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  1. Hello. At work I am having a strange problem. At one of our sites we have 8 floors of staff. All users use the same dns and dhcp servers. The internet link is presented on the 2nd floor. And I have a bluecoat running as a proxy server. Which has been great. The internet link is fine 60 meg down 60 meg up. Users on the 5th floor are haveing issues conncting to certain sites like facebook. Other floors are fine. There are 10 gb uplinks from floors to the core. And all lan has been tested. Need to get this sorted been like this for a while. And auggestions would be great. Thanks in advance Slugggerzzz
  2. I have the mac book pro and have used mac ports and installed the famous air crack-ng suite. It compiles and installs fine. When i try and put me p2p0 interface in monitor mode it says there are no wireless tools found. I have had a look around on the net and i cannot see anything about this. I know that my Wireless Card supports monitor mode as a can run kismac and it put the card in monitor mode. Trying to run airodump does now work either. If anyone has successfully installed and used air crack-ng could you please provide some input. Kind regards SLUGGERZZZ......
  3. Hello, I have 2 x cisco 3750G in a stacking configuration, I have practically no config on this stack only: #vlan 2 #interface range gig 1/0/1 - 36 > switchport access vlan 2 i keep getting the errors: 6d21h: %CDP-4-NATIVE_VLAN_MISMATCH: Native VLAN mismatch discovered on GigabitEt hernet2/0/1 (1), with Switch GigabitEthernet1/0/1 (2). 4d23h: %CDP-4-NATIVE_VLAN_MISMATCH: Native VLAN mismatch discovered on GigabitEt hernet2/0/1 (1), with Switch GigabitEthernet1/0/1 (2). (Switch-2) Any one help ? Sluggerzz...
  4. I have a .RAW file and i cannot seem to open it. I need a piece of freeware software to open it. Anyone had this problem or can help point me in the right direction. sluggerzz..
  5. I've got a redhat box (5.2) with two NIC;s installed. I have it connected to a network. (its a private network ) this is on interface eth0 on eth1 i have the network which has a nice internet connection. Deafault gateway = so eth0 = and eth1 = I want to be able to point a computer to use 128.172..101.33 (eth0) as a proxy on port 8080 or somthing. This server will have to NAT anything coming in on port 8080 on eth0 and redirect it out of eth1 interface so it can destin itself for the internet. I am a fairly seasoned linux user. Never been able to grasp IP tables though. Could someone please just post the commands so i can get this done. I would like some feedback too on documentation and stuff but i have some but its not sufficent. thanks in advance sluggerz...
  6. Here is a question.. I want everyones opinion of what is there fav distro.... I know mine ... Lets see what hak5 community likes ! Dont say Windows, because it fails, and has done since windows 1 ( )Slugerzz...
  7. Aw i have plenty of stuff for that, are they not making that cert redundent ?

  8. The exam I am taking is 70-290

  9. I am studying for the MCSA/MCSE (70-290)

  10. Good luck dude and soon I will be MCSE (Microsoft Certified Server Engineer) too.

  11. what windows server exam? (number) i might have some good materials for it.

  12. Soon to be a CLP!

  13. I want a xbox 360 emulator, and if it could be run on linux bonus .... any info ? sluggerrzzz ....
  14. I wish i lived in the US, looking at gettin the parcel forwarded to the UK
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