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  1. I wanna find a cheap but good laptop for my hacking, can anyone give me ideas of wat you guys have or recommend. btw i live in Canada so something over there thxs for the help
  2. Bourvi

    CSS fatal error

    it didnt ask me for the CD key during instalation and i installed it on my only account
  3. Bourvi

    CSS fatal error

    ok so i got my new CSS CD (no i didn't hack it) and i installed it and whenever it was done, STEAM loads up and this message pops up: Fatal Error: Failed to load platform module and whenever i go in STEAM to manually play the game, it brings me to their page to buy the game. then i try playing the game from the CD, same thing: opens up steam and brings me to the buy game page. and if i go check the status on the game in STEAM, its saying "pre-load complete" PLZ HELP!!!
  4. Bourvi

    BF2 drivers?

    i got to fix it thx for ur help guys
  5. Bourvi

    Hak5 Gaming tags

    i actually had (HAK5) but i got banned on COD4 and got kicked on 3 diffrent servers on cod5 cuz they thought i was hacking :S
  6. hey guys it's me again I finally got the COD:WaW game, installed it, finished the single player campaign so i wanted to go in multilayer so i whent on the COD HQ get the latest patches but when i tried installing it i get tis message: 1670: Unable to load module C:\DOCUME~1\LOCAS~1\Temp\ (the rest i cant see it) Error Code: 193 Please can you help me with this problem P.S I tried patch 1.2, 1.1 and 1.4
  7. Bourvi

    BF2 drivers?

    @cykio im running on windows XP right now @WhollyMindless i do have the latest drivers but when i open the file with the systems requirements, it dosent seem to recognize the graphics card itself
  8. Bourvi

    BF2 drivers?

    I just finished building my new Gaming computer and was trying to play Bf2 but every time i clicked the "play BF2 now", the image came , a black screen came but then comes back to my desktop. my friend told me i could find drivers for that game but i can't seem to find any. Here is my rigs: -Coolermaster sniper case -Corsair TX 850W PSU -ASUS P5Q-E motherboard -OCZ 4 GB dual channel RAM -WD 1TB HHD -Intel Core 2 Duo Q9550 @ 2.83 (default) -MSI Radeon 4890 -ZALMAN CNPS9900 CPU cooler Please i need help!!!
  9. Bioshock 2 Modern Warfare 2 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction SAW : THE MOVIE Left 4 Dead 2
  10. Bourvi

    Is it only me?

    thx 4 the reply, but i tried game-monitor.com and i tried connecting directly to the ip but whenever i tried joining a counter-strike server, the window is saying "server is not responding" anything that could help me here?
  11. Bourvi

    Is it only me?

    well idk for the firewall, for the system, were would it be? and just to let u know, i dont have a router so its weird
  12. Bourvi

    Is it only me?

    One day I decide I wanna go play some COD4, i go online, so master server respond, then i go on COD2 still no respond from the master server so i decide to go play some BF2, still nothing and then I go on Counter-Strike, still nothing. I really need help, i wanna play games again and its pissing me off that i canr find anything to help me on google or anything.
  13. Just wanted to know if it was possible to have wi-fi like the iphone anywhere any time?
  14. Bourvi

    Msn problem

    Since I've downloaded the new version of MSN, after a few minutes, my msn pops up convos and send this to my contacts : Hi, ich habe letztens ein paar Superheisse Urlaubsphotos von mir I think its a virus or something and its pissing me off plz help
  15. I have an PS2 (trying to sell) My gaming PC: -Intel core 2 duo 3.11 ghz -Saphire HD 4850 1GB memory -4 GB corsair RAM -Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case -850 wats power supply -Microsoft windows XP home edition -500GB WD SATA2 hard drive -Samsung SH-S223Q/BEBD TruDirect 22X DVD+R/-R Lightscribe DVD Writer Black SATA OEM -22" Wide screen Monitor -Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse 5 Button 1800DPI Infrared Optical USB -Logitech G15 2ND Gen Gaming Keyboard USB Black Silver Amber LCD Panel Programmable Backlit Keys all that custom made :P
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