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  1. I am selling my WiFi Pineapple. I bought it with the Travel Bundle so it comes with all the goodies like the case, battery, adapters. The Wifi Pineapple works fine and I just don't have the time to mess around with it any more. I will also include a USB powered hub from the Hak shop that I will throw in with it! I will take $75 Or Best Offer! Let me know if your interested or have any questions! Feel free to reply to this thread or PM me. UPDATE ***** SOLD ********
  2. I just received my pineapple in the mail today. I plugged the ethernet into the POe LAN port and into my mac. I tried going to but it redirects to and returns back to the page I was on before. I have tried setting the IP: SUBNET: and Router both blank and I just want to connect to the WEB gui. I have also tried to access the WEB interface through wifi still no luck. Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Tymac94

    xbox 360 elite

    I just got the CODMW2 Special Edition 360 for Christmas. I love it so far.
  4. Watch this talk on TED on evolution. Very interesting. http://www.ted.com/talks/elaine_morgan_say...uatic_apes.html
  5. Tymac94


    I just ordered the Rok500 with an 8 dbi antenna last night should come by tomorrow. Just wanted a good range wireless adapter for BT3. Here is the recipient. Rokland > ------------------------------------------------------ > Order Number: 10484 > Date Ordered: Tuesday 30 June, 2009 > > Products > ------------------------------------------------------ > 1 x 500mW WIRELESS-G USB adapter WARDRIVING kit w/ SMA jack () = $32.97 > 1 x NEW 8.0 dBi gain rubber duck antenna w/ RP-SMA connector () = $12.99 > ------------------------------------------------------ > Sub-Total: $45.96 > United Parcel Service (1 x 2.2lbs) (Next Day Air): $23.91 > Total: $69.87 >
  6. Tymac94


    What the difference between the Alfa and the Rok500
  7. Tymac94


    I am currently thinking about getting an Alfa AWUS036H 500 mW, and I came across this. Has anyone ever used this, it says it is plug and play in Backtrack 3. Is it the same range as the Alfa. I want to get one before I go on Vacation. Thanks
  8. Tymac94

    Lenovo Laptop

    I am thinking about getting a refurbished lenovo 3000 G530. Has anyone ever had any experiences with them? Are they durable? Here is the one I am looking at Here I am wanting to hook up a proxim orinoco card and gps and use backtrack. Thanks Tyler
  9. Recently my original antenna broke off the solder point. So i tried to solder it back on. Big mistake I am very inexperienced at soldering and well then I had a pile of melted solder on both of the points. I finally manged to melt it off and try and use a spare larger antenna(7 dbi magnetic) I striped the end down the the copper wire and soldered like so below. the circuit board is a little burnt and the wireless signal isn't all that great. Is this the proper way?.
  10. I am just curios. Who is your ISP and download speed and How much do you pay monthly? I just upgraded mine to 8MB/s on mediacom for 45 bucks. Cable Modem
  11. Should I use t568a or t568b for the order order.
  12. I have decided to use a LINKSYS BEFSR11 (Two Port Wired Router) with the NETGEAR GS108 (8 Port Switch). Thank yall for the help.
  13. Can i connect a switch directly to the cable modem and connect all five computers to the same switch and have internet access on all five computers? Thanks for the help.
  14. Hello I am planning on wiring my home with cat-5e in the next couple of weeks i have all of the hardware to do so. Could I use a Netgear GS108 Switch for my central hub. Like can I connect my broadband modem to the switch and from the switch to all of the other rooms. Will a switch do the job. Just to make sure before I buy one.
  15. Will this antenna work with this card? Antenna: http://cgi.ebay.com/7dbi-WiFi-Wireless-AP-...93%3A4|294%3A50 Card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833166022 Thanks, Tyler
  16. I left mine to Linksys with no encryption. I know I am ashamed of myself. I think I'm going to change it to WPA2. Too much of a hassle
  17. Hello I am looking for a good iPod Clock Radio with the ability to sync to my computer sort of like a dock. I am looking at spending no more than 100 dollars on one. I am looking at this one here, but it doesn't have the syncing option. What are some good clock radios for an ipod? Thanks Tyler
  18. I would go with the la fonera 2100. It would probably be the easiest of the two. I own a 2100 la fonera and have had no major problems with flashing it.
  19. ok thanks. I fixed it I had to asign a static ip aress to my wifi card
  20. That works when I am wired connected to the fon but not when I am wirelessly connected to the fon's access point
  21. What address do I need to type to get to the openwrt GUI in my web browser when connected to openwrt? Same for the karma gui when I am connected wireless to the pineapple. I am currently running Jasager v 2.1 Thanks, Tyler
  22. I will just wait for someone elses reply I don't want to risk bricking my fon but thanks anyways :)
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