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  1. Some of them look at it as art which it is and they want to have art on their body. I'd rather have it mean something other than "It's a good piece of art", but that's just me. BTW, I am going to get more done next week. Hopefully the dragon can be done and then the background on the next visit
  2. Here are some dirty dubstep and a few other tracks I have dug up Feed Me - Cloudburn (Feat. Tasha Baxter) Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal (feat Skrillex and Kill the Noise) Noisia - Tommy's Theme Excision and Downlink - Existence http://youtu.be/6uETXQpSW3A Nero- Innocence
  3. Unfortunately, when you join the military you pretty much sign your rights away and that takes a lot of courage to do that. The Tattoo issue has to be sorted out by chain of command and until it is people with tattoos will always be treated like that. Remember when you sign up Uncle Sam owns you and you have to follow orders.
  4. It has a personal meaning to me. A tattoo should symbolize something or it should at least mean something to you. People that get one because it will look cool, although their prerogative, is not the best reason to get a tattoo.
  5. I just got it done on Sunday:
  6. The glare is not from the sun it's from how awesome this bike is ^_^
  7. $13,020 After finance charges a paperwork fees. I Managed to get them to come down to $12,500 from the initial 13,000. Also, I get a Dealer incentive check for 400 big ones :D
  8. Just bought it today: BMW F 800 ST
  9. So Microsoft is going to buy Skype. I see one problem with that Microsoft uses .Net. So Skype + .Net = Skynet! If I go missing or someone finds my mutilated corpse you'll know why
  10. CuteMX was were it was at for awhile until they decided it was a "Beta" ended it and wanted everyone to pay for the "New" version
  11. Sorry about the double post I got a little click happy. Ignore this post nothing to see here.
  12. I know what you mean I used to work for the IT department at local university. We used to catch people left and right and turn them off at the switch as well. Some of the Admins will go around the dorms with Wifi finding devices and if that signal is triangulated at you dorm then by by internet. The Campus that I worked at is the same campus where I am taking a major in Information Assurance and Forensics. Not that it should have any correlation at all with any anonymous take downs of any unsecured wireless routers on campus. ^_^
  13. I ditched my iPhone and bought a Samsung Captivate and I love it. Its expensive to buy it out right, but I got a deal from Samsung since I was an iPhone customer and paid $50 with contract and I still get to keep my Unlimited Data plan, woot!
  14. Nah, I tell you what it is. When I see kids enrolling into cyber security they end up not getting the bachelors, because it is "Too much work" which is just an excuse because they are lazy and want to get money the quick and easy way of which aside from standing on the street corner, there is none. There are few like me that understand that it does take hard work to get what we want. It's the students who are failing because of their own lazyness.
  15. "Darpa’s worried that America’s “ability to compete in the increasingly internationalized stage will be hindered without college graduates with the ability to understand and innovate cutting edge technologies in the decades to come…. Finding the right people with increasingly specialized talent is becoming more difficult and will continue to add risk to a wide range of DoD [Department of Defense] systems that include software development.” http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/01/da...-security-risk/
  16. I just don't see where you get off thinking that you should have Admin rights? Seriously why do you think you need to play WoW on a library PC? Can't you wait until you get home? You should think about what you are doing too since what you are talking about is violating Local, State, and Federal laws. Just for doing what you are thinking about can land you in prison for around 5+ years (Depending on where you live) and some heavy fines. Oh and if you are under 18 your parents will probably have to pay those fines. Here's a thought get a portable (Notebook) and find a hot spot that way you can Play WoW and use that Math CD. It beats breaking the law and its a system that you have Admin rights to. I had a fun time busting kids like you when I worked at the university. I used to downgrade the USB drivers to USB 1.0 just to keep people from playing games off of their flash drives while they were in Lab.
  17. I thought you guys would get a kick out of this:
  18. Well, probably not them but their wifi cards, it would have to be one hell of a transmission though
  19. Well, you could use it to fry WiFi leechers. Here's a couple of MegaWatts for your leeching @%$, lol.
  20. I said nothing about being "leet" to use Norton. Although I am inclined to think that you were dropped on your head by the way you ended your burning missive. Just because I said I know more about Norton than most people does not make me "leet". I just know from experience and a whole lot of research to know how to resolve problems with Norton and other pay anti Virus's. Also which version of Norton are you talking about? you seem to be leaving out details just to emphasize your irrational hatred for said product. As far as a "lower detection rate" again which version are you referring to. I also noticed that you said that Norton was a resource hog however you don't mind it When panda slows down your system? Lastly you do have one hell of an inferiority complex to be that disturbed or outraged at a post when someone shows a proficiency towards products you hate. Drop , are you referring to Norton system works 2006 or 2007 with Norton Go Back? If you are I understand your frustration many users had a hell of a time uninstalling that. Although I don't think Go back is used anymore if that's the case. I do admit thought Norton does not like some of my network security programs (password crackers) to begin with. Although I have not run into any problems (yet) with programs I created. For the most part if anyone has an issue with Norton or McAfee installed on their system I can usually help because I deal with them on a daily basis. Silentknight329, I have Norton System Works 2009 installed and it is far better than previous versions. I have noticed a smaller install foot print and less services running in the background. Also the New versions of McAfee and PC Cillin are quite good too
  21. How? I have had no issue with Norton ever since I started back in 2004. Then Again I do know more about Norton than most people due to the nature of my profession. I just don't see how you can call it "most failure of a pay-for antivirus" although one should note that when most users install Norton (or instert Anti Virus name here) they due tend to click past the install window that list the incompatible software and most don't have the knowledge on how to work around subjects such as adding exceptions. The only reason why people get that angry at software is because they did something with it that they did not understand or were not supposed to or They ignored the install software installation screen that takes about two miles to scroll down to view known issues and compatibility report. Oh and lets not forget the people that complain about Norton, McAfee, etc.. not finding anything. Such absolutes are not credible, maybe if you were talking in a group that would work, but not with everyone. What didn't it find? The spy ware and or Trojan that was made at 8:00 in the morning which was about the time you might have been visiting a questionable website.
  22. I am incline to agree for the most part. I have had experience with multitudes of free anti-Virus such as AVG and there is a reason why it's free. Next time an end user needs a virus removed and calls up again for example AVG for help guess how much they are going to be charged. Some cases I have seen it's on upward of $150+ dollars. Some cases the user just bought a copy of McAfee and was lucky enough that that had resolved the issue. In any case you can argue that you are a cheap skate and that you don't feel like paying $30 to $40 for an anti virus or that you don't have the money, but is that really the issue? Don't get me wrong that some protection is better than none. In the end it's up to you how much your data is worth. Is it worth nothing or is it worth something? http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2009/...free-antivirus/
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