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  1. I have tried searching for this. Was it taken down
  2. Thanks. I guess I will stick to the Nano for now.
  3. I have a few questions before I shell out the cash for this. Can we use modules that were available for like the Mark V on this or will we need to wait for all new modules to be developed? So can I run like Reaver and everything right away?
  4. Hi I am new to the forums but I have taught at a few STEM schools and colleges as a guest teacher or speaker and this is what I think would be a good idea. Course 1: Introduction to Linux Course 2: Introduction to Cyber Security (What CS is all about & understanding of tools) Course 3: Intermediate Cyber Security (Getting hands on with the tools) Course 4: Advanced Cyber Security (Penetration Testing) Course 5: Applied Cyber Security and Penetration Testing (CTF Events, Red Team Exercises, Programming Challenges, etc.)
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