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  1. I have tried searching for this. Was it taken down
  2. Hey everyone. I have a question. I am looking at the SAM File Grabber on a live system script and I cant seem to get it to work. I plug it in and the screen just goes crazy and then it doesnt copy anything over. Here is the script I am using. REM Modifications by overwraith ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 ENTER DELAY 400 REM THE NEXT LINE IS WHERE CHANGING THE DIRECTORY REM TO DESIRED DIRECTORY WOULD HAVE GONE. REM CHANGE DIRECTORY 'DUCKY' FLASH DRIVE. STRING for /f "tokens=3 delims= " %A in ('echo list volume ^| diskpart ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do (set
  3. Thanks. I guess I will stick to the Nano for now.
  4. I have a few questions before I shell out the cash for this. Can we use modules that were available for like the Mark V on this or will we need to wait for all new modules to be developed? So can I run like Reaver and everything right away?
  5. Hi I am new to the forums but I have taught at a few STEM schools and colleges as a guest teacher or speaker and this is what I think would be a good idea. Course 1: Introduction to Linux Course 2: Introduction to Cyber Security (What CS is all about & understanding of tools) Course 3: Intermediate Cyber Security (Getting hands on with the tools) Course 4: Advanced Cyber Security (Penetration Testing) Course 5: Applied Cyber Security and Penetration Testing (CTF Events, Red Team Exercises, Programming Challenges, etc.)
  6. Hey guys, I am thinking about getting a pineapple here in the next few days. I would be able to use this for pentesting correct? I need to be able to drop something off and let it crack the WEP.
  7. i go to all of them i live like 30 mins from nashville.
  8. irongeek is awesome i have known him for a few years he doesnt live that far from me and we hang out during phreaknic at times great site too.
  9. yea but i have never owned a tablet. but now i got the money for it so i am going to get one.
  10. This thing is going to rock http://it-networks.org/?m=20100127
  11. yea i just got this too. i was like wtf.
  12. Anyone wanna get toghter and do some COD:MW2 Gaming one night. hit me up fused36 always on
  13. yea i seen it the guys that live next door to me came out screaming while i was cooking it scared the shit out of me.
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