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  1. Some of them look at it as art which it is and they want to have art on their body. I'd rather have it mean something other than "It's a good piece of art", but that's just me. BTW, I am going to get more done next week. Hopefully the dragon can be done and then the background on the next visit
  2. Here are some dirty dubstep and a few other tracks I have dug up Feed Me - Cloudburn (Feat. Tasha Baxter) Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal (feat Skrillex and Kill the Noise) Noisia - Tommy's Theme Excision and Downlink - Existence http://youtu.be/6uETXQpSW3A Nero- Innocence
  3. Unfortunately, when you join the military you pretty much sign your rights away and that takes a lot of courage to do that. The Tattoo issue has to be sorted out by chain of command and until it is people with tattoos will always be treated like that. Remember when you sign up Uncle Sam owns you and you have to follow orders.
  4. It has a personal meaning to me. A tattoo should symbolize something or it should at least mean something to you. People that get one because it will look cool, although their prerogative, is not the best reason to get a tattoo.
  5. I just got it done on Sunday:
  6. The glare is not from the sun it's from how awesome this bike is ^_^
  7. $13,020 After finance charges a paperwork fees. I Managed to get them to come down to $12,500 from the initial 13,000. Also, I get a Dealer incentive check for 400 big ones :D
  8. Just bought it today: BMW F 800 ST
  9. So Microsoft is going to buy Skype. I see one problem with that Microsoft uses .Net. So Skype + .Net = Skynet! If I go missing or someone finds my mutilated corpse you'll know why
  10. CuteMX was were it was at for awhile until they decided it was a "Beta" ended it and wanted everyone to pay for the "New" version
  11. Sorry about the double post I got a little click happy. Ignore this post nothing to see here.
  12. I know what you mean I used to work for the IT department at local university. We used to catch people left and right and turn them off at the switch as well. Some of the Admins will go around the dorms with Wifi finding devices and if that signal is triangulated at you dorm then by by internet. The Campus that I worked at is the same campus where I am taking a major in Information Assurance and Forensics. Not that it should have any correlation at all with any anonymous take downs of any unsecured wireless routers on campus. ^_^
  13. I ditched my iPhone and bought a Samsung Captivate and I love it. Its expensive to buy it out right, but I got a deal from Samsung since I was an iPhone customer and paid $50 with contract and I still get to keep my Unlimited Data plan, woot!
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