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  1. Hello I am Matt aka The Sorrow Favourite game: Metal Gear Solid 2 Favourite OS: Windows for gaming and Ubuntu for everything else Favourite console: PS2 Nationality: US Accent: American (I know thats a lot) Gender: Male Age: 17 Race: White American Height: 6'5" Status: Dating Build: Im tall...so im skinny...like most tall people... Favourite band: Tool Favourite book: O'Rilie's Big Book of Windows Hacks Favourite author: K.A. Applegate Favourite movie: Blade Favourite director: ...im not that big of a movie nerd... Favourite TV Show: My Wife and Kids Favourite actor: David Spade Favourite actress: ...hmmmm...so many.... Favourite Comedian: Michael Richards Other hobbies: Gaming, Game making, teching at my school, playing the smart one in class....not a whole lot Car: none :P Occupation: Student, Network tech in training
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