm any good at said tasks. But I did do well enough at one to get married, so you never know. What are your thoughts on fishing?
  7. This seems....legit? It does but I don't see a point to it...
  8. I think there is a clear cut line, if you are using company property for things other then work, then you should have issues, especially if you have a strict internet policies with your company. I would imagine most smaller 10-50 employee companies aren't going to be that balls-to-the-wheel about it. I do CIO for a call center, and I currently don't care about our agents who work from home with a company computer. If they horribly mangle windows, they can't work for a few days, and I'd just reformat, might charge them something for being stupid. I agree with Digip, company computer, company internet, company paying for you to be there, your ass is theirs. If you have a company computer that you take home, just make sure with them it's ok to use in off hours, if not, it's not really your choice, use it at your own risk is my opinion. If someone is piggy backing on my wifi, it's my internet so I'm allowed to monitor it, same with company internet. In this case, it sounds like the company was just looking for a reason to fire him, which sucks for him. And Bullshit, that's why you have breaks and home for. If you really need your facebook/myspace/...live journal? that badly, use a smart phone, until that gets you fired as well.
  9. BattZ

    Vmware Esxi 5

    I'm running a VMware esxi 5 server that I want one of the VMs to be a router/firewall (Untangle) for the network. I am thinking I have to bridge the adapters to that VM but I can't figure out how in the Vsphere client. I did find one video where he doesn't do anything, and just makes the VM have 4 NICs and just installs the firewall OS. Has anyone seen any sites that could help? Or am I going about this the wrong way, and I don't need to bridge them the way I am thinking. It's going to need to be the router for both the VM machines and the rest of the physical network. Thanks
  10. That's genius, I might start,
  11. My work just got the components for a new server to virtualize pretty much all of our other servers. I put it together, took it home this weekend to install everything and hopefully get it mostly working by monday. Last night I got VMWare ESXi on it, started putting VMs onto it, got to PFSense, the router that I chose, had some problems with it and decided to go to bed and work on it in the morning. I try to connect this morning and it won't connect, it's not even on my network anymore, even though its hardwired in. I try to reboot it, and the fans run for about 3 seconds and die, and after a like 15 seconds, I get the error code beep of 1-5-4-4. It's an intel board and the only thing I can tell that means is " Power control fault", "Power control failure", and "Power good assertion timeout - Power unit sensors report soft power control failure offset". I did find out the error code is part of the BMC, but that doesn't lead me any closer to being able to boot, or even see anything during POST. Does the power control failure mean the power supply is bad? Whilst looking into some problems last night, I read an article about some intel boards having problems after you turn on the virtualization technology switch in the BIOS, though I can't find it again today. The end of the article said it was fixed with a firmware update, but I don't want to try updating the firmware without knowing what version is currently on there. I reset the CMOS too, trying to reset the VT switch in the BIOS if that was the problem, but it still won't boot so I'm out of ideas. Also, It's a S1200BTL board, 500W power supply (which I thought was a bit weak), 8 GB of ram, quad core intel processor. I've tried taking everything out, switching the ram out, other hard drives too, before I realized it took so long to do an error code, any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks EDIT::I also tested the power supply with a tester, it was fine except for the "-5v" light doesn't turn on, though the power supply cable has an extra 4 pins that isn't on the power supplies I'm used to, and doesn't fit in the tester, so I wasn't sure if one of those pins carried that current or whatever. EDIT 2:: I found a guide on how to test a power supply with a multimeter, and it seems to be working fine, the voltages are all what they should be, but it dawns on me now that I was just seeing if they were 3, 5 or 12 V, if nothing came up I assumed it was a ground. I'll need to go back and check to make sure one of the pins just isn't working, and it's not a power fluctuation problem. Also when I just plug it in, the fans will turn on, and stay on, then do the error beeps, but if I turn it off by holding the power button and turn it on with it, the fans will start and stop every 5 seconds, and it'll do the same error beep code, and the fans will continue to start and stop till I turn it off. EDIT 3:: To those who might find this message in a bottle in the distant future, the problem was an improperly grounded motherboard, which was part of a faulty motherboard.
  12. Scouring these forums I came across your post and it got me thinking and looking into this. I just found out how much we spend on our PBX and it seemed like fate so I looked into it. freePBX is what I came to. We currently have a reseller of shmoozecom, and I guess they teamed up or something, but the graphs and reports from freePBX are identical to the ones we get through our reseller. So I was told to drop everything and install/test/play around with it to see if it would be possible to replace our current PBX with it. I couldn't find much on a server req for it, besides it can vary greatly depending on your needs, so I'm setting it up on a reg extra computer we had. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. My company is expanding and implementing call center agents from home using softphones and a company issued computer (for now) for them to use. We are brainstorming ways to keep the problems at a minimal and this is one idea we came up with. Having a fiber line installed for the agents and management still in the building, but hosting VMs or terminals of some kind at the office too. The home agents could then connect to these, and have the clear phones with no problems. Our test case had a few problems with call clarity and we are still working through that, she has a 25 down, 4 up connection. So my main question is if the call is received by the server at the office with the nice fiber connection, then after that it's decoded and sent to the agent computer, then the same reversed. I've read some about VOIP and VPNs to encrypt data, but we aren't that concerned with call security right now, but more concerned with call quality and ease to deploy home agents. So does anyone have ideas for this type of thing? From my research, I've deemed that it's not common to do something like this, and I can't even find any info on it. Thanks
  14. BattZ

    How Many Vms?

    Color me intrigued by this topic. I've looked a little into how google page ranks and what-not, but couldn't find a definite answer. If a small little tech firm made something like this, and kept running this virtual botnet and clicking on their link from google searches, their page rank would go up? So soon they would be in the top 5 for whatever their little company does?
  15. I don't think survelance is much of a worry, it's more of this type os situation. One of the doors it's going on is a glass door, why spend the money and time to set something like that up when a 5$ hammer will do the job. I do like the keypad idea, since I think those were a bit cheaper then the biometrics. Any other ideas or endorsements people have used in the past? Thanks for the info
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